Behind The Scenes On A Charli XCX And Impulse Shoot!




There are days, as a full-time blogger, when you’re like HOW IS THIS MY LIFE.

Days that your teenage self could only have conjured up in her dizziest daydreams, days that make you feel like you know what, I got this whole grown-up life thing nailed.

Anyway, I had one of those days earlier this month when I was invited to a studio nestled in the hip and happening streets of East London to witness the behind-the-scenes action of the Charli XCX for Impulse photo shoot.

Charli recently designed a new can for the fragrance brand – her third in two years – and this one is easily my favourite.

Featuring cute citrus shapes, palm trees and tigers (be still my beating heart), the design for limited edition scent WHY NOT? is everything you’d want from a zesty summer fragrance.

And the shoot replicated that fun, tropical vibe, with blow up giraffes, beach balls and palm leaves.

Anyway, when I arrived on the scene clutching a coffee from Liverpool Street Station, the action was already underway – Charli had already been through hair and make-up and had a manicure that echoed her can design.

I got to snoop through all the accessories and clothes and make-up that had been brought to the location especially, and watch as the photographers and stylists brought the set to life.

It was my first ever proper shoot to work on, aside from my own Marie Claire one back in 2015 and it kind of blew my mind how many people are needed to pull the whole thing together.

There were make-up artists and nail technicians and stylists and PRs and agents and photographers and assistants all racing around to make sure we stuck to schedule and got some bangin’ campaign shots to accompany the launch of the new fragrance.

Charli was easily one of the nicest celebs I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting – she was incredibly chill and easy to work with.

It’s clear to see she’s been very hands on with the entire collab – from hand-designing the cans to posing in a swimming cozzie on a sun lounger with a cat just chilling next to her.

Uh huh, for real – there was a specially trained photo shoot cat brought in to replicate the tiger aspect of the can design and I basically died and went to heaven.

I also got a chance to be one of the first to smell the dreamy new fragrance which has a real zesty summer scent to it – it contains citrus notes of bergamot, frozen lemon as well as an infusion of Earl Grey tea and natural spices – making it the dreamiest of handbag essentials.

All I’m saying is, you kind of definitely need it in your beach bag alongside your SPF and Gillian Flynn novel whilst you’re tottering along a white sandy beach this summer, feeling the turquoise waves lapping at your toes.

Am I making you hyperventilate over the need for a beach holiday because can I come too?


After a couple of hours we took a break from shooting and settled down for Charli’s fave lunch – pizza.

There are definitely worse things on a Tuesday lunchtime than being sat with giant slices of takeout pepperoni pizza and a can of Diet Coke on a celeb photoshoot. Yup.

After lunch things winded down and I was able to grab a sneaky selfie with Charli whilst she filmed some behind-the-scenes video clips.

Overall it was a pretty crackin’ day because Charli and Impulse work so well together and I’m ridiculously excited to see the shots pop up everywhere and to be able to say that I was there, no biggie.

So thank you Impulse for inviting me, thank you Charli for being so utterly lovely, and thank you to you guys for making these opportunities a reality <3

You can watch the vlog from my day here.

(The new Impulse fragrance WHY NOT? is available now at Superdrug and all major retailers for £1.99).

This is a sponsored post, but all words and opinions my own





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