The Results From My Fertility MOT


When the first whispers of YOU MIGHT HAVE PROBLEMS MAKING BABIES started coming in from my polycystic ovary syndrome Google searches, I knew I wanted a definite answer.

I knew that for me, making babies and having kids wasn’t something that I could dismiss from my brain with ‘meh, I’ll think about it in the future’ or ‘I’ll just see what happens when I start trying’. Because although there are 384564875 things I want to do with my life before I start arguing over possible baby names, I’ve always known that I’d drop those things in an instant to be able to have children. I would rather have them right now than not at all.

I opted to have my fertility MOT at a place called CREATE near Raynes Park, just outside London. It’d been recommended to me, and included an internal ultrasound, consultation and results all within an hour for £200.

I toyed with other clinics I found on the internet, I toyed with reaching out as a blogger, but when it came down to it, I wanted the opportunity to not have to write about it.

Imagine they took one look at me and were like soz Miss Gale you don’t actually have a womb, you can’t have kids, and then I’d have to write a review whilst choking on tears and vodka and pizza.

No cheers pal.

So I headed off to Raynes Park in an Uber last Friday with a family member for moral support ( I had to convince Chris to save his annual leave without shouting BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO NEW YORK IN MAY AND YOU DON’T KNOW YET, lol).

I was particularly apprehensive because what does it feel like to have someone stick an ultrasound thingy inside you? And also because I had the first ahem, signs, of my period. Yum.

(I’d called ahead to check, but you can in fact have the ultrasound performed at any time in your cycle, so that’s nice).

And, after a quick chat about signs, symptoms and contraception, I was lying on a bed in the dark with my pants and tights off, letting a nice stranger poke about in my lady parts.

Dreamy Friday morning, amm’I right?

It didn’t hurt, but wasn’t altogether the most comfortable experience of my life. Like, I’d have rather been taking a nap on the sofa surrounded by Yankee Candles and bowls of macaroni cheese, but hey, whatcha gonna do.

I would describe the sensation as kinda like having a sexy toy put inside you without y’know, being aroused. Is that too much information? My bad.

The doctor showed me my ultrasound screen and pointed things out as he went along. Although to be fair, everything looked like a grainy grey blob to me, so y’know. He showed me my ‘fantastic looking’ womb lining and my unblocked fallopian tubes and my wonderful blood supply to everywhere I apparently need a blood supply.

He showed me both ovaries and counted the egg follicles (13 on one side and 14 on the other – which apparently means I’m laden with eggs), he told me he could see signs of ovulation and he was generally pretty positive.

Now, here’s where it gets juicy.

Wait, no, maybe that’s the wrong use of words. Barf.

After I’d pulled my undies back on and settled myself back in a non horizontal chair, we went through the results.

And ya know what he told me? He told me that he didn’t think I had PCOS at all. He said that 1 in 5 woman look like they have it (because of their egg follicles or something), but because he could see signs of ovulation and because of where the follicles were positioned, he said he was fairly certain I didn’t have it.

Uh huh.


And to be honest, I’m trusting the man with about 12 different qualification letters after his name, rather than the nurse practitioner at my local GP office.

He told me that when I want to have kids, I shouldn’t have any problems conceiving, that everything looks pretty spot on for a woman of 26.


And then he said: ‘There shouldn’t be a problem with you leaving it a couple more years. But I will say sooner rather than later. I wouldn’t recommend any woman leaving it later than 30 to try for a baby’.

And then I felt mildly panicked and freaked out inside.

I feel like by even thinking about kids at 26, by even having them so much as a teeny tiny part on my radar, I’m being mega early about the whole thing, but nope.

Here was a man, who is approximately 47653 times more educated in fertility and gynecological health than anyone I’ve ever met in my life, telling me that to be sure that I would be able to conceive naturally, I would need to get the party started within the next year or two.

No, YOU’RE freaking out.

I feel like I should Whatsapp all my friends and peer pressure them into getting pregnant right now (lol I jk I jk, I’m not that crazy, or am I?).

So yeah, got the train home and bought one of those mini bottles of prosecco to toast my sterling reproductive system, and then tried not to nap the entire way through Game Of Thrones on the sofa.

I am happy. I am feeling like an annoying little weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And I feel like Chris and I are in a much better place because we have a better understanding of where we stand, of where my body stands, rather than being stuck in a fertility limbo.

So for the next year, I’m going to go full-speed at every dream, adventure and ambition, and then maybe next year, or the year after that, I’ll reassess my maternal feelings.

And on that note, I’m off to see if my bank balance likes the idea of my first ever trip to Paris this year or nah.

  • Caroline

    Hmmm, I’m not sure that’s very fair of him to put the pressure on you to have children by 30 years old, particularly when he said that ‘everything was fine’. Just because he’s a doctor, doesn’t mean he has the same biases as the rest of us….

