My Night At The National Television Awards


I don’t really know how to write this post. I just took quite a lot of nice photos and went to quite a swank event so I thought that y’know, it would be nice to document it.

So here I am.

Sat on the sofa trying desperately hard to remember all the teeny tiny details from my day in London last week, whilst simultaneously wondering if there’s any sweet, sweet words in the dictionary that could convince Chris to go to Sainsbury’s to buy me a sneaky Diet Coke.

I reckon nah.


Anyway, last Wednesday kickstarted with me pootling off on the train to London and tweeting about a man in my carriage whistling.

Uh huh, because that’s the way to make all your fellow passengers feel jolly and upbeat about the day. Said no-one ever.

After a very brisk swan into River Island (can confirm that the black skirt I tried on made me look a bit like Morticia Adams if Morticia Adams had gone through one heck of a rough patch and had eaten 73 cheeseburgers in a row – not the one) I headed deep into the sex-shop lined streets of Soho to meet my fave bareMinerals gals.

We chatted cats, beauty and Nutella as we munched our way through various plates of salad. Don’t wanna boast but yeah, I ORDERED SALAD. Someone come and give me a high-five please.

Ok, maybe don’t because I washed said salad down with a power juice and a, ahem, Nutella brownie.

My bad. ?

Anyway, we then headed to their head office so that I could get dolled up ahead of the National Television Awards. Now, I gotta say that actually, I don’t have a single piece of bareMinerals product in my every day make-up bag, or at least I didn’t until last week.

Because now I’m basically one of those men that stand on street corners wearing sandwich boards promoting a sandwich shop that’s hidden down a side alley, except for a beauty brand, because y’know, gotta keep on brand.

My face was lined with Complexion Rescue (shop here) which is kinda like a BB cream, CC cream and tinted moisturiser all rolled into one and honestly, even with my troublesome PCOS chin acne, it gave me a seriously decent level of coverage for every day use whilst feeling as light as moisturiser.



We followed it up with concealer and powder and a light bit of contouring to turn me into a fair-haired Kylie Jenner.

And then did that whole sexy smokey eye thing with a low-key winged eyeliner and balanced it out with a nude lip – for real, Be Free is the one.

And then I got into my Little Black Dress frock (shop here) and posed about in the street whilst people did second-takes because lol who is this woman (I had to use the word woman because that IS what I am, but I wanted to say girl because I don’t feel old enough to be a woman) prancing about and fake laughing in the street.

The shoes I wore were a seriously ancient pair from Stylistpick (does that website still exist – anyone?) which I jazzed up with my princess gem shoe clips from Rainbow Club (shop here).

For real, they have transformed my shoe wardrobe and make me feel like a sassier version of K Middy pretty much every day tbh.

And my hair is ahem, how my hair looks when it’s caked with dry shampoo and was curled about 12 hours earlier. I really did have wild plans to maybe get a blow dry or maybe re-curl it but then scrolling Instagram got the better of me and woah whatcha know got to jump in an Uber to the O2 and omg lol I’m late.

I shared a cab with Hayley to the National Television Awards and as soon as we arrived we were ushered into the VIP suites area and met the Echo Falls team who’d so kindly invited us down.

We ate Oreo cheesecake and drank Echo Falls cocktails topped with passion fruit (quick q – am I the only person in the world who eats all the passion fruit seeds from their cocktail? EH?), and then took our seats for the awards.

The thing you don’t get to see on the TV is how often you’re told to applaud as part of the real life audience. Like, as soon as the show starts back again after an ad break you’ve got to act all mental and WOOO OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD AND I’M SO HAPPY AND EXCITED for the cameras. It’s a weird ol’ world.

Things I learnt: Danny Dyer is a lol drunk and gives top speeches, I need to watch Doctor Foster and I legit have no idea who anyone in Eastenders is anymore.


The whole thing whirled by pretty quick and then I was getting texts from the cab company and it was time to go home.

Despite the fancy opportunities that blogging has given me, legit nothing has made me feel more like I’VE MADE IT AND THIS IS THE HIGH LIFE AND OMG I’M SO HAPPY than getting a car home from Greenwich to Ipswich.


Screw the NTAs, this was the real star of my Wednesday night and I’m not even slightly soz.

I tried to nap but it all got a bit too much for me because a hella lot of sea mist had rolled onto the A12 and it was all a bit scary and all the lorries had pulled over because visibility had dropped to about a metre in front of the car.

My driver was a babe and drove so, so carefully despite the hideous conditions, but it didn’t stop me clawing at the skin on my neck and making repeated yelping noises as I kept forgetting to breathe.

And yes, when I finally rocked up back to Ipswich I woke up Chris to make him hold me and act pleased that I’d made it home in one piece.

He complained that I was cold and rolled away from me. True love, eh?

So yeah, that was my wild Wednesday from start to finish. Bit different to sitting about in my see-through leggings with cats attempting to climb over me.

Anyway, peace out, I’m off to colour in a picture of a castle with my new colouring-in pens. See, told you I wasn’t old enough to be called a woman…P1200077



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