14 Things You Only Own Once You’ve Hit Peak Adulthood


I was about to start wading through my big ol’ pile of ironing (and when I say pile I mean a pile that’s been neatly stuffed into a cute little vintage-style box into a cupboard because mate, I’m a proper grown-up now with an ACTUAL IRONING BOX) and I was pulling out the ironing board and iron and setting myself up with summin decent from Netflix and then omfg we’ve run out of ironing water.

Ironing water.

An actual thing.

Water that smells nice that you can put into your iron to add an extra level of sweet-smelling freshness to your clothes, y’know, just in case the detergent and fabric conditioner wasn’t enough.

It made me realise that a few years back I only ironed things with my hair straighteners approximately two and a half minutes before I needed to leave the house, and now, well, I buy ironing water.

Because ironing water <3<3<3<3

So here’s a list of the other ridiculous middle-class possessions you only start owning once you’ve hit proper peak adulthood. Not just that I’M AN ADULT FML bit at the beginning of adulthood where you spend all your money on Easyjet flights and cheap prosecco, that actual adulthood bit that comes after.


1. Annual travel insurance. Alright, not so much a possession you can take photos of for Instagram and be like look how old I am lol, but something you’ve spent money on, regardless. Gone are the fuck, I’ll buy £4.20 travel insurance on my phone on the way to the airport days and in are the I’LL TAKE YOUR GOLD INSURANCE PACKAGE PLEASE KIND MAN AT THE POST OFFICE.

2. Fake plants because you’ve been into homeware and interiors long enough now to know that you kill every single fucking plant that enters into your home. You’ll spend good money buying the decent plastic greenery to fool everyone into thinking you have green fingers when actually nope.

3. Spare batteries. Maybe like a pack of 12 AAs you keep in a battery drawer because you’re basically your dad now.

4. Serving bowls because sometimes you have other grown-ups round and you cook food instead of just ordering in pizza and sitting in your onesies and you want people to think you take your crockery seriously.

5. A pillow spray (or three) because now that you’re old enough to be plagued by the stresses of every day life because omfg buying a house and mortgages and back ache and I’M STILL 17 INSIDE sometimes makes it hard for you to sleep at night. Thanks insomnia, you little charmer, you.

6. Some posh tea bags, maybe like TeaPigs or something because it’s not all about buying the Tesco value ones so you have more money to spend in Primark. Sometimes it’s about a soothing overpriced herbal number to lie on the sofa and cry into.

7. A medicine box. It has some plasters in that you bought once when your new shoes made a cute red waterfall flow out of your heel, half a box of cystitis cranberry sachets and some paracetamol. You’re pretty proud of it tbh.

8. Some good quality bedding with like, a high thread count. Maybe even a goose down duvet to go with it. And a mattress topper. You feel like a pompous git but you don’t care because that feeling of getting into bed after a long day is pretty much better than eating an entire cheese board.

9. An entire drawer dedicated to wrapping paper and tissue paper and ‘spare’ greeting cards’ and maybe even some ribbon because the day has come when you FINALLY understand Monica Gellar’s ribbon drawer and the world makes sense.

10. A casserole pot. You’ve actually even used it once too, so take that.


12. A wine decanter because isn’t it just so heavenly to let your red wine breathe and get itself snuggly down to room temperature before drinking?

13. A garlic crusher because what sort of world would be worth living in if you couldn’t accurately cook from Jamie Oliver’s books? EH? EH?

14. An ottoman. Maybe one at the end of the bed because you so fancy and living in an interiors catalogue, or maybe one in the lounge because you secretly want to use it as a foot stall <3



What have I missed out?

  • I lol’d at ironing water…I think I need some 🙂

  • I dont think Ive hit peak adulthood!! I think being in a tiny flat makes me cut down on so many of these. Contents insurance was definitely one for me where I was like, oh such adult.

  • Mate, a garlic crusher is top of my list when I get my own place next month. And lest we forget the washing up liquid. You know, the good one, not the crappy £1 job off tesco. x Rebecca – itscohen.co.uk

  • Tasha

    I actually have a sewing box, A SEWING BOX!! Cause a girl has to mend things herself now instead of getting mom too! x

  • Things that I bought/were bought for me/that I’m planning to buy that made me realise my adulthood status:

    – A griddle pan (because asparagus with lines charred into it trumps normal asparagus.)
    – A spice rack
    – A lingerie wash bag
    – Recipe books in general (yay for Jamie oliver)

    I’ve also got like, 11/14 things from your list so yay, I’m getting there aha

    You smashed it Hannah as always xx


    • steph

      Um apice rack, yes! And a knife block :p

  • Can I just add an extension to number 3: also when you start buying your own batteries instead of getting them from your parents’ cupboard and you’re like WTF BATTERIES ARE HOW MUCH!?

  • This is just making me look forward to peak adulthood after education even more. I get horribly excited about serving bowls, I got fancy tea for Christmas, and cannot wait to buy the comfiest bed around!