    • Gracie

      I think you’ve missed the point – she went to check her rate of conception… and he told her she shouldn’t have any issues in the next few years – which is medically true! Fertility massively drops post 30 wether you like it or not sadly xx

    • Gracie

      CONGRATS! Amazing news ! xxxx

    • Agreed. Yes, fertility levels do drop as we age but we’re women, not stupid. We know that already. We’re told that from a young age!

      Rachel |

  • Amy

    This is such good news Hannah! So happy for you, you totally should book that trip to Paris to celebrate…xx

    Call Me Amy

  • Nichola

    Brilliant news! Although I did get slightly distracted wondering where you got the heart shaped macaroons? Haha x

  • Yay, that’s fantastic news!!!

  • Kb

    I literally love your writing and seeing you go on this journey! So happy for your ovaries! I guess with life right now, everything is planned, micro-managed or arranged to perfection. There will never be the perfect time to have a baby, but you just make it work. My Mum had me at 23, it probably wasn’t part of her Big Plan (I don’t even know if she had one, remind me to ask her that) but somehow she figured out motherhood along the way. You’re so lucky that you’ve found the right person. It’s not impossible to have a baby later in life (I’ll tell you the story of my aunt when I next see you) but sometimes shaking things up and being uncomfortable can be a good thing. Not saying you should do it right now (your choice obvs) but definitely put your all into this year, as you never know what the next few may hold. I’m doing it too! Alos, fingers crossed my ovaries wait for me to find someone who won’t ghost after a few messages!

  • Tasha

    Yeyyy im so happy that everything is looking good for you! I am 26 this year and want children (plural) at some point, but like you I have so much I want to do first. Its good having peace of mind and I am tempted to do the same as you just so I know where I stand. Make the next few years kick-ass, and then you can decide how you feel after you have you know, completed some more dreams! x

  • Such great news Hannah and I love the fact you have been brave enough to share your story I am sure it will help lots of people in a similar situation.

    Emma Inks

  • This might be an overshare, but I have also had the internal scan on the NHS (long story but I had suspected PCOS but turns out that no, I don’t have it) and seriously, they never talked me through my results at all. So well done for choosing the in-depth route!
    We are currently in a similar situation, where the doctor basically said ‘don’t leave it too long to try’. So we have a list of stuff we want to do, and we are basically attacking it. Not in a crazy control freak way (it’s all stuff we REALLY want to do so not exactly a hardship!). But my main advice would be to talk with Chris and come up with a list of stuff you both really want to do, and stuff you individually want to do. Oh and all the while we have to remember that life doesn’t stop when we have kids, we can still see the world and enjoy things, it’s just our priorities might be different and the approach changes slightly.
    So glad to hear your outlook is more positive : )

  • So happy for you! Can’t believe you have to get pregnant before 30 though. Especially when I’m 29. And single. Ahh! x

  • Amazing news! I don’t think it could have gone any better for you really. At least there’s no pressure on you any more, you can plan a bit more before another human comes into the picture!


  • Such amazing fantastic news! I’m so pleased for you and I would always always recommend getting a second opinion on this sort of stuff – the NHS is amazing but so stretched that they can’t always be as thorough as you need x

    Sophie Cliff

  • Aw, I’m so thrilled for you Hannah, that’s brilliant news!! Totes here for in a few years (or whenever!) to hear all about mini Hannah’s making their way into the world and little wish lists etc ; )
    It’s crazy how differing the results can be but I’m actually mega interested in having a similar consultation to the one you had – maybe not now, nearly 22, too soon?! I had an internal scan too (did NOT know I was having an internal scan until I got there and the guy was like, so you’re having an internal scan so ya know…. get yourself ready. My face. I’m sure it was a picture and a half), oh MY internal scan’s are so strange! I agree, it doesn’t hurt it’s just like, well this is…. comfy…. and exactly how I planned on spending my morning! I was vaguely talked through my results, I didn’t really know what to say to be honest but seeing someone privately who knows a LOT about lady stuff sounds like a damn good idea!


    She’s So Lucy

  • SO, SO happy for you Hannah. 🙂

  • I am shocked your Dr diagnosed you with PCOS without ever doing an internal ultrasound. I got sent to the hospital for mine. Seemed like a hasty diagnosis without the proper steps taken. It does seem to be something that Drs are often not well informed about, and offer varying advice on.

