Friday Favourites: 14th January 2016

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This week has been just the right amount of slow. I’ve had time for me, time to finish the 5th season of 90210 (thanks for adding that to the agenda, Netflix, you sweetheart, you) and time to get just a little bit ahead of work in time for a hectic few days next week.

I’m starting to get the teeniest tiniest smidge of Suffolk cabin fever, which is something that happens on the regular when I don’t have bursts of in-real-life communication with the outside world. Thankfully, this weekend I’m off to the Midlands to see some of my favourite gal pals and hopefully give my Sim social bar such a giant omfg get-a-promotion-at-work boost that it keeps me riding high for the whole of next week.

I seriously hope someone, anyone, who reads this blog, got that original Sims reference. You know when the social bar is like lime green? Yeah, yeah?

Anyway, I’m currently sipping a peppermint tea and waiting for the vets to ring because little boy Granger got castrated and microchipped today, the poor little mite.

Anyway, here’s how this week has looked…



Carrie Bradshaw ain’t got <enter swear word> on me right now. JUST LOOK AT THESE PUPPIES.

I’ve always been a shoe girl over a bag girl, but a pair haven’t given me this many feels in a long ol’ time.

These are the ultimate princess pair and admittedly, after they arrived in the post, I did spend a good 10 minutes trotting around the house showing them to the cats.

The heels are actually custom dyed by a company called Rainbow Club who have a variety of different styles which they’ll colour match to anything your heart desires. They also have a selection of shoe clips, including these sparkly babies <3<3<3

Perfect if you just cant get your mitts on the dream bridesmaid shoes to match the dress or just want to treat yo self to something no-one else will have. I’ve already been trialling my glitzy clips on half my shoe collection, so get prepared to feel utterly sick of them on Instagram. Soz not soz.

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Admittedly, I haven’t got my paws on this skirt, just yet. I spotted it in the Ipswich Branch of River (shop here) and my heart did something funny. As a complete and utter and unashamedly basic bitch, I adore anything mint green, and this with its cute faux suede texture and little wrap detail just gave me flutters.

Anyway, tried it on and it didn’t look quite babin’ enough on my elephant thighs, because the pale colour drew the eye immediately to my widest part – but I needed to give a shout out to the wrap detail.

I’ve been trying and failing to get into the A-line skirt funk of recent seasons and have hated the way they’ve looked on my shape, but this sweet lil wrap detail was INSANELY flattering, because it covered up any slight belly bulge. So now I’m hunting out every other colour and length combo of this beaut (see ’em all here). Oh mumma.

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I can’t really get on board with the OMG WE LIVE IN SIBERIA weather than has popped out of nowhere, mostly because I can’t wear anything other than UGGS at any given time and my nose is constantly cold. BUT, the sunsets that have been descending on Suffolk have been just… well standing ovation, nature.

The bright pinks and candyfloss shades have given me a little mental lift every afternoon, so thank you, sky, for reminding me that happiest can be found in the simplest of things.

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So, last Saturday, we let Rudey outside for the first time since she had a leg amputated last summer. It’s something we umm’d and ahh’d over for months, but she just hasn’t seemed herself lately (which tbh *might* have something to do with Granger hitting puberty and becoming a complete wild goose), so we bit the bullet and went for it.

We decided it would be safer if she didn’t leave the garden because y’know, she’s a bit handicapped now and can’t *quite* tackle trees and tall fences the way she once did.

We escorted her into the garden like embarrassing parents at a school dance and whAddya know, three minutes later and she was pouncing up a fence and trying to escape.

I don’t have a long-term plan. I don’t know if she should be a house cat, if she should have chaperoned voyages into the garden, or if we should just let her roam free as before. So any advice from fellow three-legged cat mummas would be so very much appreciated.

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Maybe this makes me a middle-aged, middle-class lady who likes buying duck breasts from Waitrose and meeting her gal pals in the local garden centre but I DON’T CARE, I AM IN LOVE.

In love with Silent Witness.

Sweet heavens, that is some fantastic Brit TV right there.I was introduced to the charms of this crime drama by Josie and her boyf Charlie last time I stayed round for sleepovers and stir fry and OMG, it’s my new Luther.

My new Making a Murderer, my new Jonathan Creek.

There’s a few episodes on iPlayer if you’re not already hooked on this been-going-on-forever dream of a TV show.

Honestly, it’s underrated. It’s basically about forensics and murders and it has so many twists and turns and I’m legit more excited for next week’s episode than I am for next week’s Pretty Little Liars. Just sayin’.

Now, is there an old school boxset for a few quid lurking about on Amazon or nah?

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You’ll all be pleased to hear that there’s some new sweatshirt designs on the horizon. HELLO.

And yes, they *maybe* feature things like cats and puppies and pancakes and pizza. Y’know, all the important stuff.

So I just wanted to give you a heads up, in case you were already busy compiling a list of the 565874657843 things you need to buy with your January pay cheque. Like y’know a trip to New York, some over-the-knee boots and a new MAC lip liner because duh.

I’ll also be launching some t-shirts a bit closer to spring. Don’t do an excitement wee, please.

Anyway, here’s a little thank you for your supoort, as always. It’s thanks to you sweet huns that I get to live out my weirdest and wildest dreams. YOU ROCK STARS, YOU.

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I know I’ve mentioned most of my Essie collection on this blog in various shapes and forms before, but this particular shade had to make this bad boy of a list because it’s barely left my hands or feet since I bought it from Liverpool Street station back in November.

It’s the perfect dark plum red and is by far my fave ‘wintery’ shade. To be fair, it’s been on my nails so much of late that I’m pretty sure I’ve stained my nails forevermore now and that’s me and my love affair with pastel shades done.


So just a holla to my home girl Shearling Darling for keeping me looking polished and sophisticated of late, luv ya <3 (shop here).

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