Three Tips To Make Your Hair Longer, Healthier & Thicker



I’m going to film a YouTube tutorial on my current hair style du jour, otherwise known as loose, dry-shampoo caked waves, because you rascals have requested it, but until that time (waiting on a sunny day where my hair’s in just the right place is 57874563487 times harder than you’d imagine), I thought I’d spill on a few new hair tips lurking under my belt.

As part of my Marie Claire #BreakFree campaign (you can read about it here), I had a photo shoot which involved all the juicy stuff like trying on the entire current stock of Zara, eating a free lunch and yeah-huh, getting my hair and make-up done.

The hair stylist on shoot that day was a guy called Daniel Dyer (his Insta is here) and basically he taught me a bazillion things about my hair, about all hair, that I didn’t know and well yeah, my hair’s been in a really good place ever since, so I thought I’d share the wisdom.

Because let’s face it, girl could always do with extra good hair days. Am’I right?



I grew up with hair that looked like I’d dipped my hair in a fat fryer for funsies.

I’d wash it every other day, but that was a push. Some of my best, ahem, friends, would, on the regular, tell me I needed to wash it daily because dayum, that hair full of all dat grease and it ain’t pretty and nope, boys won’t fancy you.

Like, I can’t even explain how greasy it was. I wish I could upload a photo but y’know, blog aesthetics and that.

Anyway, I bulked up on dry shampoo and started washing it TWICE a week. Like a crazy person.

For some of you this might seem normal, but for someone with mega fine hair, it’s not. It’s scary and it’s ground-breaking stuff.

Anyway, as I type this I’m on day 4 hair. DAY FOUR. I am wearing it down. It looks mildly like it could do with a wash, but it’s not enough that I’m anxious people are pointing and laughing at me. Might go for a swim and then wash it tomorrow tbh.

But anyway, point being, your hair WILL adapt. It doesn’t need you to wash it and blow dry and straighten it every day because it will never grow. It will always be weak and fine and you will always feel miserable about it.

Get over the fact you’ll need to fork out a tenner on ALL the dry shampoo and that you’ll spend the next month wearing your hair up because omg why have I left the house without washing it. My hair feels so much better for it and man, is my life easier without all that maintenance.



I grew up reading a plethora of teen magazines that told me never ever to put conditioner on my roots or scalp because it would make my hormonally greasy hair even, well, greasier (*shakes fist at Mizz magazine*). Anyway, it took until late 2015 for someone to amend that.

My scalp was getting dry and I had flakes, which were, according to one hairdresser, different to dandruff. I dunno.

I literally cannot put into words how much better my hair feels now that I load up my roots with as much conditioner as I do the bottom parts of my hair. I massage it onto my scalp the same way I do shampoo and BAM, silky, healthy, sassy hair.

It’s kind of like washing your face and then never using moisturiser because you’re scared of the oils. Make sense?

Just make sure you spend double as long rinsing as you usually would. Ain’t no hair hell than the terror of left-in conditioner grease.



Alright, alright, I knew, deep down, this was something I shouldn’t be doing. But man do I love a bath. A long soak with a few candles and maybe a lil episode of summin summin on the iPad. Oh sweet mumma have mercy.

Turns out my hair was getting greasier than it would have otherwise been because every time I was rinsing my hair in the bath I was picking up shower gel, the shampoo that I’d just washed out, and ooh, maybe some bath cleaning products for good measure. And it was creating this dirty, oily product build-up even when I had freshly washed hair.

Morale of the story? Use a shower head in the bath, or y’know, save baths for long soaks and not for hair-washing days. OR, rinse in the shower afterwards.

I think it’s made a huge difference in making my hair feel light and not greasy for days rather than ahem, a few hours.


So yup, that’s it. That’s how I’ve managed to make my hair feel fuller and healthier and thicker and less greasy. It’s also the reason it won’t. stop. growing. ffs.
What are your healthy hair tips?

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