Friday Favourites: 22nd January 2016

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I tried to write this post at my desk. And then I tried to write it in bed. Then I gave up and went for a swim and here I am cosied up with a latte in the Ipswich Starbucks above the cinema.

It seems to be, out of all the 7246764 places in the world, the main place I’m productive. Dunno why. I once wrote 3,000 words of a book chapter in two hours here. Which reminds me, I should probably set aside some time to tackle that boo and get you guys a nice little self-published bit of Hannah Gale wisdom to add to your Christmas list.

Also, I so had to get out the house. Like, I know Granger is still a kitten and awww so cute, but he’s really annoying me today. He’s being a bit of a pest and it’s so hard to get anything done when you have a small furry creature trying to claw their way up your leg every 7 seconds.

So here I am, getting excited for a full weekend of downtime with my boyf, including a quiz night with some pals tonight, which means I FINALLY have an excuse to wear that ASOS star print dress of dreams. Babin’.

So, here’s what’s made me a chuffed little chicken this week…



Most of the girls I’ve been busy mentally crushing on over on Pinterest have had one thing in common: the humble camel coat.

And, although your girl has about 47564 different jackets and coats fighting each other for space in the wardrobe, she didn’t have a camel one and so, well she had to get a camel one.

This one’s actually more of a blazer shape, so perfect for trotting in to spring thrown over a cute little dress and bare legs. It’s from Banana Republic (shop here) and came via Zalando who have some INSANE sales on at the moment.

Word of warning though, size up. I can just about get away with wearing a fine shirt underneath without feeling like my Hulk arms are about to burst the armpit seams. There’s gonna be no chunky knit business going on over here. Nope.




It has been a bladdy good week for people. It started last weekend with my little solo cruise up to Nuneaton to see a gal pal who’d recently moved for work, and another of our we’ve-known-each-other-forever school friends.

I wrote a post about it on Tuesday (here), but yeah, seriously good for the heart and for my mind.

And then the running theme of ACTUALLY HAVING A SOCIAL LIFE continued with a brunch with an ex-colleague in Ipswich. Yeah huh, actual brunch with a pal in Ipswich. Life changing.

Erica actually blogs over at The Edited, and has recently moved to the area and I am so, so looking forward to more blog chat, coffee and outfit shots. And tbh I’m sure Chris is probably leaping with joy deep down inside about the fact I won’t be howling in his ear about things he legit could not give less of a crap about.



Nude lipstick does something horrible to my face. It makes me look like I have typhoid or the plague or summin nasty. Or at least I think it does, mostly because I’ve got myself into a nice spot in life where I’m super comfortable with bright lipstick.

Anyway, I started my week with a trip to MAC and ended up coming away with Kinda Sexy which I liked, but didn’t love. I saw it as a handbag lipstick, something to carry around and use on days where a red lip is defs not the one.

Anyway, basically, bareMinerals did my make-up for the NTAs this week (full post to come) and well yeah, Be Free is my new boo (shop here). It’s not matte, instead it’s creamy and makes my lips (don’t mentally punch me in the face for saying this) look like my lips, but better.

Anyway, I’m off to go and give myself a stern talking to for not being more creative with my words. Soz.



I couldn’t resist, alright?

I bought a very similar shirt to this from ol’ NL back in December (shop here) and wear it all. the. time. So when I saw it in beige I was like be mine you sweet but ridiculously boring little thing. Because let’s face it, it’s pretty boring.

I’m wearing it as I type this and it’s just the softest, most perfect shirt for looking effortlessly cool on down days. Reckon it would look smokin’ with a cropped black trouser and patent loafer for the office too ya know. (Shop here)



I know I am basically the ambassador for colouring in books and should probably be getting paid by a company to be their global face (HI, I’M OVER HERE, COO-EE!), but I just wanted to give them another shout out.

In the last 24 hours I seem to have become a crazed colouring in person, and it feels so, so, so good to step away from constant Instagram refreshes.

I bought this set of pens from Wilko for £8 (cries and does a sick down self) and well, they’re somehow much more soothing to colour in with than colouring pencils. Dunno why, can’t explain it, but oh em gee, doing dainty details with these is just WIZARD.



I’m unsure as to why I’ve been on a bit of a coat crusade this week but I ain’t complaining.

This Marks & Spencer badger is sadly already sold out now. It was knocked down from £150 to £33 and was only left in a 12 when I spotted it online but it’s basically my personality whammed onto a coat so I knew it was destined to be.

Yes it’s a bit loud, and no, it’s not for everyone. But boy oh boy does it instantly make me feel a bazillion and two times sassier and it feels like an expensive coat which makes me feel like a rich Suffolk lady who shops in Waitrose and bird watches. Not soz.

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Yeah alright, so I know I started this post bleeting on about how much I love working from Starbucks, but I’m going to do it again.

I think I might make it my new Friday morning ritual because it makes me so productive that I feel like I might take over the world and I love that surge of good stuff that goes buzzing through my veins (probably the coffee tbh).

So if you’re ever struggling with blogger’s block or even uni block or anything, take your laptop and charger and some lip balm and hand cream and set yourself up in a coffee shop. I love the one above Cineworld because it’s SO empty during the weekdays, find one that works for you. It’s a total game changer.


Anyway, peace out love bugs. Have a top weekend.

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