My 6 Favourite Shows On Sky Right Now


If you want to know what my highlight of 2016 is right now, it’s probably surprising Chris with tickets to NYC whilst slightly drunk off expensive red wine and steak. But a close second was the time I upgraded our Sky subscription, whilst slightly drunk off cheap red wine and pasta.


The TV has never been more enticing, which is great when you work from home and want to be a creative, productive, motivated little soul and ooh is that a new episode of Air Crash Investigation?

I thought that whilst I was away in Paris and too busy swimming in baths of macarons and Sephora products like a cliché basic bitch (I ain’t even soz), I’d let you in on a few of my fave watches on Sky at the moment.

In case like, you come home from work and are half way through a tub of Haagen Dazs and nope, you’re not doing the washing up or the hoovering or ANYTHING, you’re just going to sulk on the sofa and watch TV for four hours straight because you’re a grown-up and you’ll do what you like.

I want to give you a heads up though and just mention that I kind of like dark things. Like that time I wrote a list about my fave gritty novels, this is ahem, slightly grittier than just shows about pregnant teens.

Don’t judge please, I’m a good person, promise.



I have been hootin’ on about this for weeks, but it HAD HAD HAD to make my round-up. Probably because it’s the only new programme I’ve got into in over a year that’s had me gasping for the next episode (a bit like PLL used to and Luther used to and Grey’s Anatomy does most of the time).

I’ve enjoyed Game Of Thrones but it’s felt like a bit of a chore at times and Scandal isn’t like that, it’s easy viewing.

It’s made by Shonda Rhimes (TV superwoman behind OMFG I DIE storylines in Grey’s Anatomy and 90210), and focuses on the sassiest woman alive – Olivia Pope.

She runs her own kind of PR firm, and works on everything from plane crashes to murder investigations to rape cases, to spin stories to best represent her clients. It’s hard to explain, but she also works closely with the president. It took me a couple of episodes to get hideously addicted but wow bam I am there and can I watch it now plz?


Because I am weird, I have no problem watching this crafty little documentary series the day before I board a flight. To me it’s like seeing a car crash in a soap and then being like I’M NOT GETTING IN A CAR.

Obvs this is real life, but it’s unlikely to happen to you in real life. Anyway, this is a sparkly gem on the National Geographic channel (and there’s a small backlog on catch-up), and covers one major air crash incident per episode.

It starts with setting the scene and reconstructions and then features a combo of interviews from survivors/pilots/airplane experts whilst they go through what caused the accident.

I used to watch this obsessively with a cup of tea and blanket on Thursdays at my pal Tilly’s house before trotting off to Co-op for alcohol and pre-drinking for a hefty night out at The Pier. Memories.


Also in the list of  ‘documentaries no-one in the world should be fascinated by’, is this fella from the Crime & Investigation channel.

It basically digs into pretty recent British crimes and gives you the full story – the lead up to the event, the event and the aftermath. And when I say crimes, every episode I’ve watched so far has been about a horrific murder and they’ve all been in the past five years and I’ve been like HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD ABOUT THIS.

Anyway it’s dark. Soz.


I make no attempts to hide my sensational love for pregnant American teenagers. There’s something just so alien about them, they’re so far removed from my own life and anything I’ve ever known.

Anyway aside from bae 16 And Pregnant, there’s this series, which follows four of the original teen moms from the first ever 16 And Pregnant season.

They’re now all super rich, engaged and pregnant again and in my head I’m basically bessie mates and going out for margaritas and soft play with them. No shame.


Meh, I had too. I’m sorry, ‘cept not all that sorry because <3<3<3

I *think* we’re now about 13 seasons in, but don’t let that daunt you. This is so insanely amazingly perfect it will make you cry and sob and laugh and feel every emotion in the world.

It’s basically about doctors in a hospital in Seattle and I want to be all of them and why didn’t I go to medical school.

If you *don’t* have Sky and don’t illegally stream online, fear not, I’ve seen SO MANY early seasons of this in charity shops recently for a couple of quid a pop. (I didn’t like the first season, just to give you a heads up it takes a little while to warm into).


Afternoons spent curled up under a blanket with a cup of tea and a blanket whilst writing from the inner workings of my brain are becoming more and more frequent and this little throwback charmer is my fave background TV.

YEAH THAT’S RIGHT, NINETIES KIDS, IT’S STILL ON SKY. On some channel called The Vault. I tend to just record loads in advance so there’s a nice backlog waiting for me in my planner.

But massive sad face, I’m still waiting for Two Of A Kind and Saved By The Bell to make a comeback.


What are your favourites and what else do I need to get stuck into whilst eating my way through Suffolk’s pizza supply?

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