Dear Diary: Hey There, New Hair


I’m sat typing this post up whilst listening to Drake and drinking coffee and it’s not even 8am.

Guys, I think I’ve hit peak business woman life.

Yeah huh, I’ve started referring to myself as a business woman in my own head, rather than a freelancer. Because, truth is, I haven’t freelanced for anyone other than myself in about six months now, so well, that’s not really who I am, as a writer, right now. Ya know?

And for some weird GO GET THE WORLD reason, I feel so much more empowered and motivated when I see myself as a business lady. Hence the whole coffee and desk situ at 7.43am.

Man, I used to be cool.

I had a bit of a chilled out day yesterday, work-wise. I’m already on the wind-down to the Easter weekend and I’m not embarrassed to say there was only about four hours of desk work from the moment I woke up to the moment I fell asleep.

I kicked my Tuesday off with a smoothie made of loads of random crap I found hangin’ about the kitchen. A banana, some frozen blueberries, blueberry yoghurt, a couple of spoons of oats and some OMG Detox powder. It was actually pretty sexual.

Then I had a pilates class and then came back, scheduled some tweets, replied to some emails and applied about 72 different beauty products.

Y’see yesterday, I got my hair chopped off.

And the fun thing about getting your hair chopped up (and coloured and toned and blow dried and curled) is that you have to stare at your own face for three hours. And so, you have to be wearing more make-up than Kimmy K to even stand a chance of coming out with your self-confidence in tact.

Hang on wait, or is that just me?

Literally by the time I tottered out with my fresh new BOB, uh huh, I have a bob, I was like why my face so ugly, why my skin so uneven, why my mascara smudge all the way down my face.

Bloody mirrors.

Anyway yeah, I spent my Tuesday afternoon getting treated to the full make Hannah’s hair sexy again works at the new RUSH salon in Ipswich. It only opened a few days a go and I’m already thinking I might make it my go-to for a trim and a tone every couple of months.

Because, like a lot of you, I AM SURE, I’m utterly shit at getting my hair cut regularly and my ends end up looking like whispy cobwebs and babes, that’s not Insta worthy.

I spent my three hours trying not to fall asleep because people playing with my hair sends me into the sweetest of twilight zones, and discussing whether to try Ipswich’s new burger joint Smokey Joe’s over the Bank Holiday weekend with my hairdresser Cherie. We decided yes because HELLO home delivery of macaroni cheese.

So here’s the wild news I have to share with you, apparently we should not be conditioning our roots. Say whaaaaaaat?


I was told last year whilst on my Marie Claire shoot that my lack of scalp conditioning was the reason for my ahem, flakey, irritated scalp. But Cherie says I should stop what I’m doing immediately so now I’m all confused and maybe I’ll just never wash my hair again and become one of those people with self-cleaning hair?

But anyway, the whole salon was really chilled out and my phone battery ran out so I kind of totally switched off and it was all a bit alien to me, but much-needed, I think.

I just wanted to give you a head’s up and say soz there isn’t a proper selfie of my new ‘do. By the time I got home, the light was in a weird orangey place and it wasn’t photographing the way it looked. Hence why you’ve got these sassy, biker-chic mirror snaps to contend with instead.

My hair LOVES gold and warm tones and fire and let’s be red but we’ve managed to get that on-fleek white blonde shade filtering up from my tips and it looks bangin’.

After nearly doing a snooze in the hairdresser chair I decided to treat myself to a little coconut latte treat from Starbees and also picked up Maybelline’s Brow Drama from Boots on the way back to the car.

It’s just a clear brow mascara, and I’m hoping it’ll work as a good replacement for the Urban Decay one I appear to have left in Italy – to be fair, it’s probably living the dream life of pasta, sunshine and gelato right now, so I don’t blame him for fleeing my make-up bag.

I didn’t realise brow gel was such a vital part of my every day make-up routine, but everytime I catch sight of myself in a mirror I’m like sweet lord, jesus christ, who is this wolf beast from the north? Oh. It’s me.

I polished off the rest of the day from the comfort of my office, sipping my coffee and chowing down on a chunk of salted caramel brownie from Coco & Honey. It’s a local, independent brownie-baking company and oh mumma, best brownies I have EVER eaten.

I switched off about 8.30pm and retreated to the sofa with my colouring book and pens, with my phone hidden in a drawer somewhere upstairs.

Can’t lie, the colouring book got dismissed in favour of doing an accidental IKEA order from the iPad, but y’know, the thought was there.

I might do a mini haul over on YouTube if you’re lucky.

Anyway, happy hump day you little poppets. The sun is shining and the biggest chocolate-eating day of the year is in sight, let’s go do this like the sassy, on-fleek women we are.


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