Everything You Need To Tackle A Really Bad Day


Some days are the worst.

Maybe you got a hefty bill and spent £127 on a new pair of shoes and an out-of-control night out and now you’re freaking out because there’s legit not enough money in your bank account to cover your rent and fuck you might actually have to ring your parents and acknowledge that you’re failing at adulting. Shit.

Or maybe your period’s a-coming and it’s basically left you dragging yourself along the floor in a sea of emotion and omg why am I crying at an old person on the bus.

Or maybe it’s more than that. Maybe you don’t remember the last time you felt an emotion. Maybe you feel numb and dead inside, like a shadow of a human and you don’t know where to move forward to, how to snap out of your own brain, how to learn to function again and you feel so bloody stuck and lost and alone.

So I made this post. It’s a list of old posts designed to pick you up. Old posts of chirpy lists and motivation, but also of personal tales of mental illness because sometimes you need to hear someone else’s story to understand that what you’re feeling IS real. It does have a name, and you know what? It can be fixed.

So I hope this post helps you. I hope it gives you some of your sparkle back and I hope it reminds you that you got this, you’re going to be OK, you are going to do WONDERFUL THINGS. Just keep going gal pal, you are ace.



Still one of my fave posts to date, mostly because I feel like it’s something still hugely under-talked about and something that our generation needs to help change views on. We need to make this normal and OK  in the workplace because as many leaps and bounds and somersaults as society’s acceptance of mental health has taken, it still has miles to go.

You don’t have to go to work if mentally you are not well, the same that you wouldn’t if you were physically unwell. There is no difference aside from y’know, it’s unlikely your colleagues will catch depression from you but whatevs. YOU are important. Your brain is important. Your emotions are important. Put you first and ditch the guilt.



Ok, so the title’s a lil OH FUCK OFF if you’re going through something mega, but still, this post is my go-to list of things for when life gets too much. Off work with a mental health sick day or just need some help pulling yourself together one evening after work? Get stuck into this.

Use it as a check list to give yourself a schedule and routine and something aside from your whirlpool head to focus on. It should start to take the edge off, promise.



There’s nothing more ‘please let me punch you in the face’ than someone telling you, BUT YOUR LIFE IS GOOD, SO MANY OTHERS HAVE IT SO MUCH WORSE. Please, come and be a little bit more condescending kind sir, that’ll sure have me spurting rainbows and puppies out of my mouth in no time.

So I hope this post isn’t like that. I hope it’s a little bit funny, I hope it distracts you and I hope it makes you feel a bit lighter. I hope it makes you feel like fuck it I’m going to make a cup of tea and eat 2 (read: 22) biscuits and I’m going to own the rest of the day.



You’re at work, it’s Monday morning, you got up too late to make a sneaky Pret detour for a latte before work and now you’re staring at your computer like FUCK OFF, WORLD.

So here’s a list for that. A list about the little beautiful, chirpy, soul-making moments in every day. Maybe try to cram in as many as you can into your day. Treat yourself like you are a queen, because mate, you absolutely bladdy are.



I read this earlier today for the first time in months and months and maybe a year? Anyway, it got me a bit emosh about how far I’ve come. Point of the story? Life gets easier and life gets better as long as you take the steps to seek help and put your mental health before all else. It is important and you’re not alone and omg there’s so many different cures and fixes and things to try.

It’s an important read if you’re feeling all confused and unsure of the sensation in your brain, and i hope that it helps you make sense of it.



I’ve actually just bought the Dumbledore quote from this list for my desk from Etsy (desk tour post and links to come), but it’s so important to step back and take in each one and gain some perspective. They also make me feel a little bit emotional, y’know?

But yeah, maybe try and Etsy search your faves and have them as constant inspiration around your home. Little pick-me-ups are the best.



This is kind of a round-up of everything I’ve learnt during the whole WAYOO I’M BECOMING A GROWN-UP phase of life. It’s got some handy life tips and tricks and things that’ll help pick you up and make you feel a bit more in-control of your life and your dreams.







