What I’ve Been Wearing This Weekend


You know that thing that happens where you look in the mirror and you’re like dayum girl, you on fleek today, and then you leave the house and you end up in a photo and you see the photo and you’re like OMG SOMEBODY TAKE ME HOME DO I REALLY LOOK THIS UGLY AND FAT AND BLEURGH?

Well that’s me in most outfit photos. It’s rare that I’ll come home feeling quietly smug with the snaps caught on my camera. Like hello world, I’m one stylish sista and you better watch your back.

Although weirdly, I do remember feeling like a seriously chuffed chicken in these snaps from last summer – maybe it’s that golden St Tropez tan that gives the illusion I like spinning classes.

The point of my Monday Morning rambling is that I like these photos. I like my outfits. I’m really crushing over my own personal style at the moment and that basically never happens. So yeah, I thought I’d show you what I’ve been wearing.

There’s ahem, a pretty common theme going on. It involves rolled up jeans, black ankle boots and my baby girl new bag from Zara.

I bought it on a whim from Norwich the other weekend because BABY PINK and CHAIN STRAP and haven’t taken it off. Despite looking teeny tiny, it somehow manages to carry my Olympus Pen and extra lens, which is something a lot of my other cross body bag seriously bladdy struggle with.

I think this is me done. I’ve found my style. At the grand ol’ age of 26 and half, it happened. I got a bit cool and learnt how to dress for my squat lil shape. Hurrah.



After a quick morning and coffee at the Kurt Geiger store in Covent Garden to kick off LFW (lol – that was my one event and then I was like bye, see ya, gunna get home to the cats), I went for a vegan brekkie with Ellie and Niomi. I know right, I’m so full of health, I’m hoping that it basically cancelled out the pizza I had for dinner because that’s how it works right? Anyway, Ellie snapped these for me – one at a time because lol, turned out the road wasn’t actually a quiet side street and taxi drivers kept beeping at us. Hashtag that glam blogger life.




Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


Coat – Primark (old, but similar here) / Scarf – Topshop (old but similar here) / Bag – Zara / Sunglasses – eBay / Jeans – ASOS / Boots – River Island / Watch – Abbott Lyon


During this particularly unscenic weekend walk in Woodbridge (soz Chris), I was feeling a bit light-headed and disoriented and basically begged the bf to find us a tea and cake shop (went for an apple mint tea and a breakfast muffin that was SO delish, I might bake my own later and do a lil post on ’em). So yeah, my hair is looking cute af in these snaps. Don’t hate the playa. Oh, and I’m not wearing any make-up, thank the sweet lords for sunglasses.


Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset



Coat – Very (old but similar here) / Jumper – New Look (old but similar here) / Jeans – ASOS / Bag – Zara / Boots – Topshop / Sunglasses – eBay / Hat – eBay


We took these cute lil snaps in a pub car park before devouring a 241 roast. That’s how we roll, we’re pretty glam and aspirational tbh. There was a man walking his dog in most of the snaps, and in the rest of them I had a raging camel toe that Chris forgot to point out and tell me to re-adjust. This hat was a £1 buy from Primark (mini haul over here), and when I put it back on after lunch, just as we were about to leave, I caught a couple whispering and sniggering at me. Mate, I can’t help looking this on point all the time. Soz.




Hat – Primark (similar here) / Coat – Primark (old but similar here) / Shirt – H&M (sold out online – in-store only) / Jeans – ASOS / Boots – River Island / Bag – Zara

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