My 6 Favourite Matte Lipsticks Right Now


This isn’t a very me post to write.

I mean, don’t get your girl wrong, I so flippin’ adore lipsticks. Bright, jazzy matte colours that lift the soul and the mood and ahem, distract from the hazardous hormone spots loitering on the chin, but I don’t tend to enter into beauty posts like this.

I think I fear you’ll be like booooooooooring *never reads blog again*, because I’m not one of the internet’s legendary beauty gurus.

But whatevs. I had fun putting it together. I had fun taking 574765875 selfies by the window and praying my neighbours hadn’t seen me, and boy did I have fun rubbing cotton buds doused in micellar water across my lips between colour changes.

I looked like I’d been in an intense 72-hour make out session under a duvet with a boy who had his first sprouts of facial hair sprouting through by the time I’d finished and it was nada a cute look.

As much as I love my current lipstick collection (I keep them all snuggly at home together in an old black floral tin that used to be my nan’s sewing tin because she was the QUEEN of a statement lippie in her heyday), I’m looking at dipping my toes into the liquid matte pool.

I want nudey-brown tones and things that make me look like Kylie Jenner because wooo look at me I’m so original and ground-breaking and unique, lol jk I’m just as basic as the rest of Instagram.

So plz, plz do hook me up in the comments section. Thanks galdems.


1. RELENTLESSLY RED – MAC (shop here)

My first ever MAC lippy.

Actually, I lie. My first was Candy Yum Yum, but I haven’t felt fun enough or glowing enough to pull that hunk of a bright pink off in quite a few years, sob.

I love Relentlessly Red because well, it’s not red despite what the name suggests.

It’s this perfect deep pink hue, with red undertones rather than purple and I find it insanely flattering because it doesn’t wash skin out. Whatta hun <3


2. 107 – KATE MOSS FOR RIMMEL (shop here)

I bought this high street lipstick when an old uni pal rocked up to mine wearing it and I was like girrrrrrrrl, you look AMAZING.

Since then I’ve found out it’s a shade secretly adored by many. Like, once you start wearing it people can instantly spot it on you, like you’re all part of some secret, fun lipstick club. Like ‘OMG LOVE YOUR LIP COLOUR – 107, RIGHT?’ and you’re like HOW DO YOU KNOW.

But yeah, it was my first ‘dark’ shade, and is the perfect not-too-scary berry shade for winter.



This is relatively new to my collection, and I *think* has replaced Illamasqua’s Soaked as my fave matte orange-red of all time.

There’s something about an orange-tinged red that suits my skin tone, blonde hair and green eyes, or so I’m told by make-up people, so maybe that’s why I’m always drawn to them.

This is the shade I’ll be living in come cocktails, beach and OMG HOW DID I GET SUNBURNT I WAS OUTSIDE FOR 22 MINUTES FFS weather.


4. STARK NAKED – URBAN DECAY (shop here)

The only nude that I go back to, mostly because I’m not even 100% sure there’s a nude out there that remotely suits me. HOW DO YOU ALL MANAGE TO MAKE IT LOOK SO EFFORTLESS? Legit the woman in MAC made me try on like 7 and all of them made me look a *bit* like I was dying of some lip fungal infection. Cute, eh?

Anyway, this is the shade I’ll often sling in my bag when I feel like I need a little summin summin stronger than lip balm to pull my face together. Like when I’m trotting about Ipswich town centre looking for striped tops or when I’m eating avocado on toast or something that is equally not suited to a dramatic lip. Ya get the gist.


5. INSTIGATOR – MAC (shop here)

I love this little fellow, but it scares me a bit. Like, what lip liner do I use? And if I forked out for a lip liner would I actually wear this harrowing but perfect shade anymore? Ya’know?

I was actually inspired to pick it up after colouring in my lips with black liquid eyeliner for Halloween. You know how it is.

My main problem is that I’m not sure I go anywhere edgy enough to pull this off. Like lol what’s that girl over there in Nando’s wearing on her lips?



Oh hun, you perfect little pink pop of happiness.

This is a little brighter than Relentlessly Red and less, well, red. It’s a true bright but wearable pink perfect for white summer dresses and big ol’ sunglasses and eating lots of houmous and crisps. You know the drill.

I find the pigment and texture of this really rich and creamy, and I’d say I actually prefer it to MAC matte lipsticks because it’s not as drying and the colour just looks so darn vibrant.


P.S. I dunno why that last selfie looks like it’s gone through Facetune 743865 times and the others don’t. Like, is there some special skin-smoothing setting on the Olympus Pen because omg how do I make myself look like I don’t have any pores all the time plz?


  • These are such gorgeous colours!! I love Atomic Orange but I never dare wear anything but pink or nude which I should really change! I love the Urban Decay Lippie too as that’s my kinda colour x

  • Great post Hannah. Absolutely love Watermelon from Bobbi Brown. x

  • I love all of these colours, but that Rimmel shade is to die for!! Definitely going to have to pick up one of those. Instigator looks fab on you and I am that girl in Nandos wearing it COME JOIN ME!!x

  • I’m totally in love with lipsticks right now! I think they are really in trend, along with liquid lipsticks! I love all of these, my personal favorite I think is the Rimmel one from Kate Moss – beautiful! xo

    McKenzie |

  • I have reached a stage where I only have 2 lipsticks in my cupboard and it’s DIRE. HOW DID I GET HERE? Must reassess and sort my life out. Starting with these colours coz u lookk bae xxxx

  • Chloe marie

    Great post Hannah

  • I loved the ‘watermelon’, it’s gorgeous!

