Friday Favourites: 12th February 2016


I don’t remember the last time I didn’t write this weekly round-up from the comfort (LOL) of a Greater Anglia train.

Life has been busy, good busy, and I’ve taken writing a lot of my blog content from trains and coffee shops and other people’s houses. WHERE ARE THE PLANES? WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN ON ANY EXOTIC LONG HAUL FLIGHTS, EH EH EH?

Anyway, yeah. I’m currently hurtling towards London with some cheeky period pains (thanks body, you boo) and a belly full of a white chocolate Valentine’s lollipop. Basically, we had pancakes a day late because ya know busy life n that, and then as I was frantically attempting to curl my hair/apply fake lashes/pack pyjamas/read Twitter notifications because hello what you saying about me, I got the worst sugar crash and panic ate him.

Mild regrets because period hormones are making me feel like a moody self-conscious teen and now I’m like YOU ATE CHOCOLATE AND YOU’RE SO FAT AND YOU DESERVE TO DIE ALONE IN A CAVE WITH BATS AND SLUGS AND DEMENTORS.

Shall we move on to chirpier things, eh?



Aside from Essie, the only nail varnish I’ve been using in recent months is the speedy dry hunnies from Barry M. Most of them do need three coats because they’re such sweet, yummy pastels, but because each coat legit drys in about 12 seconds, it doesn’t matter.

I find that as long as they’re topped with a decent top coat (hello Seche Vite), they last just as long as Essie, and for about a third of the price, that’s pretty bangin.

I’m obsessed with these two new shades – Winnging Streak and In A Flash, especially the pink which is the perfect dupe for Essie’s Minimalistic which I snapped up in Vegas last summer. RIP my old travelling-America life.



I call this a haul, it is literally like three things, one of which I’m still too I AM NOT FEELING CUTE ENOUGH to try on.

I’d been eyeing this striped roll neck up for weeks (I know right, so wild and out there and fun and fashion, lol jk), and then I got paid and I was like mate, I am splashing out on that £17.50 piece of knitwear because I like living on the edge.

And then this cute dusky pink blouse got added to the basket and then this rather hip and out there denim jacket (I have images of wearing it with cute summer dresses and fedoras y’know?).

But anyway, Mango. New love. All of these things were from their sale (and bought on the John Lewis website because old) and I think it might be like, my new fave high street shop because SO on point, so reasonable and so bladdy good quality. Don’t tell H&M though. Plz.



I’ll be honest with you babes, I haven’t used fake eyelashes since about 2012 because I am about as good as applying them as I am at climbing trees. Like, all that faffing about with glue, trying to wait until the glue has dried to the right amount of sticky and then trying to put the lashes on without smearing glue across your entire eye lid and smearing eye shadow and eye liner and alright ok, put me to bed already I don’t want to go out anymore.


I applied both of them in about 7 seconds and there was no mess and they looked natural and divine. I tried the most natural style for a day in London but am pretty bloomin’ buzzing about wearing something a lil more BANG BANG BOYS I’M HERE for Valentine’s dinner this weekend. (Shop ’em here)



Oh hey guys, here’s something a little sassy for ya. Nectar (as in the wonderful little card you collect points on whilst shopping at Sainsbury’s alongside other retailers) are kicking off their month of fashion with a sneaky little ASOS giveaway.

Can I get a woohoo?

For your chance to win a £500 voucher (just IMAGINE the suede skirts and pretty floral dresses you could buy – be still my beating heart) all ya gotta do is upload a 10 second clip to your Instagram of you showing off your best catwalk strut.

All entries need to be tagged with @nectarcard using the hashtag #10SecStrut and the comp is open until 23:59 23rd Feb 2016. And you can enter as many damned times as you like. GOOD LUCK SAUCEPOTS. More info here.



Whilst waiting at Gatwick for our flight to Scotland last week, my fave pal Tilly told me to close my eyes whilst she put a present in my hand.

It all happened really fast and now I’m like wait why did she give me a present for no reason, but WHATEVS I LIKE PRESENTS.

And this little champ was him. An actual bracelet with a Golden Snitch on. Beat that, I dare ya.

Anyway, I know it’s from Etsy but don’t want to go hunting out a link and find ou how much it cost, so hopefully you won’t mind having a little nosy for yourself.



It’s not that often that a blogging event hits me so hard with the good feels that I’m like IT HAS TO BE IN MY FRIDAY FAVOURITES AND I HAVE TO TEXT MY IRL FRIENDS TO TELL THEM ABOUT IT, but Murine did just that. The beauts.

Murine basically do eye drops and eye mists (and I used the eye mist on my minorly hungover eyes today and woah, instantly fresher and less, ahem, bloodshot and ugly).

Anyway, on Thursday they invited a bunch of us internet weirdos down for a Murine tutorial on Oxford Street, followed by a RIDE ACROSS LONDON ON AN ACTUAL MOTORBIKE (had to wear an actual helmet and motorbike jacket, lolz). It was insane. I loved it. We rode in a little convoy and can I do it again today plz?

