My Winter To Spring Capsule Wardrobe


Um, my name’s Hannah and I’ve been wearing the same clothes pretty much every day for a month.

Not soz.

I thought I’d throw together a cute lil flat lay of my current capsule wardrobe that’s seeing me through this awkward HURRY UP SPRING, YOU FOOL weather.

It sleeted on me today. It stole the pretty curls from my hair and replaced them with something that’s best described as the straw on the end of a witch’s broom. Pleasant.

But for real spring, you’ve given us the blossom, you’ve given us some mighty hey there you hottie blue skies, and you’ve been making us stare at Easter eggs in Tesco for FOREVER, you wanna give us a cheeky bare-leg heat wave anytime soon or nah?

So yeah, fashion flat lay.

SOZ GUYS, I seem to have left my grey Primark trackie bottoms out of my flat lay, WHAT a shame. You poor mites, I know you were so desperate to snap a pair of those hunks up for your Insta street style snaps. Lol.

Anyway, moving on, this is basically what I’ve been wearing. Sometimes with a grey roll neck thrown in for good measure. Or a cute monochrome scarf on days where I’ve scheduled myself in a good hearty train nap.

I feel like this capsule wardrobe screams CHIC, GOT-HER-SHIT TOGETHER YOUNG LADY WHO LIKES SALAD AND WINE rather than tired Dominos eating moose. I hope you agree…



I feel mildly awkward that despite all my jacket and coat purchases over the recent years, it’s my mighty fine biker jacket and £20 trench coat still championing higher than everyone else. Those guys <3

On a slightly curvier lass like myself, I like a biker jacket over a dress or skirt because it helps define that cute lil waist hiding under all your winter layers. Mine is an ancient one from Miss Selfridge (and they’ve regrammed me TWICE recently and I’m like bae, this is 2012 stock but OK), but if I had to buy a new one, my eyes would be on this one.



Mate, it’s no secret I bloody love me a chain cross body bag and the chain on this Zara one feels really luxurious. Is that a thing I should be noticing? Anyway, it feels way pricier than its humble £18 price tag basically.

I love the candy pink pop of this fella, it adds a spring touch to outfits despite the fact it’s still so cold you’re having to wear gloves. FFS March, do something. Also comes in mint green.



Last year was the year everyone was like BUYS 645564735 PAIRS OF LACE UP FLATS AND WEHERES THEM FOREVER MORE and then winter came and everyone was like *puts away and goes back to ankle boots* and now I’m making these a thing again because corr blimey, they look hunky with a rolled up boyfriend/girlfriend jean.

This half nude, half black pair are from Kurt Geiger and feel way sturdier and pricier than the New Look pair I was rocking last year (sorry baes, luv u).



I’m all about the feminine blouse and shirts right now. Nope, dunno why. I just like feeling a bit ladylike and feel like I look too much like a boy out for Nando’s and one night stands when I wear oversized shirts, boyfriend jeans and a top knot, y’know?

This polka dot baby is now sold out online and in a lot of stores, but I keep seeing a few in odd sizes bunged behind things, so do keep your eyes peeled. Pretty much every fashion journo in the UK has snapped one up by the looks of Insta.

The next frill shirt in my online basket is this violet sweetheart from ASOS.





I’m not going to write anything here because you’ve heard me talk about these 743865 times and your ears are probably bleeding. But I love them. I love the heel height and the comfort and ok bye, done here.



I would love a pair of Quay Australia sunglasses in my fashion arsenal this summer but I’m so clumsy and just like tread on every pair of sunglasses or like breathe and they snap, that I just don’t know if I could justify them.

These are what I have instead. Yes they cost a fiver, yes you have to wait a few weeks for them to ship from the other side of the world and yes I bladdy love them so much that I’ve covered them in scratches. Whoops. Shop from eBay here.



These are a slightly old ASOS sale buy that I’ve fallen back in love with. The fit isn’t so oversized that they drown you and they’re a good first venture away from skinny jeans if you’re thinking about GOING ABSOLUTELY FUCKING MENTAL in 2016.

These are the Kimmi shrunken boyfriend fit – I bought mine in a petite style that has since sold out, but there’s still some similar styles in stock.



My new every day bag. Oh sweet hubba, this fella holds my laptop, colouring book, pens and all the other stuff humans carry in their bags like phone, keys, purse etc etc. And it’s SO sturdy and has a nice faux suede kinda lining.

I like that I can carry it with the top handle and feel mega polished, or just sling it over my shoulder so I have both hands free for coffee and Insatgram stalking. (Shop from Zara here).



I feel like I went through some weird crisis where I stopped buying every day clothes in colour so everything was black and white and I was like man this is boring. So I bought this. I was feeling a bit over-excited in John Lewis and whddya know, this happened.

It’s from the Mango sale and that dusky pink shade goes with EVERYTHING. It’s a dreamy shade to break up your wardrobe without looking washed out or like you’ve just rolled through a circus tent.



I’ve actually invested in two new fedoras in recent weeks – a very sturdy black one from H&M, and this deep red fella from Primark WHICH WAS A POUND. A single pound. £1. Insane.

Just like sunglasses, they are the all-time classic for making yourself look just a little bit sassier than you do IRL. Hiding behind chic accessories is my favourite.



This midi length is the one. I find it mega flattering and draws attention away from my widest part – love you thighs, I really do.

Although this Primark one is now long gone, there’s a ton of similar styles on the high street. I saw one in Primark and there’s a couple reduced on ASOS at the moment, including this one and this one.



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