The Every Day Make-Up Products I Swear By


If you read yesterday’s post (here), you’ll know that at age 26 and a half I finally found my style. Like, I’ve finally worked out how to get dressed in the mornings and look kinda cute (except not today, don’t look at me today, today I’m a gym-legging wearing toad).

And by some trick of dark magic, I’m also in a place where I’m happy with every single product in my every day make-up routine. Like, I ADORE my mascara, my brows have never been more on fleek and man, I got a nude lip that doesn’t make me look like a washed-out zombie face.

Maybe I haven’t just woken up to a good dress sense and finally unlocked the key to good make-up, maybe my head is just less fussy and critical than it used to be.

I dunno.

Anyway, I kinda like my face right now. And so, after spending the last decade trawling through make-up (both cheap and expensive, free and paid for), I wanted to share my ultimate every day products.

And when I say every day, I don’t mean like HI I’ve been to the post office and went to Costa but mostly I’ve just been sitting around in my leggings picking my spots (shout out to me about five times a week), I mean like BOOM, I’m filming a YouTube video and have a lunch date and two meetings and then a fancy dinner with a brand I can’t actually pronounce.

So my super every day make-up. The lengthier, sexier, version of my every day make up, if you will.



After I’ve washed my face, given him a lil moisturise and a sneak splash of oil in my extra dry areas – looking at you, crusty lip corners – I move straight on to the lightest, dreamiest base product known to man.

Not quite a foundation and not quite a tinted moisturiser, this bareMinerals fella is the perfect consistency and coverage to build on top of. I dunno about you, but my whole entire face doesn’t need heavy coverage, just bits of it, so I apply this with a foundation brush all over and it just balances out my skin tone and gives it such a hydrating, fresh finish.

The main thing I have to point out here is that even if you have hideously dry skin, this won’t cling to every flake and make you look cakey and crumbly. It’s more like a tinted drink for your skin. I loved it way more than the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser everyone loses their shit over.



Lol, quite the brand theme going on for my skin coverage, eh?

I tend to dab this on the spot scars on my chin and also add a little bit under my eyes, before blending in with my foundation brush. Just like the Complexion Rescue, it’s really light and un-cakey, and blends into the skin like an absolute dream. I’ve never found a concealer that’s so light and yet has SUCH good coverage that’s easy to build up where needed. Babin’.



Again, this is another product that you can easily layer up for more coverage, but for me it’s more about sealing in the products underneath it and taking away excess shine.

Using a brush in a circular motion, I tend to just layer up on my t-zone and on my chin to stop myself looking shinier than the Gryffindor Sword.




I’ve been raving about this since about November. But for realz, it’s bae af. And I use all three of the colours to perfect my cute lil cheeks and cheekbones.

Taking a Real Techniques contouring brush, I apply the bronzing powder in diagonal stripes from my hair-line, along the lower part of my cheek bones. I then dust my temples and jaw line, and go back to my cheeks to blend in the stripes now that the brush only has a tiny bit of powder left on it (does that kind of even slightly make sense? I hope so).

Then I take a blusher brush and get a really light dusting of the rosy pink blusher powder, tapping off the excess on my hand, before applying a very gentle flush of pink (in circular motions) to the apples of my cheeks.

Finally, I take a third brush (so. many. brushes. to. wash.) and dab the highlighting powder on the top of my cheekbones, up towards the side of my eye.




I was pretty haps with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, until this came along.

I like it above other brow pencils because a) the colour is spot on for me (I have shade Universal Dark) and b) it blends really well.

The way I’ve started doing dem bad boy brows, is by drawing them on lightly with a pencil, and then using a slanted brush to blend them and make them look more natural. It means I get the best of both worlds – a neat shape and pointed tip at the end, and a soft, natural overall appearance. BOOM.

I’ve gone from spending about 12 minutes perfecting my eyebrows, to about two. Just sayin’.



Oh yeah, and then I add a layer of this to my little sluglets, to keep them in place. I buff up the bit nearest the centre of my face, and then smooth the rest of the brow so the hairs are pointing away and down from my face.




I have a greasy face. There I said it.

My eye shadow ALWAYS creases because y’know, grease. And this stops it. This makes it stay and makes me look cute for about 8 hours. (And I mean, after that I’m usually on the Liverpool Street to Ipswich train and I don’t care what anyone things of my eye shadow game tbh).

I just dab a little on my eyelids with the applicator (it feels like a really thick concealer tbh) and blend it across my eyelid with an eye shadow brush.


8. LOC EYE PENCIL (shop here)

Mate, these are THE BLADDY BOMB.

I’ve been using a Bobbi Brown eye shadow stick for months instead of getting messy with my eye shadow palettes, but these are the much cheaper alternatives AND they’re just as good.

LOC is a new in-house brand from Birchbox, and, aside from three matte lip shades (which I’m still yet to try), there’s these two eye shadow sticks which come in Champagne Problems (kinda like a champagne shade – I know, the name doesn’t give it away at all) and Perfect Cents (a gold/bronze shade).

I apply one of these, depending on what sorta mood I’m in, to my entire lid, and then take a fluffy eye shadow brush and blend out. It takes two minutes. Maybe one minute. The shades are on point and the whole thing is entirely effortless and easy for someone clumsier than Neville Longbottom.

I’m praying to the beauty gods that they expand the shade range asap.



After 12 years I’m refusing to accept there’s a better liquid eye liner out there. This bae has been by my side since I was posting selfies on Myspace and updating my MSN screen name with subtle song lyrics about boys.

It’s £2.99, lasts months and months and months, never dries out, and comes in a really bold black shade, none of this watery, needs three coats business. Girl hasn’t got time to faff about, there’s coffees to br drunk and photos to be Instagrammed.

Oh and also, I love the simple brush applicator which is the perfect size for a medium cat flick. I won’t have a bad word said about this eye liner, it’s so un-messy and easy.



10. BENEFIT ROLLER LASH (shop here)

Now that I have this in my life, I can’t use other mascaras, I just find them so clumpy. And nothing, nothing, gets my lashes feeling so lengthened and yet so individually separated the way Roller Lash does. It is bae. That is the end. Goodbye.

(Nah but for real, I haven’t ever found a mascara I’ve loved enough to recommend to a friend, and this fella is the one).


11. MAC’S KINDA SEXY (shop here)

Now that my lips are not chapped little pieces of tree bark, and my Angular Cheilitis (the fancy name for cracks in the corner of the mouth – looks kinda like a mild coldsore, but is in fact entirely different) has disappeared (thanks for that Kiehl’s face oil, you champion), I’m back on that nude lippy bandwagon.

I was a bit meh when I first bought home Kinda Sexy, but it’s grown on me massively. It’s the perfect pink/brown shade that doesn’t make you look like a dead fish, and that’s ALL I wanted from a nude lipstick.

Some days I wear it matte and kid myself I’m Kylie Jenner and some days I add a little sneaky pop of gloss for something more natural and wearable.


Do you use any of these products? Is there anything you think I’d adore? Hook a girl up why dontcha.




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