  • Being ill, poor, and definitely not as accomplished/pregnant/coupled up as everyone else at the moment, this post was very much needed this morning. You’re like the young woman’s agony aunt, such a babe!

  • Definitely saving this for when I have one of those, I want to crawl into a hole, kind of days! Thanks lovely!

  • This a great post Hannah! I had such a grumpy/down/bad day yesterday where I just panicked that I couldn’t do it all. But today is a new day – happy Thursday! x

    Laura | http://www.laurakathren.com

  • I love reading all your old posts – you can definitely tell the change in your outlook and feelings just from reading them. I hope that you feel so much more secure and sure of yourself because let me tell you, 2016 U is bossing life. You go gal xxxxx Lots of love

  • KaskaK

    This a great post Hannah!


  • Just read your post about the mental health days and thought it was so on point. People need to talk about these things more and it needs to become acceptable – thank you for highlighting such an important issue! 🙂

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • i online shop when I’m having a bad day! not the best for my bank account but it makes me feel better nonetheless 🙂

  • Thank you, I’ve pinned for those bad days!

  • Glad I’m not the only one who cries at old people on the bus when I’m due on!! 😀 This is a great post Hannah, thank you for sharing everything in one easy place <3 xx

  • Ahhhh this is the best post ever. I really needed this. Saved this for a really crap day, so I can lurk through your other posts when I need to! x


  • Oh dear god. I already thought I was having a bad day because a client isn’t happy with some work I did and I just want to eat all the things, but as I was about to type this comment a HUUUUGE spider web drifted down from the ceiling in front of my eyes. Now I have problems. Where the hell is the spider?!
    Anyway, as soon as I have figured out if I am safe from arachnid attack I’m going to be reading some of these.
    And thanks, I am kick ass, most of the time. I’m allowed to not be sometimes. (And I did happen to just get a gelato delivery in the post (there must be someone up there and he’s clearly working for DHL! ) so things are looking up).

  • Brilliant. I love coming to your little corner of the web, I always feel better!

  • Caz

    I love your list posts – the 27 reasons its amazing to be a women in her twenties is my favourite and just what I need to read at the minute!

    Caz | This is Caz

  • It’s great that you’re so open and ready to talk about mental health, especially when the state of mental health care and services in this country is so shocking! We all need pick-me-up resources like this from time to time 🙂 fingers crossed I won’t be needing it any time soon but when I do, I’ll be right back here! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Travel, Food, Italy

  • Louise

    This is one of those posts where you don’t realise you need it until it appears, and you realise that spending the first hour at work googling whether you can get still get zoo tycoon for mac is probably a bit of a cry for help, but also probably okay :’)

  • Toni Simpson-Maggs

    I’ve had the most horrendous of days and literally feel I’m at breaking point….until I seen this post…and realised I’m not alone!! I get scared of commenting on people’s posts but I needed too today. Thank you Hannah…this post has really helped today! (This comment is probably going to go un noticed but at least I’ve said thank you)

  • Have just read through each of these, and they make for such a powerful series of posts. I’ve been struggling with anxiety for the past two years, and a lot of what you’ve written about the emotions involved in this illness could have come out of my own head. It’s very brave of you to write about it in such an open forum, and I really enjoyed reading them. I’m also partial to a good motivational quote (or three) – I may have to do an Etsy search for some of the 21 you listed!

    Sophie 🙂

    October’s Girl Blog

  • Hannah

    Perfect Hannah. Have this bookmarked xx

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  • currently reading this whilst taking a mental health day from work today after whats been a very busy and confusing month…felt super guilty for doing it because i guess it feels like skiving but i’m so glad i did. its so important to take time out for yourself, here’s hoping this post helps!


  • Having a read of these now! Feel like I’m in crisis and I’m only 20!

  • This is such a helpful and uplifting post! It’s so easy to neglect your mental health but sometimes you do just need a day or two to recuperate just like you would take for physical health.

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