Friday Favourites: 4th March 2016


This Friday Favourites comes to you from the comfort of my local Starbucks. I know right, such a broken record and I ain’t even sorry.

This place is a little slice of coconut latte heaven.

I’m also really snotty and surrounded by several scrunched up tissues. I’ve become deeply allergic to something this week and am constantly rocking this cute lil zombie look with swollen eyes. It’s pretty. Might take 5782956 selfies tbh.

So either there’s some sort of early sprouting pollen floating through the air or them damn cats are malting everywhere. FFS.

I’ve had a little swim and feel a bit perkier than when I first woke up, but maaaaaan my lips feel like sandpaper. I think I’m still seriously dehydrated from accidentally y’know, getting wasted on Wednesday night and spending most of yesterday on various planes/coaches/taxis trying to nap off a morbidly aggressive hangover.


Let’ get cracking.



I meant to include these last week, but got carried away with my new Topshop initial stickers and ahhhh glittery phone case.

Unless your Twitter blew up in a sea of Donald Trump memes, you’ll probs have spotted the entire blogging world raving about these little gems of an Easter treat.

I broke under pressure and added a bag to my Primark basket the other week and what’s that? I’m already four bags down?

THEY ARE GOLD. Like, literally, they are actually gold. And Galaxy chocolate really is the one. And also, they have teeny tiny pieces of caramel in and I don’t know why they’re so addictive but they are. The end. And you need them as an emergency treat in your cupboard for the next time you have an ugly cry face going on. Just sayin’.



This list is mostly food. So yeah maybe like go via Tesco Express on your way home from work and spend £32.45 on snacks you don’t really need but YOLO IT’S FRIDAY.

This is my fave breakfast go-to at the moment. I like to think it’s healthier than a stack of pancakes and bacon. PLZ TELL ME IT IS.

Basically, I have a slice of toasted sourdough topped with crush avocado and a few pieces of griddled halloumi and then a shit ton of pepper and hot sauce and omg someone get me home so I can make this again.

You will not regret it. Promise.



I really wanted to sit down and take the time to go through every single comment on yesterday’s post and thank you for sharing your own stories and emotions and anxiety tales. I’ve read every single one at least twice and they have made my face do that tingly thing it does before a cry. You guys <3

When I sat down to write the post, I felt hideous. I was scared too. So I scheduled it for Thursday, knowing I would be out of the country and wouldn’t have to sit and watch the comments roll in because I was scared of what you would say.

But you guys are ace. Your words are ace and your hearts are ace and man, isn’t it nice when you suddenly realise THANK FUCK WE’RE ALL A BIT WEIRD AND PSYCHO BITCH GIRLFRIEND TOGETHER?

Here’s to a long future of being open about the hideous things that go on in our brains.



It’s all about the little things, right?

Well, I gotta hook you up and let you know that Bologna airport sees some absolutely crackin’ sunsets. Like, as in IPSWICH YOU KNOW NOTHING crackin’ sunsets.

I landed into one on Wednesday evening and then took off into another one yesterday and they were both little spectacular highlights to my week.

Nature can be such a handsome darling can’t it? Now let the Instagram blossom snaps commence.



This is not new. This is just delicious.

I forced Chris, like the horrible witch girlfriend that I am, to take some photos of me last week as part of a Uniqlo campaign with the promise of dinner (Dominos because the poor mite was too hungover to get dressed up and head out the house, I ain’t complaining) AND a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

We bought a box of three because we were feeling fancy and I just want it to be known that I think the Biscoffi one MIGHT be my favourite. That or the glazed raspberry jam one.

So here’s just a reminder that it’s the weekend and if a little baby doughnut falls into your shopping trolley at Tesco then y’know, you’re going to have to do the only sane thing you can and eat it. Poor you.



I’m slowly but surely starting to build a bit of a network up here in Suffolk and I’ve got no doubts that it’s part of the reason why I’m feeling so mentally sound of late.

This week I had a cute date with Becca (her blog is here), and what started with a coffee and a cheese scone in Woodbridge turned into outfit photos in the sleet, posed next to a blossom tree because YEY IT’S SPRING, a quick snoop around Tiger and Paperchase, and a gel mani in an Ipswich salon.


So yeah, having another local person who ‘gets’ outfit photos and vlogging and Instagram grids and sponsored content to reel off all my woes and rays of sunshine too is pretty bladdy lovely.



Although my head slightly attaches me watching Scandal to me having a red wine-induced anxiety palava, I’m still hideously excited to maybe dedicate a sly little hour this afternoon to watching another episode. And maybe drinking tea under a duvet and trying to pretend my to-do list doesn’t exist. Lolz.

If you like drama, storylines that fly about all over the place and OMG I didn’t see that coming, this is the new boxset for you to dedicate 2016 to. It’s not on Netlfix but IS on Sky if you have the family bundle. Plus it has a sassy female lead, and that always makes you want to high five the TV and start squealing WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS.

And on that note, I’m off to take my laptop to the sofa and kid myself I’m doing work…



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