Dressing Up Our Dining Room For Easter


First off, let’s all do a LOL at my grown-up lady headline.

Secondly, Chris and I are in a bit of a house rut.

We went mental and chose photo walls and cushions and trays (why do we have so many damn decorative trays, for Pete’s sake?) when we first moved in and now everything feels unfinished and, well, just not quite sexy enough for Instagram.

The dining room is our least fave spot, because HEY a dining table the exact same shade as the floor and a shoe rack spilling in every direction and an entire basket dedicated to cat toys and blah.

So I thought I would give it a bit of a spring freshen up for the long Easter weekend. So that when we have friends round for prosecco, Mars bar cake (screw Mini Egg nests – this hunk is the real fridge cake of champions) and gossips, I’m not mildly embarrassed.

The star of the show is the HANGING vase. You heard right, a vase that hangs. From the actual ceiling. I snapped it up in Tiger a few weeks back and desperately wanted to get a couple more so that I could have a few hanging for my floral table setting plan but alas, the rest of Ipswich seemed to have the same grand plan as me.

Attaching it to the ceiling was mega, super easy, and didn’t involve Chris, a ladder or any tools. Just sayin’.


I used a Command ceiling hook and just pulled off the backing and stuck it to the ceiling, before hooking the string for the vase.

And then, when I wanna take that fella down because the cats think the vase is a cute new fun toy, I can just pull it off, without it ripping off the ceiling paint. AMAZING.

I’m actually a bit gutted we didn’t use the Command strips for our photo wall because it would give us more flexibility to move them about as we pleased but I legit had no idea these handy little nuggets even existed until a few months ago.

Hashtag not down with the interior kids.

I finished off my Easter table with as much greenery as I could source from around the house (my cacti are all dying, please don’t judge me for it), a couple of fave candles and of course – a cute scattering of Lindt chocolate bunnies because obvs.

There was also a bag of Galaxy Golden Eggs, that ahem, didn’t quite make it all the way home from Tesco in one piece.

Not soz.

I snapped up these pretty blue napkins whilst there too, whilst the gold striped straws are also from Tiger.

The three blue bowls are all from Turkey and cost about £2 each. Yes, that’s right, there’s only three and I had to replace the last table setting with a brownie because someone, defs totally not me, might have smashed one.

My bad.

Anyway, now I’m off to scout out some friends who might want to sit and admire my table setting with me whilst eating enough chocolate to give Willy Wonka a small mental breakdown.

See ya.


This is a sponsored post but all pretty table settings my own


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