    Rachel |

  • Great news, and thanks so much for sharing this. It has freaked me out a little though, at 34 (35 this September) and not ready to start on the babies til we’re married. Thankfully that is happening in August, BUT, selfishly I kind of wanted a year of married life (and time to finish the house renovations) before we started on the kids, but maybe I don’t have time.
    At this stage, going to get tested would just panic me (as even if they give me the all clear they’re likely to say I need to get going asap!), so I’m just going to start trying when we’re ready, and hope for the best. If nothing happens, we will look into adoption. My Dad was adopted, and I have a few adopted relatives, so it is a thing in my family, and something I would be totally keen on if I couldn’t have them myself. Just hoping I can. Not much more we can do than that really! x

  • So happy for you my love!! But not so happy about having babies right now… I feel like I have SO much to achieve and do and (whisper it) be selfish with my money for a while. I’m starting to think that maybe babies aren’t even for me…. I haven’t ever thought this before but time is ticking and i’m not feeling any more maternal…. Sophie xxx

  • That’s a great result! I’ve had a similar experience with endometriosis and being told that I should aim to conceive before I’m 30 (I’m 25 now)

    Being told that when you are 18 is fine, because 30 is a million years away… but now I’m 25 it seems a lot more real.

    5 years is a long time though! So there’s still plenty of time to mature from a barely there adult into a fully fledged adultier adult!

    Bethan | Ethical Entrepreneurship

  • Laura Chapman

    That’s really positive news!! Congratulations, you must be over the moon.

    But saying that he wouldn’t recommend any woman to leave it later than 30 to have a baby!? I know your fertility rates drop, and seeing as I am 30 next year, I certainly will not be taking his advice, even if that means I end up childless… My mum conceived my brother, naturally, at 33, my cousin had her children (three of them) in her late 30’s and my other cousin who’s 40 has just given birth to twins. Most of my friend’s were in their 30’s too. Personally, I would rather wait for the right guy, than rush into having children with someone who’s not right before I am 30, even if that means I am not blessed with them. According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2014 over half (52%) of all live births were to mothers aged 30, so there’s hope for us all yet!!!! And the average age of first time mother’s is increasing year on year.

    Laura xx

  • That’s wonderful news that everything was looking lovely and healthy in there – so happy for you. And thank you for putting pen to paper (so to speak) and sharing your experience. I am sure there are a lot of people out there in a similar situation with so many questions about what will happen, what it feels like, what you find out etc, and you’ve answered everything for them so honestly, and I’m sure you’ve help alleviate some of their fears. x

  • Tammy Nyman

    Congratulations!!!!!!! My last child was a miracle baby and my boy….I suffered a miscarriage and shouldn’t have been able to get pregnant when I did…. Good luck..
    Thank you for sharing a very personal story

  • amy

    kids by 30. God terrifying I am 25, my mum had 2 of her 4 kids in her thirties so it can’t be a – be all end all situation surely. Our generation is expected to live into our 80s even 90s and we have to have it all sorted by the time where 30! Glad everything was OK though.

  • It took two years of me pestering my doctor to finally get an internal and external ultrasound (which was done by the hottest gynaecologist I’ve ever seen which was reeeeeeeally god damn awkward) as I had a niggling feeling that I had PCOS and oh look at that, I do! Just called me Dr Charlie. I think I’m going to look into one of those tests as well though, it’s something that I’d just like to get sorted sooner rather than later. Congrats on having such a positive result xx

  • Awww such brilliant news!! Although yes, I would be majorly freaked out if a doctor told me that although I guess it’s the best possible freak-out from that kind of consultation 😀 xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Travel, Food, Italy

  • Great news :)!
    Although scary for me as I turn 30 this year. I thought it was age 34 your fertility takes a big drop. :-s

  • Yaaayyy! Fist pump! So happy for you! Although I know what you mean – so scary that you think that us girls are ticking time bombs!!

  • I’m so glad it’s a positive outcome in the end!! So happy for you! But scary about the baby thing – best get crackalacking eh hahah! x

  • Fantastic news Hannah, so pleased for you! I’ve always wanted to be a youngish parent like mine were so I could ‘keep in touch’ a bit better, think it’s helped me have a better relationship. So glad you got positive results 🙂

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Fantastic news.
    Two years is a long time and no time at all but it gives you time to think, which before your “MOT” you didn’t know you have. Happy dream chasing gorgeous girl, so glad that it was good news xx

  • I just clicked on this after reading your post about enjoying alone time more than people (TOTALLY normal and I feel exactly the same way!), and I’m just like “woah this could be me writing this!” Also told I have PCOS last year – not entirely convinced and think my issues arose from 10 years of the pill and my ovaries not knowing how to work when I came off it.

    I’ve been seeing a herbalist for 6 months and my symptoms have settled down amazingly. I’m now married and 3 months off my 27th birthday and feeling like it’s time for an MOT as we start TTC (no chance of that on the NHS until I’ve been trying for 24 months – even with my PCOS diagnosis – because I’m under 30?!). I had an internal ultrasound before which revealed the cysts and I totally agree that it feels like a non-sexy sex toy. Pretty uncomfortable but not at all painful! I was on my period too at the time – I feel sorry for the ultrasound technicians!

    I digress.

    So I’m going to do some research and save up for an MOT I think! Glad all looks well for you. Thanks for sharing x

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