My 7 Blogging Handbag Essentials




There are a few things that are always in my bag.

Popcorn crumbs, crisp crumbs, sandwich crumbs, chocolate crumbs, and maybe a couple of receipts from buying the food that eventually amounted to the crumbs.

Lol, I kid, I kid.

I mean I don’t kid, but y’know, there’s some actual worthwhile things squished into my bag too.

Things that help me be a better blogger. Things that help me feel good about myself. Things that make working on the go a little easier. And things that pick me up when I’m about to cry because omg are people on the Tube staring at my sweaty back? Has it come through me top? How do I hide this? Can I go home? How much is a taxi from London to Ipswich? DO NOT HAVE A BREAKDOWN, YOU GOT THIS.

So I thought I’d share my blogging handbag essentials with you – the things I carry around with me on trips into London, in case somehow it enlightens you to something you legit had no idea you needed until right this minute.
And also because nosiness. Mostly nosiness.

My current bag flavour of the month is this leopard print hun from Village England. It’s real-leather and despite looking all cute and compact, manages to fit everything in ‘cept my laptop.

(Side note: I do *sometimes* take my laptop into Londres with me – but mostly nah because train naps are the one).



My beautiful darling baby girl. My angel. My sweet little piece of sugar sugar. Truth is, I couldn’t even shoot images of my Olympus Pen (shop here) because I whipped out my old DSLR to do so and basically did a little sick down myself with the difference in quality.

I have the pancake lens so that it fits cutely in all my slightly-too-small-to-be-functional cross body bags (this is what I vlog on), and also tend to carry the 45mm lens around with me for outfit shots because that blurred background is bae <3.



Yeah, yeah I got notes on my iPhone. Whatevz.

I like to handwrite things, I don’t know why. I’ve been laughed at in jobs before for writing lists on paper, but I just find it so much better, creatively. You get to like, doodle and make things fun, and there’s something nice about not always staring at a screen.

This one here is an old one from H&M whilst the pen is one of the best pens in the world, second only to a Berol handwriting pen (‘member them hunks?). Some people love MUJI for their make-up storage, and me? I love them for their gel ink pens.




I’m sure you’re no stranger to the wondrous £1.99 beauty buy that is Impulse body spray.

I’ve been using these hunnies since I was 12, and they’re still one of my favourite ways to instantly freshen up. ‘Cept now it’s after a particularly strenuous trip to Tottenham Court Road Primark rather than after playing a grueling 45 mins of hockey.

My current faves are Vanilla Kisses and Rock & Love, the two scents with limited edition cans designed by mega babe Charli XCX. The former has sweet apple and peach hues and features a classic red lip design (actually modeled on Charli’s IRL lips) on the can, whilst Rock & Love features a black manicure (my current go-to) and has a sparkling mix of amber and orange blossom notes. Dreamy.



I actually have a couple of these portable bad boys stuffed in various cupboards around the house. This is my chunkiest fellow and he’s especially grand because he can charge two phones at once (which, naturally, makes everyone want to be my friend all. the. damn. time).

I use up my phone battery by about lunchtime most days so this is my only savior when it comes to being able to Insta stalk you whilst I drink coffee between meetings. Soz not soz.



Alright, alright, if I’m entirely honest with you, I usually have about 7 lip products crammed into my bag/coat pockets. There’s usually a Vaseline and a red lippy and then the rest.

So for this, I thought I’d share my current boo. The perfect matte orange shade which looks omg so heavenly with a subtle gold shimmery eye and eyeliner cat flick. I love a bright, punchy lipstick that can take you from zero to hero in seconds (I die at my own cringe words).



Anything that can make me look like a Pinterest street style goddess gets a standing ovation from me, and that’s what a cute pair of sunnies do.

(I have a really bad problem with eye make up tumbling down my face, so sunglasses hide my 24/7 panda eyes).

I am beyond obsessed with reflective lenses, and snapped up these sassy little fellas from eBay for under a few bob (shop here).



Oh sweet mother of Voldemort, this GOSH powder is lifesaver for oily gals like myself. This, combined with a slick of lippy and a fresh squirt of scent can suddenly take all my appearance anxieties away and make my feel just the tiniest bit sassy again.

Plus, it’s less than a tenner, so you don’t feel like you’re dancing and throwing all your money in the air whilst chuckling like a deranged maniac. And let’s face it, that’s always ace.


I obviously also have my house keys, about 463753656 cards, most of which I don’t need, and my phone. What handbag heroes do you sophisticated sisters swear by?

This is a sponsored post, but all bag content love my own



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