Three New Dresses To Wear Now


What’s Sunday without scanning the internet for outfit inspo, eating your weight in beige coloured carbs (looking at you Biscoffi Krispy Kreme doughnut, you hunk), and flicking between meh TV programmes when you should be doing something productive like y’know, hitting the gym or changing your bed sheets?

So today I bring you outfit inspo. You’ll have to get off your own little toosh for the carbs though. Even if it is just to answer the door to the pizza delivery man.

On a side note, there is a cat I don’t recognise watching me from the garden fence and it’s really putting me on edge, like who are you and where have you come from and please don’t break me with your eyes.

Soz, back to fashion.

For this post I’ve styled up three absolutely bangin’ new dresses. You might remember back around Christmas I was living in a khaki wrap tie dress, and since then I’ve been desperate to get my chubby lil fingers on more similar styles. Dresses that nip me in at the waist and give me a cute, feminine silhouette and yet don’t cling to every little lump and bump and pizza food baby.

Dresses that can be dressed up with heels and a clutch for prosecco and oysters for Valentine’s Day dates, and dressed down with biker jackets, messy hair and boots for long days gallivanting around London with a coffee in hand trying to feel like a sassy lil bae.

So, enter the new SS16 collection from high street superhero UNIQLO.

UNIQLO AND LEMAIRE, is the brand’s second collab with fashion LEMAIRE (the first one was SO good that several items sold out almost immediately) and I cannot express how dreamy the dresses are. They’re so lightweight, so comfy and feel way pricier than their cute £39.90 price tag. (There’s also some really cute knits and gaucho pants).

You are about to see a lot of these in the ol’ weekly vlogs and #OOTD on Instagram because they instantly make me feel like the chic, sophisticated little poppet I so want to be. Just without, y’know, breaking my bank account or making me feel so uncomfortable I might just spontaneously combust before I’ve even left the house.

I’ll let the photos tell the story, but they’ll be available to shop online first at 11pm on the 3rd March, and the full collection will be available from selected stores on the 18th March.



I got Josie to shoot these cute little Oxford Street snaps before a blogger breakfast last week. And yes, I’m 102% sure some tourists laughed at me, but whatcha gonna do, eh?

I wore this little hunk of a get-up all day and got accosted by two shop assistants when Josie was trying on trainers who were all WHERE IS YOUR DRESS FROM?

So yeah, I layered it with a roll neck underneath because man, was it bloomin’ cold last week, but reckon it’ll look just as dreamy with a red lip and chunky sandal when spring starts doing its thang.



On the promise that I’d buy him dinner, Chris spent Saturday afternoon driving me around Woodbridge looking for cute outfit snap locations and y’know, being my blogger photographer boyfriend.

I might have screamed at him. Just once though, mind. The wind felt like ice and I thought I might turn into a statue and become a local tourist attraction.

I’m going to Paris in March and am basically planning on wearing this for the full 48 hours that I’m there, because THIS DRESS. It also comes in red, black and white, but I think it might be my favourite shape out of the three of them. It looks pretty cute with dainty flats and I was one seriously comfy gal.



This is the first time I’ve ever worn my hair in a low bun/ponytail thing and I felt really elegant. Chris said he preferred my greasy top knot because ‘it’s more edgy’. Erm OK, cool story, bro.

I don’t own much in red, but this dress has convinced me that’s been a mistake on my behalf. Although next time Hannah, splash a bit of fake tan on, yeah?

I adore the midi fit of all the UNIQLO AND LEMAIRE dresses because it makes me feel confident and takes all the stress of worrying about whether my pants or dimpled thighs are on display to random strangers or not. Also means you don’t have to shave much higher than your ankle, so win win tbh.


So erm yeah, which look is your fave plz?

This is a sponsored post but I actually squealed when I tried on these dresses for the first time, so all UNIQLO AND LEMAIRE love all my own <3


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