  • I love 107 (just like everyone else!) – it’s one of my favourite reds; also MAC Instigator looks incredible!! I’ve wanted a deep purple like that one for ages and never knew where to start looking but I’m definitely going to hit up MAC. It looks awesome on you!

    Ciara x | Ciara Pocket

  • love that nude one, it really is the perfect shade!

  • 107 is such a cult fave! You’re spot on – it feels like a secret club. I can spot it on someone a mile away and so many times have worn it at the same time as a friend, totally unplanned.

    Rachel |

  • Kiki

    Girl you gotta get your hands on Mac brave and pair it with Mac soar lip liner. Perfect combo for a pinky brown nude lipπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸ»

  • Ugh want all of these. I wish that I could pull of such a dark purple shade. WAH for being pale as a ghost.

  • Ellie Beazley

    Loved this post! I think lipstick is my desert island product. The Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks are unbelievable! They are liquid (hence the name) and dry matte, last all day long and they’re vegan so kind to the animals πŸ™‚
    I have the shade Anna Nicole which is that to die for orangey-red, being a fellow blonde with green eyes I know what you mean about it being so complimentary.
    You get them here in the UK, but they sell out quickly, full range of shades are here they do a few of those ‘Kylie Jenner’ nudes you said you’d like to try too πŸ™‚ x

  • Mac Instigator has gotta be my fave…

    Frankie x

  • Such gorgeous colors!! Stark Naked I need to get my hands on right this second!!

    I’ve not dipped into the liquid lipsticks yet but I hear that Anastasia Beverly Hills makes some pretty awesome ones and Dose of Colors too! πŸ™‚

  • Naomi Grace

    Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit is the perfect liquid matte lip. You’re welcome.

  • Amy

    You NEED to get on the NYX hype. The soft matte lip creams in shades “Abu Dhabi”, “London”, “Stockholm” and “Cairo” are basically rip offs of Kylies lip kits and Β£5.50 each on boots. They’re amazing!

  • I really want to start wearing lipstick, but I am such a lip biter I’m worried about how awful I will make it look
    Love the orange/red shade, you look so good in it!

  • Babes Bourjois Velvet Mattes will change your life! Like, go to Boots on a promotion and get two or three, honest. Nudist and Ole Flamingo are just lush. And Maybelline’s Dream Mattes collection is a good one too, I have 975 which is a lovely wine shade. But you have made me consider MAC Relenetlessly Red and the 107. Gotta get in with the cult haha!

    Really good post! πŸ™‚

  • WOW instigator is AMAZING – need that shade ASAP!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Megan

    The Stila liquid lipsticks are πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ Patina is a good pink with slight brown undertone x

  • Jen

    Ooh, those vibrant shades from Bobbi Brown- so beautiful! Thanks for including swatches of each too- super helpful πŸ™‚ My favourite mattes at the moment are MAC’s new Liquid Lipsticks- so worth checking out! xo

  • Jen

    Absolutely love the Rimmel 107 and Bobbi Brown Watermelon on you! ❀️Hmmm I have a gift card that *might* be being put to good use on some Bobbi Brown lovlieness.

    Off on a tangent: where is your T-Shirt from? I have a hankering for another grey item of clothing in my life.


    • It’s actually a mega old one from H&M men, definitely worth checking out their menswear section for basics like t-shirts! xx

  • Sara

    Love this post!

    If you’re looking for some good nude matte liquid lipsticks go for:

    Bourjois rouge edition velvet in ‘nudist 07’ (literally every girl I recommend this too is obsessed!) it also looks fab with some MAC – mehr lipstick over the top

    NYX Soft matte lip cream in – Cannes

    Top notch! xx

  • Really loved this post! As someone who tends to lean towards matte lipsticks I always like to hear more recommendations. I have the Rimmel 107 – it was my first ‘vampy’ shade despite it being quite tame in comparison to other lipsticks aha. I really am intrigued by that Urban Decay lipstick though! I find all of the MAC nude lipsticks just completely wash me out. Going to have to check out that UD next time I hit the shops! x

  • You suit so many lipstick colours! Relentlessly red is def one of my faves. x

  • Nat

    I’ve never heard or seen MAC Instigator before, but it is gorgeous! All the lip colours suit you, and you look gorgeous m’dear! ^_^

  • Wowee the Watermelon lipstick by Bobbi Brown is so pretty! And I’ve always been a bit scared of nude lipsticks but I’m definitely going to give Star Naked a go. It looks great on you x

  • Looooving that Atomic Orange, girl! As a fellow blogger, I always love seeing people who aren’t necessarily “beauty gurus” or “food gurus” or whatever, try their hand at something new! You had fun with it and it was super fun to read! And now I want to go and buy all of these!

    Loved the tips, girl! πŸ™‚

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