How To Use A Bullet Journal


Last Friday morning whilst I was in a haze of WOWZA SECOND DAY HANGOVER and omg plz don’t make me write Friday Favourites and if I go for a swim will I just drown in a cloud of leopard print bubbles, I crawled into my office and found a little present waiting for me on my desk.

The present was a deep pink notebook and sitting neatly in the middle of it was a little post-it note from my main man.

There was a split second where I was a bit like ummmm this is super cute, but why a pink notebook and then BAM HURRAH it hit, it was a Bullet Journal – the thing of 2016 internet legends.

Yeah, that Christopher Coleman is a bit of a good one.

So let me introduce you to my new boo, my bullet journal, my little slice of life organisation heaven that doesn’t include a battery or a keypad or a screen.

Now, to fill you in, a bullet journal is essentially just a fancy notebook. A notebook with page numbers and a blank contents page and a little envelope on the back page to hide any goodies (or print outs from the gym with my BMI on, hashtag glam). It’s a dotted notebook – so you can draw grids and lines, or just go off and do your own thing if you’re absolutely bloomin’ insane.

And you can use it for whatever you like – and for me that’s blogging, my life diary and my life goals, whether they’re fitness, work or savings.

And yes, I totally get that everything in my bullet journal COULD somehow I’m sure, be inputed to my iPhone but cor, handwriting things and using coloured pens and having a sweet little book to carry around with me with every blog post and life plan in it makes me feel so on top of things.

Maybe it’s been the thing to give me my creative spark back. Although that could have been the metallic prosecco bottles I drank from at the weekend, I dunno.

I thought I’d just break down how I’ve been using mine, in case it makes you feel like YES BOOM TINGS, 2016 IS THE YEAR I’M GOING TO SORT MY LIFE OUT.




I’ve dedicated my first page to my 2016 goals – a page of things to motivate me to get to where I want to be by the time Christmas swings about again and I’m in crippling cystitis pain on the sofa trying to sip back some mulled wine whilst eating homemade Polish pierogi.

I’ve broken mine into three sections – blogging, health and money. I’ve put numbers I’d like to hit across YouTube and Instagram and the rest of social media, the body fat percentage I’d like to go down to, and how much money I’d like to save.



At the end of every month I’ll be filling in all my data – things like where my follower numbers are at, how much I’ve put into my savings account and how many page impressions I had that month, so I can keep track of my growth.

But you could also use this for your own work goals, or more personal things like how many times you’ve managed to schedule in family time or phone-free date nights or get to the gym. Whatever you want.




I’ve had to adapt my page layouts slightly for April because of my change in blog direction. More on that here.

So every month will now start with a blank page for post ideas to fall back on when nothing reactive is happening. For days when life is mundane or I don’t have time to write a new diary entry about my life goings on because I’m travelling or I dunno I can’t think of any excuses for myself rn. Things like TV shows to watch or wedding guest dress ideas, you know the sort.

It can have doodles, be colourful, be a creative little page to explore my own head and ideas.



The next page will be a place where I list my posts as I do them, rather than planned in advance like a planner. I will tick them off once written, once I have images, once it’s been edited, scheduled to go live, promoted on Twitter and Facebook, and then a day after it’s gone live I’ll enter how many comments it’s had.

I’ll also use a different colour pen to set apart sponsored content so I know how much I have on and whether I can realistically take on any more.



The next page will have the same set up as above for video, just with film, edit and upload columns.

It’ll also have another section for all my sponsored work and whether it’s come through my agency or direct to me, whether the work’s been completed, invoiced and paid and how much for.

Finally, I’ll use this page to list the expenses I don’t have physical receipts for – things like my Olympus Pen or Eurostar tickets, things I need to remember to add to my tax assessment. Because HI I’M A RESPONSIBLE ADULT, HIGH FIVE ME.



And my last page for every month is just a handwritten account of what I have scheduled in for the month ahead life-wise – everything from blogging events to family birthday parties to holidays. I have most of these in my iPhone calendar too, but it’s nice to have everything included in my little journal hun.



These are currently blank, but I like the idea of putting things that I need to remember in there.

On a post Sabrina wrote about how she used her bullet journal, she said she’d created an ultimate packing list – and I love that, because I always feel flustered and FUCK I forgot an adapter plug.

So I’d love to hear any other ideas of useful info I could create to refer back to. Maybe even a happiness list – a list of steps to take my brain out of cry baby anxious fucking fuzz into functional, sassy independent woman. A set of steps to fall back on during rough days.

What else do you think could be super handy dandy?


Anyway, that’s my bullet journal. Over and out.
But for real, the joy of them is that they can be whatever you want them to be. It’s like the ultimate dream notebook (shop here) goals of all time. And I can’t ever imagine not having this tucked into my bag, alongside some snacks obvs, again.


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