3 New Sephora Own Brand Make-Up Buys



No trip to Paris is complete without eating your weight in croissants, taking 5734865487 photos of the Eiffel Tower and of course, being a complete basic bitch and hitting Sephora hard.

Thanks to the poor crumbling pound, the exchange rate was a bit heinous which made the majority of beauty products far pricier than they would be if I just toodled down to my local Debenhams beauty hall, but I still wanted to bring something home and feel all fancy and HEY LOOK AT MY FRENCH MAKE-UP.

Seeing as we don’t have a Sephora in the UK which makes it feel like some majestic mysterious thing of fantasy, like a four-leaf clover or the Sword of Gryffindor, I decided to spend my euros on a few own-brand pieces.

I’d already spent half my bank account on 3G so wasn’t able to go on a quest for blogger-recommended products so just kinda picked a few things up that looked fun and well, here dem bad boys are.


CONTOUR DUO, €14.95 (about £12)

Oh sweet heavens, this is the product of my FFS WHY DOES MY COUNTOUR LOOK LIKE STREAKY FAKE TAN dreams. Although, my only failure here was getting ahead of myself and snapping up a medium rather than a light.

This double ended stick comes in four shades, and one end has a darker shade for cheekbone, jaw-line and sides-of-ya-nose contouring, whilst the other end is a paler matte shade for highlighting.

I have 6473865 shimmery highlights but wanted something matte to really nail that babin’ Kardashian look. This stick is ridiculously easy to use and just needs a bit of blending out with a fluffy brush. I’ve been using it every day since getting home and will 100% be snapping up the lighter shade too when I’m in NYC.




Sephora have a few different kinds of pen liners depending on what you’re after, but I just went for the classic one because y’know, it’s classic.

I love how easy this is to use, and how easy it is to get a pretty sassy flick – because I’ve been in a bit of a an eye liner rut of late, and as much as I adore my 2005 home girl, the Collection Fast Stroke Liner, it IS a bit too thick to do the perfect flick and I’ve been making a lot of mistakes.

This Sephora one had a good pigment and doesn’t leave any smeary grey patches, it’s also pretty fluid in that it doesn’t scratch or overly drag the skin. It’s one of my favourite liquid eye liners I’ve tried in FOREVER.


LIP LINER TO GO IN ’15 DEEP BEIGE’, €4.95 (about £4)

I pretty much never use up an entire lip product because I get bored and/or lose it because hi, I’m Hannah and I’m clumsy. So this cute, smaller size and cheaper price is perfect for trying out a product before investing in the full-size.

In these lil selfies over here I’m just wearing the liner on its own and it withstanded a cup of tea, 90 minutes, and me talking to some people we had over the house to take photos. I’m pretty impressed. I also really like this shade, it dips into th whole brown lip trend thingy without being overwhelming and HI, I’M KYLIE JENNER.


Have you got any Sephora own-brand faves?


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