6 Style Staples Your Wardrobe Needs For 2016


Sometimes it’s fun to buy dresses with fur-trimmed sleeves. Sometime it’s fun to buy low-cut dresses covered in stars. And sometimes it’s fun to buy pink PVC boots with a see-through heel. But ya know what else is nice? Investing in wardrobe staples. The versatile little boos that will make up your every day wardrobe for weeks and months (and, fingers crossed, years) to come.

So I thought I’d share the things I think are going to be big this year. The things which are big right now.

The things that are about to make Pinterest spontaneously combust because oh mumma the street style scene is going mental for the them.

Because sometimes it’s nice to have inspo when your current style and wardrobe are making you weep because lol when did you start dressing like a frumpy teenager from 2004?



Most notably seen teamed with ankle grazing faded black skinny jeans and a pair of all-white trainers. if you’re being specific and that.

I bloomin’ love me this blazer-shaped bad boy from Banana Republic because it instantly smartens me up and makes me look a bit crisp and sophisticated when actually nah, I like Harry Potter pyjamas and eating crisps on the sofa.

The main reason you need a camel jacket is because OH HELLO, a colour that isn’t black. And that, gal pals, is something your wardrobe will thank you for. Camel also looks cracking against a red lip, just sayin’.



I harp on about the importance of a good white shirt (ideally from the men’s section of Primark), but y’know what? A blouse, or something just a bit different will go just as far.

For these photos I’m actually wearing an embroidered white blouse with billowing sleeves and a few buttons missing from a second-hand shop in Budapest. It cost 50p.

My point is, it’s sometimes the basics that have something edgy about them, that become your OMG I LOVE YOU basics. The things that have a little quirk or charm about them that make them just a little bit different to the norm y’know? THOSE are the things you will hold onto and treasure for seasons to come.




Now, I’m not saying lol go take out a credit card and treat yourself to that Chloe bag you’ve been eyeing up for 1o months, two weeks and five days because yolo. What I am saying is think about making 2016 the year you take a leap above a Topshop tote that crumbles in half before the year is out.

I’ve been using this Village England bag since the autumn and it’s without a doubt the best quality bag I’ve ever owned, you can just feel it when you use it. (This is coming from a girl with a bag box bursting with faded and scratched £6 huns from Primark).

Invest in something that WILL fit all your essentials. Will go with every outfit. Will serve you unconditionally. Because you’ll notice the difference immediately and this is gonna sound hella weird, but you’ll enjoy using it every time you do.



The boot shape of the moment, aside from like over the knee styles that make your legs look like they go on for several metres because duh you ARE a supermodel.

I was worried this shape would sit horrible on petite gals with buxom calves, but alas nope, THEY ARE AMAZING.

Despite a pretty generous heel, this River Island pair are comfy, but also feel swank enough to wear with a dress or midi skirt without making you look like a dumpy little baby penguin. Which is EXACTLY why you need some in your life.



I love a colourful reflective lens but y’know what? They scratch SO easily and I find you get bored of them after about a week of excessive wear, wheareas with something classic and chic like the humble cat-eye, you can pull ’em off with every outfit.

These fellas were something I spent about a fiver on from eBay, but I’d love some in tortoiseshell too because tortoiseshell is bae <3<3<3



I spent a lot of last year playing about with boyfriend and girlfriend fit jeans because hubba, hubba they look so effortlessly chic and off-duty. However, here’s the part where I’ve got to hold me hands up and admit that despite my dabbles, I think that, for my body shape, skinny jeans are the winner.

Yeah, yeah, I ate whatever my hat or whatever the saying is.

I got into a bad habit of trying to drown my body in sack-shaped things instead of embracing my curves and wearing tight things that showed them off, so this year’s about going back and saying I AM HOT AND I WILL WEAR THINGS THAT SHOW OFF THIS HOT ASS.

My faves are ASOS’s Ridley jeans (they come in petite and tall), but the ones in these snaps are Topshop’s Leigh (with a ginormous crotch hole in them because lol I’m waiting for my size in the ankle-grazing black Ridleys to come into stock…).


What are your fave every day wardrobe essentials right now? And what do you want to add more of into your wardrobe?

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