My Life Goals For 2016

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I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I used to.

They’d be cute litte things like ‘lose two stone’ or ‘exercise five times a week’ or ‘get a boyfriend’. Things that I thought would make me happier, things that I saw as goals I had to pass in order to be a valid person.

And then I’d beat myself up when, like 11 days later I’d be at the all-you-can-eat Pizza Hut buffet with my gal pals, 7 slices down and eyeing up the unlimited ice cream station.

Because the thing with New Year’s resolutions is that in reality they make you feel shittier than if you’d never set them up in the first place. Because if there’s one thing we humans adore, it’s setting ourselves up to fail with dramatic, unrealistic expectations.

Was I ever going to hit the school gym that was equipped with six machines and smelt of plasters five times a week? Nope. Was my nine and a half stone frame ever going to drop down to seven and a half stone? Not unless I chopped off my arms with a sharp kitchen knife.

So instead, I like goals.

Things to aim for.
Some of them are professional goals. Some are personal goals. If I hit them, well good work HG, and if I don’t well then that’s A-OK too. They don’t make me a failure or any less of a person.

Chris actually made me write up a career goal strategy in the summer that takes me up until the end of 2016 and it resides on my desk, so I can look at it and see what changes I need to make to be where I’d like to be.

It’s helpful on days when I feel like my blog/business hasn’t grown and I’m like woooooah man, you so close to that target already. You got this.

So these goals are to inspire me and motivate me and help me get out of bed on days when having my eyes closed for an eternity seems like the very best option.


1. PUT £2,000 IN SAVINGS

Last month I started a savings account. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. And, if I’m entirely honest with you guys, I DO still dip into my overdraft and I am forever paying off my credit card because I’ll just stick ooooooooone more thing on it…

It currently has £110 in it. Someone call the Guinness Book Of Records, we have a new bazillionaire on our hands.

One day I’d like to be able to contribute to a deposit on a house with Chris. A bigger one with more bedrooms that we could, ahem, grow into. *Does a sick in mouth*

So yeah, as someone who is turning TWENTY EIGHT NEXT YEAR, I’d like to make saving for the future a thing this year. I’m still hip and fun and cool, I promise.



As I’ve mentioned 3476765 times before on this blog, YouTube has never been the skill that comes naturally – writing has. But as 2015 developed, I started getting compliments from people for more than just that, and it made me feel incredible because it was solid proof that I was getting better in other areas, including video and making sure that Insta grid looked seriously on bloomin’ fleek.

And y’know what? I’m really enjoying YouTube. I LOVE weekly vlogging. So this year, I’m gonna continue on that journey and I hope that you guys will hop on over and give me a lil watch if you haven’t already. There’s a lot of cat appearances in case that sways you at all…



I’m the worst for not making an effort to get my oversized toosh out of Ipswich at the weekends to visit the people I love most. I feel protective of those weekends because they’re the only time I get Chris for giant slots of time and I want to make the most of them.

But this year, I need to remember that there are other people I love just as much. Family In London and Sussex, friends in Sussex and scattered around the rest of the country. People that mean a lot to me.

That boost I get from a day or two of full-on social time with people, lasts me well into the week and makes me feel so motivated with life. It’s like it carries me and uplifts me. Sometimes I get so lost in the loneliness and all-consuming cabin fever from working from home that I forget just forking out a bit of money for trains/petrol a bit more often could completely save my mental health.



Admittedly, I probably took some travel for granted last year. But I also learnt a lot about which sort of trips are actually enjoyable and which ones are only really good for social media.

I listed my favourites in my yearly round-up (read here), and they all had one thing in common. Friends. Both old and new.

This year I’d like to have a New York take two with Chris. Either actually back in New York (because let’s be honest here, is it possible to go too many times? nopenopenopenope), or maybe Chicago or Miami or somewhere on the West Coast.

BA sale, I’m coming for ya <3



Instagram figures trump blog stats for brand deals and blogger opportunities, and that’s just the way the dice rolls (is that even a saying or did I just make that up? I’ve been sat on the sofa for 6 hours and am probs delirious tbh). And so on that note, I’d like to put more of a focus on growing my following over there.

I mean, I’m not going to shift any focus from this platform, I’m just gonna be a bit more on it over there.

Sometimes (most of the time) I feel like a massive dick head for caring so much about Instagram, but I genuinely enjoy taking good images, editing them and compiling them into the grid. It’s not about being fake with your life, it’s more saying ‘right, I want to get a photo of this thing I just bought, what colour background should it be against?’. Does that make sense?

If you’re not already, then you can hit me up over here at @hannahfgale.



We’ve stripped the carpets, painted the walls (although they do look a *bit* like we let a blind raccoon do it), and put some photos, candles and blankets about the place but it still doesn’t make my heart do happy leaps. We haven’t *quite* nailed it.

So this year I’d like to finish it, to pull everything together, to make it look like a complete, cosy family home that would have Pinterest begging for a photo. Yup.



I’m a big advocate of donating what you no longer need – whether it’s clothes or organs or blood.

I only managed to give blood twice last year because of my nose piercing, so this year I’d like to make sure I hit the maximum three again.

The pain is so minimal and it could literally save someone’s life. Plus, it’s a good excuse to eat chocolate and pasta because nope, fainting ain’t cute.

Book your appointment here and make a serious difference.


What are your goals for 2016?

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