A 2016 Fashion Resolution




Guys, I have a confession to make.

Despite the fact that 2015 has been all kinds of good – New York with the boo, a Byron opening in Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk has hit peak yum) AND a sparkly new Olympus Pen camera – something kind of, well, a bit ugly has happened.

And that, my internet pals, is my wardrobe.

Working from home and getting just the *tiniest* bit older has seen my outfits become well, frumpier. And darker. And less full of pizzazz.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m seriously comfy, and I feel like I have off-duty dressing down to a tee, but I kind of want to feel good about myself again.

I want to feel sassy and hot and fun (and man, I wanna get a bit more colour on that Insta grid, y’know?)

So this month I made a bit of pact to myself to up the dressy factor. To go absolutely flippin’ insane and actually wear my over-the-knee boots out of the house (somebody please alert the village elders), to wear dresses that sat above my knee, to wear saucy strappy heels and to curl my hair and to venture into the realms of eye shadow at least a couple of times a week.

And y’know what? I feel sizzling. Like someone get some flame emojis over here. We got a hottie to put out.

So for 2016, my goal is to keep up with the glamour and showing off a bit more of my body (rather than banishing it to the realms of oversized roll necks and boyfriend jeans) and to get a teeny tiny bit more playful with colour.

I love a good, subtle dusky pink because it *almost* feels like a neutral shade, remaining firmly in your comfort zone and yet looks incredibly swish when paired with a well fake-tanned leg.

It also happens to match my rhubarb gin cocktails and Vaseline Sugar Coated Lip Therapy, so that’s pretty bangin’ too.

I’ve been a long-time Vaseline lover, and pretty much have a different variety hanging about at the bottom of every handbag I own. The new limited edition Sugar Coated version not only looks ridiculous pretty, but it adds a cute barely-there sheen to lips too – making it perfect for keeping lips soft, hydrated and healthy over the party season.





Coat – River Island / Dress – ASOS / Clutch – ASOS / Sunglasses – Sunglasses Shop / Shoes – Call It Spring

I’ve been pairing it with a smoky eye when I want an almost-naked lip, and it means Chris will actually kiss me rather than moan about getting lipstick on him. So that’s always a result.

You can rest assured I’ll be keeping it snuggly packed in my clutch’s inside pocket, along with my portable phone charger for emergency Instagramming because duh.

And, aside from a low-key lip, for this NYE look I’ve opted for a kimono dress because I’m a bit obsessed with them at the moment (it all started with this River Island one). They hide any unsightly arm wobble, fall gracefully over Christmas bloat, and yet still look dressy and sophisticated.

I’ve teamed it with a matching pink faux fur coat and honestly, I feel like Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens and I think you should all give it a go because candyfloss faux fur coats are 100% the way to achieve all your life goals and ambitions.

And finished the look off with go-with-everything strappy heels and this incredible glittering clutch which basically looks like it wants to be best friends forever with my Vaseline pot because they have the EXACT same pattern. Those guys.

So yeah. I’m investing in colour for 2016, so watch this space. Things on this blog are about to get a whole lot more colourful, and just a touch more sassy.

What are you wearing for New Year’s Eve and what are your style resolutions for next year?

This is a sponsored post, but love for dusky pink faux fur coats and Vaseline are all my own.







  • I love that outfit, I love pastel and neutral pinks! I also just bought that Vaseline as I couldn’t resist the cute tin!! x


  • You look fabulous Hannah! This colour really suits you. I hope you have a happy new year! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  • I just love those little Vaseline tins, wish they sol them in Germany! Gonna try and stock up next time I find myself waiting out a layover at Heathrow πŸ™‚



  • Oh wow I need this lip balm and the clutch, so pretty! I love it when Vaseline come out with their limited edition lines x


  • Hi Hannah.
    Your blog is a cheer, which I read everyday!
    To go commerce with sweathers with prints, is a great idea!

    Would you consider giving health inputs on your blog too??

    Love to have contact with YOU!

    Big HUG! Anya.

  • Hi Hannah!
    I really love your outfit! Happy New Year. I wish you health, suceed, and happiness πŸ˜‰
    xoxo, Lily <3


  • Love your outfit, especially the pink dress <3

    That Vaseline sounds amazing too, will deffo be picking up one of those badboys!

    Happy New Year, Hannah! xxx

  • Amy

    That dress is beaut, you have been absolutely killing it with your fashion posts recently I love them! Also had no idea there was a new Vaseline and I’m a bit of a Vaseline obsessive so need to find that ASAP! Xx
    Call Me Amy

  • Chloe marie

    I love that outfit!

  • You look so sassy here! That colour is just gorgeous on you


  • You look beautiful!!

    http://francescaandrews.com – My Travel Blog

  • Wow! You look STUNNING in that side shot in the pink dress. SLAY!!!

  • Hannah

    Holy shitballs Hannah you look amazing. Love dusky pink shades too, cannot wait for your sizzling ootd looks for 2016! Xx


  • Your coat is so so cool, love this whole look! I need to get back into fashion this year too… also been getting a bit frumpy x


  • This outfit is so gorgeous. I feel like pastel pink is reply having a comeback moment. You look great, I’m especially loving the coat. ?

  • Jenny

    You look really beautiful in this outfit, looking forward to the colour on your insta! xFreyas Fashion Chapter

  • Love your outfit! My New Years Eve was spent dressed as a geisha… I wore a pink kimono so it’s all good!

  • Loved this post! So good you’ve managed to evaluate your looks this year and I love the want to add more pizazz…you go girl! I adore that dress too, you look gorgeous πŸ™‚

    Victoria xx thedaisyjaynes.com

  • Looove the outfit! I defo need that jacket and vaseline in my life!


    x C

  • Well, first of all – you look smokin’ HOT in that outfit. Like, seriously stunning. Secondly, I agree with this so much – 2015 was a difficult year for me and I had so many things to think about and to get back in order that I definitely did not think enough about my style. I’m determined to change that in 2016! Here’s to more stylish outfits and actually CURLING THAT HAIR instead of throwing it up in a poop-shaped bun!

    Lisa x

  • Rebecca Hanson

    Hannah you look amazing! I love reading your blog it cheers me up daily. Thank you for giving ‘normal girls’ a voice in 2016 I am going to get my legs out you have empowered me thank you xx

  • Thats totally me at the moment – opting for comfort over dressy! Pink absolutely suits you and think I’m going to take your mantra on board and sparked my wardrobe and wear some colours this winter.
    Lisa x

  • I love this outfit and I’m as in love with your blog as ever.

  • I love your clutch! Definitely very glamorous. I should probably take you as an inspiration to spice up my wardrobe, but being that I’m going into college this fall, I don’t see that goal being very realistic.

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