    Probs gonna spend the rest if my day on the west elm website now 🙈


  • I feel super old because I have all of that. 🙁 Great post Hannah!

  • Beki

    Ive just bought my first house and you have accurately described me on every single muvva flipping point. *BASIC KIRSTY ALLSOP WANNABE BITCH

  • these were all so funny but true! Ive never even heard of ironing water?!?! such a cool idea

  • Amy

    You speak so much truth, Hannah.

    I always feel like I’m pretty adult when I have enough wine glasses to go around all of my guests – rather than having to pass round mugs like in University days gone by!

  • Becca

    The casserole dish is my fave adult thing! coming from someone who didn’t own a single pot or pan throughout uni this still amazes my friends. Also being the first owner of a sofa was amazing, no questionable stains and the throws are there to be used as blankets, not covering up terrifying fabrics! x

  • Stacey

    Among the gifts given to my boyfriend and I this Christmas; griddle pan, wok, place mats and maybe the most exciting an over door towel rail for the bathroom. I know. Wild. We are definitely hitting adulthood hard!
    Am now going to search out iron water.

  • Chloe marie

    intersting post!

  • Amy

    Loved this, made me laugh and can relate to SO MANY – scary!! 🙂

    Amy • Blog | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

  • Napkin rings (that you actually use!). And cloth napkins. And placemats to complete the whole set. Also, a paper shredder to cut up Very Important Papers. (No more sneakily using the one in the office.)

  • The morning I went to university my mum handed me a suede brush as I’d just got some suede boots. I asked what the hell I’d need a suede brush for. In the months that followed, not only do I use it all the time but so do lots of my housemates! Who knew it’d be such a crucial possession…

  • I love this post Hannah! Buying a lint roller and shoe polish just shows you’ve hit adulthood. And it comes to something when you get excited buying a de-bobbler for your wool jumpers! Haha!

  • This post is hilarious! I’m all about a decent medicine draw.
    I think it’s when you have boxes and draws for things. A shoe draw, an ironing box, a medicine draw etc. you know your not a kid anymore. Haha.


  • Reni V

    Ha yes!
    Love the list. So true! Always enjoy reading you posts

  • So funny! I’m not sure I’m quite there yet which is worrying haha. Although now I want an ottoman x


  • This weekend I bought and put together a bookcase all on my own. I feel like a strong, independent woman (we’ll forget that I made my boyfriend carry it home from Argos). I really bloody want an ottoman though, it’d look lovely under the window…

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  • Oh lord I have high thread count sheets and a lint roller – am I adult just a little bit?

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Never even heard of ironing water haha!
    -Morgan x

  • I am now a proud owner of a cake tester.


    (P.S. I baked tonight and tested a cake with said tester. Bloody things too spindly to see residue. Back to the knife it is).


  • Love this! And definitely fake plants and a high thread count – absolute musts!


  • I only have posh teabags, a garlic crushers and a lint roller so I think I’m probably still in the Easyjet and prosecco phase :p definitely nowhere near buying annual travel insurance! Although we do own a pizza stone, I guess that should probably count! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Travel, Food, Italy

  • The day I chose to spend my money on an Ottoman (instead of another new handbag) was the day I realised I was officially entering adulthood.. Plus mattress toppers are literally heaven!


  • Just the wine decanter to go and then ding ding ding ding we have an adulting winner. Not even a bit sorry.
    M x

  • This is too funny! I actually have a couple of these. If I get rid of them does that mean I can not be an adult anymore?!

  • Hahahah this blog made me take a good look at myself and realise that I own most of the things on the list!

    Lifesyle blogger

  • Confession – I’ve had a ribbon drawer since I was about 13. No I’m not crafty. I just keep them and roll them nicely and put them away in a drawer incase of ribbon emergencies.

  • How am I nearly 22 and have ticked off at least 3/4 of this list?! Tell me how?!! Ugh, life. I really *need* to get a casserole dish because so many recipes I want to try right now ask for you to put the ‘heat proof dish into the oven for 1.5 hours etc etc’. My only concern is how do I get it home because they are SO HEAVY. Do I buy Le Creuset (because hello pastel range and matte range) or do I go cheap and cheerful with John Lewis own brand. What problems, ha.

    She’s So Lucy

  • Blankets for bed/sofa/life.
    Hand cream.
    Lamps. Like I actually bought a lamp for light. not for lava.



  • How about that little stash of stamps and an actual address book?! And the moan about how stupidly expensive stamps are every time you restock? Love this list haha, feeling like I need to invest in some ironing water.


  • Damn it. You’re so much better at adulating than i am.
    I thought owning a proper knife block and a sauce pan had me at almost-adulthood but your ironing water thwarts all my efforts. (Especially because i don’t even remember the last time i ironed something!) xo

  • OMG yes!! And some of these I don’t have but are on my list of things to buy. When did this happen to us? Is this mid-to-late 20s life? I’m not sure whether I’m scared or secretly thrilled!


  • Loved this post as always. I’m only 18 and I already have a casserole dish and a garlic crusher! God help me when I’m in my 20s.


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