Friday Favourites: 26th February 2016


I had wonderful high hopes of getting this post to you at the crack of dawn, so that you could read it whilst lying in bed daydreaming of the supersize Pret order you’ll get on the way to work because HELLO PAY DAY YOU OLD, DEAR FRIEND, YOU.

But alas nope.

Mostly because I was on the hideously heinous train to you and from London yesterday which not only stops everywhere and takes 15 minutes longer than the ‘good’ trains, but also doesn’t have any cute fold down tables to work from.

So, instead of delivering you a sweet piece of early morning content, I just wasted 50% battery and most of my monthly data allowance Instagramming people I don’t care about. Or at least, like to pretend I don’t care about.

But, eh, what’s a train journey without wasting your life on your phone?

So now, here I am, megz sleepy because lol now that it’s lighter in the mornings the cats think it’s super cute to use Chris and I as bouncy castles from about 6am onwards. I’m hoping that like, my internet won’t break or my iMac won’t explode so that this will go smoothly and I can shower and get myself cradling a big ol’ latte within a couple of hours because LET’S DO THIS, FRI-YAY.

Go, go, go.



I came home last night to my boyfriend cradling his laptop from the comfort of the sofa, candle on the go, herbal tea in hand. He told me he was writing a blog post. I wondered at what point we had morphed into the same person.

He set up his blog (check it out here) earlier this week (I promise there was no badgering from me – maybe after all the comments about that car tour in my Scotland vlog he got a bit of internet confidence or summin’).

He’s written two posts this week – about brunch and NYC – and I have to say, he’s a pretty bladdy jolly hoot of a writer. I feel like a proud mother goose watching my internet children fly. Go give him a little read and make his Friday, I dare ya.



I’d like to be able to swear to you that this was a legit for real Chiara Ferragni phone case, but the sad, low truth is that it came from eBay so y’know, unlikely.


Chris basically did a sick down himself when he saw it and assumed it was something I’d been sent that I’d put on my phone for lols, rather than something I’d bought myself because OMG GLITTER AND A WINKY EYE.

Maybe it’s just too sassy for its own good, but I felt like my phone was due a freshen up and I think this represents me as a person pretty well – glittery, attention-seeking and a bit in your face. Lol. Bye. (Shop here)



I had lunch with a work pal the other week at Flat White in Soho and got all in a flap about zomg I want the cheese and ham toastie but the cheese and ham toastie isn’t healthy and WHAT SHOULD I DO and the person behind the counter was like, why don’t you have the avo on toast? So I had the avo on toast and that’s it, I’m done.

I’ve been an avocado on toast girl for a good year or two now, but mate (soz I keep saying mate at the moment btw, one of my friends says it and now I say it and omg make it stop), this newfound combo is a gamechanger.

Crushed avo on toast with a crumbling of feta and a good, hefty drizzle of balsamic glaze. SO good. So good. I can’t stop talking about it (or making it at home). You must try it this weekend, it’s vital.



Another week, another new pair of shoes to make my feel like a sassy little Pinterest star.

These fellas are from Kurt Geiger’s SS16 collection and I’m pretty obsessed with how they look with rolled up girlfriend jeans. Do you also like the way I chang my mind every SINGLE week about whether I like skinny jeans or non skinny jeans? I DON’T KNOW WHAT SIDE I’M ON.

Admittedly when I did wear this out this week I did get gross pre-frost bite feet because y’know, still winter. But I’m excited to pair them with cute floral midi skirts (and giant jug of Pimms) and dance about like I’m in Enchanted.

I can also confirm that they’re seriously comfy. I wore them all day and not a blister in sight, so that separates them from half the shoes I own then… (Shop here)



Before I get down to the real joy of YouTube this week, I wanted to spill the mildly exciting news that I hit 3,000 subs on YouTube overnight. I mean, someone get me a one-way ticket to the glittering lights of Hollywood because we got the next big thing right here.

Lol, I joke.

But serious, I joke.

The reason YouTube made my faves this week is because I filmed a video that meant a lot to me. I just sat down, with a nice cool can of Diet Coke, and recorded my depression story. I mean, I could have nattered on for hours, but I tried to keep it short and to the point and the response I’ve had has been overwhelming. It makes every fat comment or ‘you can’t write’ or ‘you have such a good life, stop moaning about it’comment not matter. If I can talk openly and honestly about things that make people feel alone and isolated and confused and low and stuck and remind them that what they’re going through CAN be fixed, then that means more than anything. That is more important than anything. That is the only thing I really want to achieve from blogging and vlogging and living my life on the internet. I want to help people, and somehow, by helping others, and being honest with you, and with myself, I somehow help myself too. So erm yeah, ramble over. Watch it here, it’d mean a lot.



I spied these hunks on Erica’s Instagram last week and basically hounded every member of staff in the Oxford Circus store before they told me they had literally never seen them before and so no, I couldn’t buy them.

I returned yesterday and found them hunkering near the nail varnish. I instantly snapped up the H sticker and then went on a rampage looking for a cute coin purse to stick it on because, embarrassingly, I’ve been using my National Rail card holder pass thingy as a purse for the last few weeks, don’t judge, alright?

Anyway, they’re like a few quid each and SOME initials have leopard print on and that’s like peak right there. They’re a dead ringer for the Anya Hindmarch ones, just, y’know, way cheaper. The perfect way to sass up a notebook or purse without splintering your bank account into a million pieces. (Shop online here)



I had a pretty cute blogging event yesterday with Molton Brown to celebrate the launch of their new spring range – Dewy Lily Of The Valley & Star Anise.

It was banging for two reasons – one, there was warm, homemade Cornish pasties going round and two, we got to make our own flower garlands from scratch and then take 7486 photos of us looking like cute flower pixies.

Oh and also there was good company to drink tea with and pose in a GIF photo booth with.

And I had the joy of smelling possibly my *fave* candle of all time. Actually wait no, nothing tops that Christmas Cookie scent from Yankee Candle. But Molton Brown’s Rhubarb and Rose is definitely more appropriate all year round and seriously – so bladdy good. I want to smell it now and I can’t :(:(:( Hurry up and hit the shops plz.


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