27 Things To Buy From Primark’s Spring 2016 Range


I do one of these posts every season. Normally they’re full of cute snaps I’ve taken from the press day whilst slightly drunk from free prosecco because lol I’m a broken record of a fashion journo stereotype.

I did go to the last Primark press day, I did take 5784567 snaps, but it was on the same night as the Cosmo Blog Awards, so, ahem, my focus was more on trying to curl my hair and charge my phone behind the rails rather than on making sure I had the exact best angle for blog post photos.

Soz, but not all that soz.

Anyway, I thought this was actually probably an easier way to see the new stock for spring 2016. Seeing all my fave pieces compiled into a pretty bladdy easy on the eyes classic HG collage, made lovingly for you on some weird Mac version on Paint I have.

I sifted through 456 images for this tiny snippet of Primark prettiness and OMG THOSE TRENCH COATS. A lot of you ask where my trench coat is from and the truth is it’s like 2013 Primark stock, so yeah, the cute stone and olive variations in-store this season are almost exactly the same. Maybe I need that olive version. I probably need that olive version. BRB just putting my shoes on.

Some of this stuff will already be in stores because HURRAH IT’S BLOSSOM SEASON, and the rest will be dropping over the next month or two which gives you every reason to keep sauntering into your local P store on your lunch break on your way back from Pret with a cheeky lil mac n cheese.

There was a couple of other beach bags that made my heart feel all funny but they didn’t quite squidge into this round-up, but basically yeah, maybe you should start shopping for your imaginary beach holiday now, it’s pretty important.

At the top of my PLZ COME TO THE IPSWICH BRANCH wish list is the pink and white striped shirt, the toffee coloured fedora and that Aztec beach bag. Can it be warm and can I be tanned and toned and an Instagram always-on-holiday hottie now?

K thx. Luv u.

Are there any pieces making you want to do a trot-walk to your closest store this weekend?

primark spring 2016

  • Ohh those bikinis are super gorgeous! I’m going to Aus at the end of the year and I definitely think I need to start stocking up on some swimware!

  • I haven’t had a Primark trip in sooo long but these are all so gorgeous! Definitely need to make a trip to update my Spring wardrobe! x


  • rachel

    argh need it all! love our fashion posts Hannah!

  • This post is making me ache for Summer to hurry up, so we can wear all the nice clothes! 🙂

  • YES please! I’m ready for that trench coat in my life, and maybe that fedora and the pink midi skirt! Bring on sunshine and bare legs and pretty flowers! Come at me Spring!! Alice xx


  • I need so many of these! Mainly the cute lacey dresses and off the shoulder top. Basically, I want a holiday asap please


  • That oatmeal coloured rucksack with the tassels is MINE. I’m on the hunt xxxxx

  • I haven’t been to primark for so long! Live everything in this collection!
    So cute ♡

  • I really really like the first bikini you’ve included, but apart from that I am sad to say none of these are really doing anything for me 🙁

    Nicola // pink-confetti.co.uk

  • loving all the blush colours! and I’m the last person to wear pink!

  • I havent been to primark in ages! I cant wait to shop the summer collection. x

  • Elizabeth

    Love everything about your blog Hannah, it’s always the first thing I look at online when I wake up in the morning! Bit off topic for a fashion post but wondering if you’ll do an update post on contraception/being off the pill pretty soon, from someone who is struggling to decide whether to come off the pill or not! Always value some Hannah Gale real talk! X

    • YES. Cracking idea – will schedule in for next week x

      • Elizabeth

        Great! Thanks Hannah! Xx

  • I’m so impressed! I can never find anything good that easily in Primark so it’s nice to have a heads up of all the best things. I really love the khaki and stone trench coats! x

    Always, Alice

  • So basically I’ve discovered that I need everything from Primark this season!

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

  • Love the trench coats and the pink n white shirt can’t wait to get in Primark to check them out xoxo


  • I need to go to primark soon ready for the summer 🙂 least you had a good time though!

    Meme xx

    New Post:
    What Big Eye’s You Have//Firmoo Eyewear Giveaway*

  • Why can’t it be summer already? So many cute things, I really like the fluffy clutch even though it’s so not me (aka I’m not cool enough to pull it off) x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  • Thanks for posting this! My boyfriend is travelling to London next week and I have already made my list 🙂 He will definitely buy me shoes from Primark and beauty products from Boots! 🙂


  • SO many amazing bits! Love the fringed boots!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  • I went in Primark the other day and went a lil crazy, the home wear stuff is incredible and I just like the vibe they’ve got at the minute in there. Really love these pieces, my favourite is that pink and white stripey shirt though! xxx

    Y x | http://www.thesweetsevenfive.com

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