My Three Fave Salads Right Now


I’m writing this post after a 12-hour working day and I think I’ve gone a bit blind and can someone bring me a double cheeseburger and maybe a Diet Coke and a Cadbury’s caramel egg?


So, err, salads. I’ve become quite the salad queen of 2016, mostly because I don’t really want to have an obese BMI anymore. It got a bit boring y’know?

So these are a few ideas in case you too are on some heinous health kick and have run out of ideas and want to weep into your Primark pyjamas every time you open the fridge because OH MY GOD WHY DOES CAMEMBERT HAVE TO HAVE FUCKING CALORIES IN IT.

I hear you, girl. I hear you. I really bladdy hear you.

These are my current faves, mostly because they taste of things that aren’t leaves and that’s always a dandy bonus when you’re calorie counting but have had the day from hell because it rained. And your bank balance was £100 lower than you expected. AND you got this one email and you can’t tell if the person who sent it was annoyed at you because there was a suspect exclamation mark at the end.

So yeah, dreamy, tasty salads are GO.



Oh sweet bubba, such a classic trio.

I actually discovered this combo whilst making a date night stuffed chicken recipe from Jamie Oliver a few weeks back, whilst I was scoffing the leftover ‘stuffing’.

Basically 5 sundried tomatoes per person, chopped up with torn fresh basil leaves and the zest of half a lemon. Crumble in about 30g of feta cheese per person, mix all together and serve over rocket (or any other) salad leaves.

Add a grilled chicken breast for extra protein (and y’know, to stop you feeling hangry 37 minutes later). Or, do what I’ve started doing and slice a chicken breast and put it on a medium heat in a frying pan with no oil. Crumple up some greaseproof paper under the cold water tap and then make your chicken a kind of tent roof/lid in the pan. It keeps it ridiculously moist (LOL) because it keeps the heat and moisture in and means it cooks through without burning on the outside. Mind. blown.



Yeah yeah, alright, this is me turning my staple weekday meal into a sexy salad to make it a *bit* healthier.

And yeah sure OK, it’s also based very loosely on a Jamie Oliver recipe. Anyone would think I have some sort of raging crush.

Basically, dice up a chicken breast and put it in a little oven proof dish. Then mix up a big ol’ tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter with the juice from half a lime (if you’re making the meal for one), and a good hearty splash of soy sauce. It takes a stupidly long amount of mixing for the peanut butter to combine with the thinner liquids, but just keep at it and then coat your chicken in it and pop under the grill.

Turn it every few minutes as the peanut butter will start to burn and turn golden pretty bladdy quickly.

For the salad it’s up to you – anything crunchy goes: lettuce, onion, carrots, cabbage, peppers or, the cheat way of doing it, using a stir fry mix from Tesco.

I heated mine up for two minutes to make it warm but still mega crunchy and then added an extra squeeze of lime to it before topping with the hot, sticky, peanut-y chicken. Oh boy.



Uh huh, two feta recipes, I am OUT OF CONTROL.

This was inspired by a dish I ate at Muriel’s Kitchen in Soho, so there ya go.

Finely chop a third of a red cabbage with 3-4 beetroots (pickled in vinegar obvs, mmmmm), and add in one small grated apple and a hearty squeeze of lemon. Then crumble over feta and hello SALAD DONE.

If you fancy and wanna make a schnitzel from scratch that’s a-OK and if you want your lunch to be as pain-free as possible because mate, you have a date with the sofa and Grey’s Anatomy, then chuck a frozen breadcrumbed chicken fillet in the oven. Yeah, yeah alright, it’s not technically ‘clean’, but it’s low in cals and fat and transforms this salad into a complete babe station.



Now come on, give me some healthy food inspo to get me through February – what are your fave salad combos?

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