Friday Favourites: 29th January 2016


Erm guys, so is winter over now?

Was that one mild snow day our lot? IS IT GOING TO BE SPRING NOW PLZ?

I actually got sent a surprise SAD lamp from Citizen last week and I only just remembered as I was typing this, so I’ma give that a whirl and see if it lifts me up a bit on hideously dull, dark days and report back.

I’m totally ready for spring. I’m ready for bare legs and peonies (lol) and shaving my legs again.

And also for all the spring/summer alcohol. Mostly the alcohol. Mostly the Pimms and the Rekorderlig with fresh strawberries in.

Hubba Hubba.


Anyway, enough sweet, sexy talk, here’s what I’m loving this week…

Whilst in a weird ol’ mood last Saturday, I dragged Chris into town to try and see if we could snap up Game Of Thrones season 2 (our Sky box recorded 1, 4, 5 and half of 3 which is megz helpful).

Naturally, I had an ulterior motive. I wanted boots. These boots. The handsome high street hunks of legends to come.

Now, I don’t want to get a girl excited but I wore these all day in London the other day. My phone said I walked 8,000 steps. And THEY DIDN’T HURT.

Nope, nada. And they have a giant heel and make me feel all sassy and glamorous. They’re basically the real life alternative to wearing stiletto heels in day time the way they do in like 90210 and Sex And The City AND they come in 4 different colours.

Man, I should just go and work for River Island’s press office. (Shop ’em here)



I HAVE A THIRD BRUNCH SPOT IN SUFFOLK. Hold the mother flippin’ phone.

Honey & Harvey is in Woodbridge which is a nice little town maybe like six miles from our house and it’s recently had a refurb.

The menu looks like it’s carved by angels. French toast, avocado, salmon, bacon, all the sweet joy and love that make my world go round.

They also have incredible looking homemade cakes and pastries to take away and the whole atmosphere is pretty cool and ‘London’.

My only remark would be the lack of table service which makes it feel a bit messy and disjointed, but for those <3<3<3 flat lays I can overlook it…



I don’t know the proper name for these tulips. In fact maybe they’re not tulips, maybe they’re like the prettier sister of the humble tulip, who knows, but they make my heart happy.

I haven’t treated myself to a good bunch of flowers since at least the beginning of December which is pretty bladdy good going for me (I was trying to make the pretty pink roses that Chris bought me for Christmas last as long as possible, soz not soz over my humble brag).

I love the kind of dip-dye fringed effect on these cuties and I’ve currently got them on my chest of drawers in a jug I picked up a couple of years ago at a car boot. They so cute.

Top tip: spend a couple of quid more and invest in Waitrose flowers. They seem to last a bit longer and be extra pretty <3



I bleet on about giving blood in basically every other blog post, but whatcha gonna do, it’s not like I’m talking about how nice stealing from homeless people is (don’t do that you bad person).

Anyway, whilst waiting for my appointment this week I picked up a leaflet about joining the bone marrow registry.

They take an extra blood sample whilst you’re donating (no extra needle needed) and then store your records on their database. If you’re a match then you’re invited to a meeting about donating, and if you go ahead most of the time it’s a pretty painless procedure that WILL SAVE A LIFE.

So yeah, I did it and you should to. Good deeds and that.



I only had one meeting/event/blogger activity booked into my diary for this week, and that was a tour of London from a double-decker bus and an afternoon tea at the Corinthia to celebrate the launch of the new Links of London landmark charm collection.

I know, woe is me.

Anyway, I was actually invited down by Beaverbrooks, one of the big jeweller stockists of Links of London and omg such a nice afternoon.

I ate a lot of sandwiches and scones (soz scales, be nice to me), drank a couple of glasses of the fizzy stuff and learnt where the opening to the Ministry of Magic is situated. So that’s grand.




I really, really like my new sweatshirt designs (shop ’em here!). They make me feel giddy and happy and YEY and can I get on a plane soon so that I can wear one of these and slouch into it and look cute whilst I watch in-flight films and get slowly drunk on G&Ts. Please?

There’s also some t-shirts in the pipeline for March, so watch this space, ladies <3

If you fancy winning a lil sweatshirt to add to your sassy sista wardrobe, I’m giving one away over on Twitter today, so head over to my account to get all the deets.



I’ve been a bit of a bareMinerals spokesperson recently. Soz and that.

Anyway, I’ve been wearing their Complexion Rescue every day this week in the place of my usual foundation and my skin is feeling so much better for it.

I’ve decided that my cheek and chin acne actually looks worse when I try and pile on thick foundation to disguise it (and make it looks like really cake, dry sand dunes, YEY). So this is my alternative.

It’s light, kind to my skin and offers enough coverage that I’m not freaking out about people laughing at my poor pimply face.

And on days when FFS I HAVE TO HANG OUT WITH HOT INSTAGRAMMERS, I just add some concealer and powder into the mix and voila, dreamboatin’ skin and no spots.


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