Dear Diary: Exploring Harwich


I’m embarrassed over how long it’s taking me to pick my brains over what I did yesterday morning before I set off on my 50-minute drive to Harwich.

I mean I think I just created some sort of jumble sale mess across the spare room because WHY AM I SO HIDEOUS AND WHY MY CLOTHES NO BE LOOK CUTE, and then ate some bircher which was a bit stretchy for my liking. Like, what is it in a bircher that makes it basically turn into elastic, have you seen that? Like stringy cheese. It’s not the one. The Pret one doesn’t do it, the Starbucks one doesn’t do it, but ahem, some brands do and I don’t want my bircher muesli as stringy as I like my Dominos pizza, y’know?

Over and out.

I’ve never been to Harwich. It’s an industrial port town that, as the crow flies, is probs only about 15 miles from my house, but because of rivers and the sea and all that jazzy stuff, is nearly an hour drive away.

Chris asked why I was going to ‘that <insert swear word> hole’. I told him because Erica heard from a friend that there was some good walls.

That is my life now, I go to places an hour away because a friend of a friend says it has good walls. The life of a fashion blogger, eh?

I actually had the jolliest little Monday morning drive of all time. I realised I’d never actually driven through Manningtree or Mistley before and they were both dreamy little parts of north Essex and I had Heart on a volume that would upset Chris and I was just loving life. One of those moments where you’re like ‘life is good’, y’know? One of those moments where I appreciated all I had.


Anyway, Harwich is quite the place. Despite being a seaside town, the ahem seaside lacks Insta potential because it’s SO industrial, and the streets were completely deserted. It had this abandoned town feel about it. And you just knew that every single person you encountered knew you weren’t from around here and LOL who are these jazzily dressed ladies taking #OOTDs in front of bright coloured walls.

But on a side note it does have some bangin’ antique shops, although *sob* the £45 ottoman I was completely sold on doing up over the Bank Holiday weekend wouldn’t fit in the car and ffs, Fiat 500, sort your life out.

It also has 576834563756 different outfit backdrops, and, because of the lack of people, means you don’t have to struggle about trying not to get strangers in your shot. Which is always a right ol’ treat.

BRB my tummy is rumbling, just gonna get me some water and popcorn and I’ll be right back with you.

Literally just ate half a family size bag of Portlebay maple syrup and bacon popcorn and I ain’t even slightly soz.

Anyway, yeah, back to yesterday.

After having a stroll and getting a few outfit shots, Erica and I settled down to lunching and gossiping and discussing all the exciting blogger things like sponsored content and agents and blah blah blah, you get the gist.

We ate crab linguine at The Alma Inn, washed down with glass bottles of Diet Coke because basic, basic and some more basic.


I’d been in a weird mood all weekend, this weird self-conscious mood where I had been a bit mean to myself so it was nice to get out of the house and sound myself out to someone who wasn’t a boy. Does that make sense?

I know I have friends who are just a Whatsapp message away, but sometimes I miss the pointless female chatter that comes from working in an office. And, as much as I notice my mood slipping when I’ve spent too many days holed up in the house, and as much as I’ve been trying to plan trips into London during the week and long drives to see friends at the weekends – it still hits me sometimes.

I would never change my decision to move to Ipswich, not ever, but I think I beat myself up for not feeling happy and chipper 100% of the time. I grew up surrounded by a giant friendship group because I hated, HATED my own company. So to have to get used to my own company for such a large chunk of my waking day has been a long ol’ process. And, as much as I’m pretty much there, there are still times when I’m like PEOPLE, I NEED PEOPLE.

So yeah, random ramble. Growing up and watching your friends and family disperse across the family is harder than I think we’re mentally prepared for, and it’s quite a hard thing to adjust to a life without your support network physically there. I’m sure a lot of you will understand that.

On a side note – the culottes in these photos are from New Look and hey whaddya know there is an exclusive Hannah Gale discount code to use online until midnight tomorrow (23rd March). Spend over £50 to get £10 off with code: HGhaul.

Just hookin’ a girl up.

Anyway, I’m off to put on my pjs, make a cup of tea and plan one heck of an Easter weekend full of all my favourite happy little details like eating breakfast out and takeout coffee and exploring the Suffolk coast. Because life is too damn short to not put in the effort to live it to the fullest.

Peace out, bitches.


Sunglasses – ASOS / Leather jacket – similar here / Scarf – My VIP Wardrobe (personalised AND less than £30) / Culottes – New Look / Trainers – Adidas at Offspring



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