The January Detox Routine


Unless you made a cute lil pact with yourself at the start of the year to stop reading blogs or wasting your life on social media and today you cracked and headed straight over here for a bit of a HG binge, you’ll know that, along with the rest of the country, I’m on a bit of a health kick.

I’ve eaten about 15 smashed avocados, am so egged out I *might* become vegan (spoiler: not really) and actually bought some passion fruit. Yuh huh, actual passion fruit. To eat on top of a creamy, sweet, yum pile of froyo whilst I lie on the sofa and moan about my Pilates pains, rather than y’know, adding to a cute homemade Pornstar Martini like the 2015 me would have.

Admittedly, the change in my diet and exercise routine (turns out my body isn’t used to thrice weekly gym visits after a year of lying horizontally watching Pretty Little Liars and coming up with list ideas for the ol’ blog) hasn’t been so easy.

I’ve felt a bit run down and headachey and weak where my body is suffering from sugar withdrawal and I’m learning how to incorporate iron into my diet without gorging on ALL the red meat.

Girl used to love a cheeseburger and whacking all the mince into pasta dishes, y’know?

Anyway, it’s made me extra aware of how important it is to take care of your body, not just by what you put in it, but by the products you use.

I’ve replaced binge eating chocolate pudding and ice cream on the sofa with plenty of pampering to get my feeling-emotionally-run-down fix.

Because I think that’s one of the hardest parts of sticking to a healthy eating kick or diet – finding things that pick you up when you’re feeling blah that don’t cause MyFitnessPal to explode with sadness.

And so the answer for me is pampering. Making myself feel tip-top and treating myself to lots of lovely products that make me feel like the softest, silkiest, most wonderful version of myself.

My fave this month is a little detox set from Champneys that includes all the things you need to not only give your skin a helping hand in looking as firm, toned and smooth as a VS model, but make you feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

Which is exactly the kind of thing you need after a day of train delays, aggressive emails and rain that feels like it’s penetrating your soul with sadness. Lols.

The Detox-In-A-Box from Champneys (shop here), the Original Health Spa, contains a Skin Firming Shower Scrub, a Hip & Thigh Firming Mud, Skin Firming Body Butter and Body Massager and the main ingredients are sea salt and seaweed (which just FYI is a seriously underrated plant for getting heavenly, glowing skin).

I remember when I was a lot younger and we used to travel to Italy to visit my uncle, my mum would always make us bring fresh seaweed out of the sea after we’d finished plonking about on our inflatable crocodile, so that she could place it across her skin.


It’s meant to help withdraw toxins and waste products from the body (there’s an entire page about it on the Livestrong website and I trust that badger of a website as much as I do the NHS), and it’s also meant to help take down redness and inflammation from acne – so it’s a real gem of a natural product.

You can also buy dried seaweed and sprinkle it on salads too for an extra boost of nutrients.

So, at least once a week I treat myself to a couple of hours of detox downtime.

I put away my phone, I light some candles and I run a bath. I allow myself to switch of from real-life.

I go heavy on my fave products and I don’t rush, I give myself the time to use everything properly. To rub my cleanser into my skin in slow circular motions as if I’m giving myself an actual facial. To use a body scrub all over my body as well as a body wash. To laze about in my dressing gown whilst massaging moisturiser in.

And then, when I’m feeling all calm and spruced up, I make myself a herbal tea and I put on fresh pyjamas and I get down to business with an adult colouring book.

We are so quick to jump on January bandwagons about losing weight and cutting calories that we too-easily forget about the other things we need to do to feel good about ourselves.

The pampering and the taking care of our skin and the mental wellbeing.

So this weekend, or on a hideously cold night next week, take some time for you. Distract yourself from the cake cravings and treat yo body to some seriously heavenly products that’ll make you feel like a really damn good version of you.

You can send thanks in the way of tickets to Hawaii. I’ll be waiting patiently with my smooth, toned body and suitcase crammed with bikinis. No biggie.

This is a sponsored post but all detoxing and love of pampering my own


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