9 Things We Should All Aim For This Year


I’m typing this with a giant plaster on the tip of my finger because lol, tried to scoop protein ball mix out of the food processor whilst the blade was still in there and lol my finger keeps bleeding.

So maybe I should add ‘learn to not stick your fingers into food processors’ onto this list because it sounds like pretty sound advice we could all learn from tbh.

So anyway yeah, here’s some things we should aim for this year.

I guess you could almost maybe kinda call them late resolutions. Real resolutions to crack on with after the LOL JK NOT REALLY ONE has fallen through because let’s face it, it’s almost the end of January so you’ve pretty much definitely already eaten a lonely midweek pizza for one whilst sobbing into a £4 bottle of wine from the corner shop.

I ain’t judging babes, I ain’t judging.



And no, a human being or cute n’awww baby cat don’t count. An actual activity that gets your heart fluttering and your brain serenading you with love songs the way seeing woah mumma 10 new likes on your Insta selfie does.

Maybe you like sport – good for you. Maybe you just wanna be that cute friend who knits her besties baby blankets – nice one. And maybe you just want to buy expensive pens and colour in castles and woodland animals. Mate, the offline world is your oyster.



If you read my 2016 goals post (this one) you might have spied my £2,000 saving goal target.

It makes me a bit sad that talking about money is still so NO DON’T DO THAT, considering it’s such a massive part of every day and a ginormous hideous part of life stress.

So instead of just saying ‘yeah, I’ll try and save’ and then whoops whaddya know I spent all my money on the McDonald’s Saver Menu, actually set yourself a target.

I’m going to throw it out there and admit that I’m still paying off my living-in-London credit card and sometimes dip into my overdraft, but having a separate account that I can transfer the odd £50 or £100 in when I’m feeling particularly flash has already made SUCH a difference in my ability to put money away.



One of my favourite things in the whole wide world is exploring a new city on my own by the first light of day whilst clutching a take out coffee. I know, I’ve managed to make myself seem like some poetic wandering soul which couldn’t be further from the truth, bless.

Book yourself a night at a spa hotel (Secret Escapes and Voyage Prive are great for these) or add an extra night on to a work trip to a new city or country (if y’know, you have a job that involves the odd sneaky travel trip).

I can’t put it into words, but there’s nothing that feels as liberating and free as being somewhere brand new without an itinerary or game plan that needs consulting with someone else. We’re such fierce, independent women, us millennial gals.



Y’know how when you’re a teenager almost all of your friends are kinda mean to you in one way or another? Like one will straight up tell you your outfit is gross, another will bitch behind your back and the other will text a boy they know you like and then be like what, I don’t see what the problem is?

Well the best part of being a grown-up is that this shit doesn’t happen. Or at least it shouldn’t happen or doesn’t have to happen because you, my darling, are worth so much more.

It is better to have one or two or three friends that have your back unconditionally than to have 10 clinger ons.

Ditch em, it’ll make your wedding cheaper if nothing else, right?



Some days it’s like there’s this invisible person with their hand to your forehead blocking you from going anywhere no matter how much you try and push past them and it puts you in this hideous place of mental turmoil and self-loathing. Y’know that feeling?

You gotta learn how to escape it. You’ve got to know, right down to a tee, the routine that will bring you and your head back to reality.

For me it’s going for a swim, blow-drying my hair and putting on a light layer of make-up in the changing rooms before hitting Starbucks with my laptop for a creamy coconut latte.

Fast forward an hour and suddenly I’m skipping and cracking jokes to the staff and lol, I’m two blog posts and 10 emails down and come at me world.

Know what gives you your mojo back.



The world feels a bit jollier when you’re not just all take, take, take.

I only learnt this recently, lol slow to the party, me.

Anyway, you could do something big and grand and amazing like help at a cat shelter or soup kitchen. You could stop to buy a homeless person coffee, or if the whole conversing with people you don’t know thing is a bit daunting, you could give blood or join the bone marrow registry (I did this this week and it feels so good knowing I could one day save a life).

Or you could keep it simple and just sign up to give a charity of your choice a fiver a month. Even the smallest of gestures add up to make a big ol’ difference.



It’s way too easy to lose yourself to the naughty little scamp that is social media envy which is why it’s so ridiculously important you fall in love with yourself.


A sparkly, rare, beautiful one.

Compliment yourself on a good brow day, acknowledge when you’ve written something you’re damn proud of and remember all of the obstacles you’ve tackled to get to where you are now. You strong, sassy starlet, you. You are so much better than you realise and you just got to keep telling yourself that. Fist pumps all round.



Yeah, yeah alright food is having a ridiculously fad-y moment right now.

Everyone’s vegan and snorting chia seeds and omg almond butter and let me just roll around in medjool dates and avocados and matcha lattes.

But y’know what? Healthy baking is kinda a bit dreamy, mostly because it stops you doing that magic trick where woah where’s that family size bar of Dairy Milk gone within 7 seconds flat?

Set aside an hour or two at the weekend (and bulk order some ingredients online because maaaaan are they cheaper) and make yourself some healthy sweet treats that’ll work as breakfasts on the go, post-lunch slump fixers and after dinner desserts to munch throiugh whilst you’re watching The Undateables.

Check out Pinterest for ideas that look almost as sexy as a melt in the middle pudding just without the y’know, daily allowance of saturated fat.



One of my fave quotes of all time is ‘What a wonderful life I’ve had, if only I’d realised it sooner.’

It makes me a bit emosh because damnit we’re so obsessed with believing we’d be happier if we were just a bit skinnier or richer or had a promotion or a new wardrobe, y’know?

So love your life. Love it. Appreciate it. Be thankful and pleased for the people in it and the opportunities you’ve had. Live in the moment and stop pining for the future. There is so much happiness and grandeur and beauty around you – maybe your family or friends or job or home or health. We all have little blips, but dig deep in that mind of yours and remember the bigger picture rather than the bad days.


Anything else you guys think I should add?


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