7 Steps To The Perfect Night In On Your Own


After that Friday night a few weeks ago where lol I’ma drink all the wine and omg now I have anxiety and this is the worst and why have I done and this and man, being Bridget Jones isn’t fun at all, I thought I’d write a post about how to nail a night in on your own.

Especially if said night in on your own is during a time where you’re feeling a little bit emotionally fragile and the idea of being left alone with your own thoughts and whirring brains makes you want to do a sick down yourself and hide under the sofa cushions.

Or if said night in is whilst your boo is out doing jaegerbombs with his lad mates and hang the fuck on, why has he not text you back in FORTY THREE MINUTES, he’s definitely found someone prettier, skinnier and more mentally stable than you.

So here’s my little checklist, for enjoying your own company and having an absolutely crackin’ night in. You deserve it you hard-working little munchkin.



I’m all about that takeout life but sometimes it leaves you feeling like a hippo with several litres of oil just slopping about its belly, y’know?

There’s no fun on going uber-healthy on a chill night in either, so I make a Tesco (or Sainsbury’s or y’know any other supermarket) trip before I get home to my pyjamas so that I can myself to summin special.

My fave is gnocchi – ideally with alotta parmesan and some chorizo and a big ol’ bowl of balsamic-drenched rocket. Hey, that side salad basically makes it MyFitnessPal-friendly, right. RIGHT?

You want something cheap because NO SPENDING GUILT and bang in the middle of a Dominos and an egg white omelette.



Ah man, it pains me to say this. But the alcohol will make you anxious and silly and will make your brain go overboard with ALL the thoughts, and girl, you ain’t got time for that.

If you don’t want to sip a glass of water like boring mcboringson, treat yo self to one of your all time fave soft drinks – maybe a cheeky can of Diet Coke, maybe some Ribena, or a nice little overpriced herbal tea. You do you, boo.



I find that if I lay out some heavy pamper plan with fake tan and manicures and pedicures and 4723567 products, I run out of time to properly sink into the sofa and relax and get glued into something sexy on the TV.

Instead I keep it simple. A nice little shower, a good slap on of some delicious smelling body moistuiser, a little facial cleanse and an evening face oil and BAM I’M DONE. It makes me feel good and fresh and woah sweet mumma, I smell delicious, without y’know, taking up my entire evening. (Although I do have a full pamper evening checklist over here).



This is a no brainer.

Also, it took me until my mid-twenties to realise this, but taking off your pants under your pyjama bottoms is really a game-changer in the comfort rankings. Just sayin’. Ain’t nobody got time for a wedgie when you’re hitting the season finale of your fave boxset.


5. TV

Now obvs you don’t wanna go doing chores or anything productive, you want to savour your YOU night with a bit of TV. And there’s nothing more soul-destroying than spending the evening aimlessly flicking between channels because ffs when did TV get so bad?

Save some stuff up. Record your fave things. Snap up a new boxset to get hooked on from your local charity shop or borrow one from a pal. Give yourself a good, meaty amount of episodes to get through.



Weird one, but if you’re even slightly similar to me you’ll feel some sort of guilt for living your life wrong if you have the heating on for a prolonged period of time. Because y’know the heating is expensive and you’d be better off sticking that money in a ISA for your pension or something.

But do it. Press that on button and don’t look back until you go to bed. You relish in that heating, you lie about basically naked, you a hard-working girl and you deserve this.



Stalking for the sake of stalking seems like an alright idea until you’re two hours down and why I no look like that? Why I no be in New York? Why I failing at life? What’s wrong with me? Why I broken?

Sometimes I go and physically hide my phone in a drawer somewhere and give myself a few hours respite from my hate-love relationship with social media.

Also means I can actually focus on whatever I’m supposed to be watching rather than omg omg what just happened, go back, go back.


What do you guys love to do on a night in on your own?

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