The event was then followed by cocktails in the Sky Garden and dinner which may or may not have involved macaroni cheese and steak.

Safe the say the scales look sad today but my face is full of smiles, so whatevs.



Well, well, here’s an obvious one.

There will be a full post going up on this over the weekend (so long as like I don’t accidentally have too many naps or get lost on Netflix), but I thought I’d just give him a lil wee mention here.

Chris and I headed up to the Highlands last Friday for a long weekend in Ardmair Bay alongside Josie and her bf and my bezzie pal Tilly and her gf, and OMG SO BEAUTIFUL.

Scotland, you’ve kinda gone and taken my heart and poked it about a bit. But it reminded me just how good for the soul long weekends with good friends can be – that you don’t need to spend £58463746 for a luxury two-week long holiday to feel like you’ve stepped away from your life and refreshed and relaxed and explored.

Got my travel vlog going up today and it *might* be my fave video ever. So there’s that.


This blog post involves some sponsored content, but all views my own, obvie

  • Tammy Nyman

    I am going to try and find that mail polish. Hopefully I can get it here in the U.S.
    I am so happy I found you blog!!! Can’t wait to read more!

  • Mango is great! I stay clear of H&M a lot these days. I just don’t think their fabrics are that nice anymore. And so much of their basics are see through and I’m not 13 with a flat stomach anymore. Also; golden snitch is golden. I’m so regretting the “stop buying stuff”-rule I made for myself.

  • That snitch bracelet is so cute! I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd, and I just want everything HP. Also, I saw Josie’s Scotland video and it looked incredible! I love going to Scotland so much, I’m feeling some serious traveling pangs atm.


  • Jen

    Ah, I love Barry M. polishes, but have yet to try the Speed Dry- must check them out soon! And that red polka dot dress is adorable 🙂

  • Brb off to check the Mango sale.

    I honestly can’t wait to read your Scotland post though. The Highlands are my favourite place in the world! I’ve got two nights away in Glencoe over the weekend and couldn’t be more excited to be back up there


  • Jess

    Just brought the Mango jumper and pink blouse… Can’t wait to try on. Thank you Hannah !!

  • Megan

    I’m longing for payday now, those eyelashes are giving me all the envy!
    Can’t wait to read and see more of Scotland, definitely a new one for my ever-growing list of places to get to!
    Always a fan of your Friday Favourites xx

  • Amy

    Scotland! You lucky haggis!
    I have been itching to go back to the most magical place in all the land ever since I went there with some friends a few years ago. Camping, hiking, getting chased by an angry German on top of a mountain… Ah, I miss that side of life! The pictures you’ve posted of your trip look idyllic!
    God, I’d jump on the chance to go back!

    Oooh, I’ve been wondering which nail varnish you’ve been wearing and now I know. (My god, sorry for how stalker worthy that just sounded!), so I’m getting those shades tomorrow in town. Barry M does sound a bit DJ-ish but we’ll give him a go!

    Fellow internet weirdo…

  • Oh I didn’t know Eylure did express lashes, fab! Enjoy Scotland x

  • Those lashes sound amazing I’m awful at glue so these are right up my street!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • I’ve always wanted to try fake lashes but the idea of having glue near my eyes really freaks me out. I’m looking forward to trying these stick-on ones, thanks for the tip! 😀

  • Aw you need to give yourself a break and allow yourself those chocolate-binge period days! It’s asking way too much of us to go through that and not be comforted by the cocoa gods! Can’t wait to see the Scotland post, I’m really feeling a trip there soon, it’s so close it’s just ridiculous I haven’t been yet xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Travel, Food, Italy

  • Oh my god! Hannah! That bracelet is the absolute freaking best! NEEED IT!!
    Also, great post, as usual! 😉
    Also, also – have you considered taking the HP train up in Scotland? It’s called the Jacobite and the scenery is apparently amazeballs! We’ll be doing it this summer, and it’ll be our first visit up north I can’t wait! Also can’t wait to read your Scotland post!!

  • Absolutely love that bracelet – it’s beautiful! And those nail shades are dreamy!!

  • £500 at ASOS I may need to enter this one!!!

    How did you find the Eylure lashes stayed on?

    x x

  • nueyork

    The Barry M shades are just so, so stunning! As much as I love my vampy winter shades, the pastels have a special place in my heart.

  • You have made me want that stripey mango jumper SO badly! Off to have a little stalk of their website now 🙂
    Love Holly x

  • Waxed Bat

    I’m not one to normally comment on outfits but that red dress and thigh high boots…….you look HOT!!

  • Thank you for giving the information.

  • Looks like you have a lot of nice favorites happening here. The golden snitch bracelet is way too adorable. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  • That snitch bracelet is adorable <3 I NEED it in my life x


    Those photos are stunning! This is an awesome post.

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