My Favourite Lip Duo Under £10


I don’t remember the last time I was this excited about a lip product.

It’s probably because HEY LOOK AT ME OVER HERE, I’m finally understanding the joy of the brown lip trend a casual couple of years after everyone else, no biggie.

It’s probably also because both of these sexy little sasspots of products are both high street and seriously bloomin’ affordable and I feel like I’m somehow doing a good deed for the day by letting you all in on something you can afford without forcing your bank account to have an emotional breakdown in the street.

So, yup.

I won’t lie, these products did arrive last week via the postman, and they were cutely wrapped in a little Easter bundle by Barry M with a couple of other chocolate-coloured products I’m yet to have a little play with and OMG A BAG OF MINI EGGS.

I can confirm that the mini eggs didn’t last the day. Soz and that.

But anyway, this lip liner. This heavenly sweet baby girl lip liner of dreams. It’s in the ‘Chocolate 6‘ shade and costs just £2.99. I wore it out for dinner the other week and love how dark and vampy it is, without feeling as full on as a plum lip. I’m going to wear it again this evening and I’m genuinely excited about putting it on. FOR REAL.

I applied the lip liner to most of my lip, before dabbing Barry M’s Satin Super Slick lipstick in ‘168’ on and blending to make it look – for the life of me I can’t think of the word I’m looking for here – natural? Can a dark brown lip look natural?

My love of words is failing me right now.

But yeah, the overall look makes my soul happy and that shocks me because I’m such a red lipstick kinda gal. This with a shimmery nude eye is my go-to right now and I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you were maybe in the market for a new lip shade.

Over and out.



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