My Freeport Braintree Shopping Haul


Yesterday morning, with a belly fully of coffee, avocado and egg, Chris and I made the 45 minute drive to Freeport Braintree.

Now, I’ve never been before, and until recently had, rather embarrassingly, never heard of it. Hashtag worst East Anglian resident of all time.

But, in case you’re also in the completely clueless club, it’s a designer outlet shopping village nestled in the heart of Essex – it EVEN has its own train station with trains from London Liverpool Street every hour during the week.

Anyway, Chris drove so that I could focus on some serious Instagram stalking and I literally squealed like a posh middle-class lady when we saw the sign in the distance and I realised there was AN ACTUAL M&S OUTLET SHOP.

I’d somehow missed that on the website and wait, should I stop talking now and save myself some embarrassment here?

There’s also a Karen Millen, French Connection, Jaeger and Hobbs for people slightly more hip and happening than me.

And the whole place is just very chill – there’s no crowds, lots of places for coffee (including my bae – Starbucks) and is all set out on one level like an actual toy village. It’s super cute tbh.

Anyway, I thought I’d pull together a little haul post of all the things I snapped up whilst sauntering around the shops (there’s a short date day vlog over here too).

And yes, I did go heavy in the Cadbury’s shop and yes I did eat some chocolate for breakfast this morning and yes I am getting sugar shakes and no, I don’t have nay regrets.



If it was acceptable to drain my bank account every month on Yankee Candles, I absolutely would, but alas I need things like vegetables and hot water. Anyway, this 623g fella was a third of its original price because it turns out you’re not supposed to love delicious, sweet cinnamon scents throughout the year. I’m going to burn it tonight whilst hiding out under a duvet on the sofa and I have no regrets (plz don’t judge me).



My fave bra of all time (the black lace holey one I’m wearing right now as I type, obvs) is a Marks & Spencer one and I’ve been meaning to invest in more since, well, I bought this one in 2013.

The M&S outlet shop had this pretty little babe in pretty much every size AND IT WAS ONLY £9. HOW HOW HOW? The matching thong was an additional £3 and I’m feeling pretty smug right now.

I think the nail flick emoji would be pretty accurate .



I’d heard wild rumours about these giant bags since I was a kid and now, now I have my very own bag.

It’s basically just a sack of the chocolates you find in Roses and Miniature Heroes but without the wrappers, so it’s all just one big guessing game. I’ve only had toffees and fudges so far, so all good in the hood.



I’ve wanted a sensible but sassy pair of black flats for ages and these were just lurking in the Next outlet store in my exact size (five and half – who even sells five and a half? It’s like a modern-day miracle).

I’m going to pack them for Paris this week so will hook a girl up if they’re the comfiest things since PE plimsolls.



Not going to lie to you, I am beyond excited to keep my swimming and Pilates stuff in something that isn’t a tote bag. Can I get a high five, plz?

The Nike shop was actually huge and much less chaotic than I expected – there were so many heavenly trainers and bright leggings, which I would totally have snapped up if I went to the gym more than, ahem, once a week.


BODY SHOP BODY BUTTERS, £11.49 for two

Hashtag blast from the past.

I was OBSESSED with these as a teenager, and couldn’t resist having a little whiff of the raspberry one whilst trying to scout out a new sleep spray.

And then well I ended up at the till with it still in my hand and whaddya know, it came home with me. THE SCENT IS INSANE (the blueberry one is pretty bangin’ too). Maybe it’ll remind me to bother moisturising after a shower so I don’t have reptile scales come bare leg season.



I had no idea Next had such a vast petite range and I will 100% be checking them out for jeans and some cute cropped black trousers for the spring.
Anyway THIS dress. Reduced from £65 to £30 and when I took it to the till it was £15. I’d seriously rate the Next outlet shop if you like the Next sale. It’s exactly how I imagine it’d be if you got there for 6am at the Boxing Day sales, just without, y’know, all the people.



I die.
I saved my fave find til last because OMG LOOK AT IT. I can’t decide if it’s a cat or a fox, but it’s part of the Limited Edition collection and it didn’t have an original price on it but I think we can all shake hands on the fact £9 is amazing.

I’m not sure I’ll take this off until, y’know, it’s summer and I’m drinking Pimms in the garden and sweating profusely.


I also bought a Milk Tray from the Cadbury Shop but ahem, it wasn’t around long enough to photograph. I also bought a delicious giant pizza from the Pizza Express at Freeport, but that too didn’t make it home. My bad.

A couple of other shops I could have easily lost half my bank balance to because SUCH BARGAINS were Sunglass Hut, The Perfume Shop and Kurt Geiger. Oh and Radley (who have seriously upped their game over the last couple of years, have you noticed?).

AND there’s a Beauty Outlet and a JOY opening soon. Just sayin’.
So, how long do I have to wait before I go again? AND WHO WANTS TO COME WITH ME?


This is a sponsored post, but all handsome shopping buys my own.



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