Finding Inspiration Again


Good morning, my internet soul sisters.

Today is the first day where my blog post is a peek inside my normal every day life. So bear with me whilst I get the hang of this new diary-like entry post.

I’m excited. So excited that I am in fact typing this up from my dining room table with a cafeti√®re filled with delicious hot coffee and a little jug of milk and E4 just doing its thang in the background and it is bliss.

Anyway, yesterday.

Chris’s alarm goes off at about 6.45am and I stay in bed in that weird I’M ASLEEP but I know everything going on around me kind of trance until he leaves for work an hour later.

Yesterday was a good day because HE BROUGHT ME TEA TO BED. Literally, life goals right there.

Anyway, yesterday was one of the first mornings in forever where I woke up with this buzz, this need, this excitement just to write and create. I guess that’s what happens when you take back the control to your own website and don’t let the norm or what’s expected start to dictate you.

So I sat in bed for an hour and a half, typing away on my knackered little laptop, surrounded by my phone, my camera, my bullet journal and my 754564875 coloured pens. For real though, if you’re looking for a burst of FUCK YEAH, you need to get your hands on some decent coloured pens, absolute game changer.

I showered, ate a couple of scrambled eggs on a slice of Polish bread with a slither of smoked salmon, and pulled on some clothes that would be acceptable for the post man. My high-waisted floral pants and an oversized see-through Pink for VS top are probably not the one tbh.

We have Polish bread probably because I was feeling sentimental whilst we did the Tesco online food shop on Sunday evening, but actually it’s half rye, half sourdough, so it’s a pretty healthy, sassy little base for my egg-y, avocado-y weekday breakfasts, and you should check him out when you’re next at the supermarket tbh.

But anyway yeah, I wore my standard working-from-home get up, my Ridley jeans from ASOS, an oversized jumper (this one’s an old one from Topshop) and shock horror, my Uggs. They never make it into outfit photos, but I swear by them for trotting about doing errands. Not sorry. Nope.

I didn’t wear make-up either. I’m trying to up my skincare game at the moment and have become fascinated and WHY DID NO-ONE EXPLAIN THIS EARLIER about face oils. The more I apply, the less greasy and shiny my face becomes during the day, who knew?

I popped out for some over-priced cat biscuits from the vet, to pick up a delivery from this hideous delivery place in the temple of hell, otherwise known as Ipswich Docks, and popped into Sainsbury’s to buy this top (looked heinous on my boobs so it’s going back, if you’re ahem, slightly ‘tighter’ in the brest region then YOU NEED IT) and snap up some Easter Eggs for bae.

Then I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon in my office, working through emails, editing blog posts and taking some photos.

Now, I gotta say, your girl went heavy on lunch. Heavy and happy and oh sweet baby Jesus, lord have mercy.

I had a big whopper of a plate of whole-wheat spaghetti with chopped tomatoes, olives and sun-dried tomatoes. I simmered half a can of chopped tomatoes on a high heat with some random dried Italian herbs I have in the cupboard from Tuscany, and then added some chopped black olives, sun-dried tomatoes and once it was off the hob, some crumbled feta. Served it with a bowl of rocket and balsamic glaze so y’know, least it had two of my five a day.

I dedicated a couple of post-lunch hours to tackling the ironing pile and getting OMFG I FINALLY FOUND A TV PROGRAMME THAT DOES FUNNY THINGS TO MY HEART-attached to Scandal. It’s taken a few episodes but mate, I totally see what the fuss is about.

For dinner I made the queen of all salads – rocket, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic glaze, chicken, anchovies and crumbled feta. Try not to salivate so much you turn to a crisp.

Chris has a lot of uni work on at the moment, so we spent the evening sharing coffee and both working, whilst trying to shield our laptops from the cats because oooh look somewhere warm to perch our cute fluffy bums.


We got into bed just after 9pm, drowning the bed sheets with sleep spray before catching up on Pretty Little Liars on the iPad.

Hashtag glam. Hashtag rock n roll. Hashtag I love being old.

But for real, girls. I am so excited by my new direction in blogging. You have these fancy ideas in your head that you are your own boss, you can create content from anywhere, that you should be living this exciting life and stopping to blog in the spare hours in your day, but in reality it becomes more like an office job, and it shouldn’t be that way, it doesn’t have to be that way.

My younger siblings are leaving the UK at the beginning of May to travel around Vietnam, Laos etc and I’ve decided that I’m going to fly out to meet them at the end of June. I have these images of us sleeping in late, lazily slopping ourselves on the beach for a few hours, drinking from coconuts, paddling in the sea, before I take myself off to sit at a table and fill you all in from my laptop about what we’ve been up to, maybe editing some vlog footage, before cracking on with creating memories with my boos.

But why shouldn’t it be like that? That’s how I’ve always wanted it to be? And maybe, because I’ve suddenly stepped back and realised that HELL YES, it can be like that, I feel so much lighter and excited. Heck, it’s probably the reason that at not even 9am, this post is done and I’m like awwww omg Granger is cleaning Rudey and my heart.

Let’s just remember that life is what you make it and if you’re not happy or you’re not motivated or inspired, you’ve got to take a step back and say hang on, what can I change?

Let’s own it, ladies.



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