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I’ve been meaning to do this post for ages. I’ve had new sassy girl shoes (lol, wrote hoes the first time round and basically cry laughed on my own at my desk like someone that really needs to get out more), and some actual going out-out (I haven’t stepped foot in a club since early 2k14, just fyi) dresses in my wardrobe.

Like guys, the last time I bought a dressy dress that wasn’t for a wedding was like omg yeah I have no idea. Y’know how when you’re 18 you spend every single pay cheque on New Look heels and Saturday night dresses? Yeah, well things change a lot when you get old and have cats. A lot.

Anyway, after coming up with various possible plots about tricking Chris into taking a variety of outfit photos for me, I decided to admit defeat and go completely mind-bogglingly old school.

I took mirror pics. Yeah I did.

I mean, this *probs* isn’t something I’ll do forevermore – mostly because I had to CARRY this ginormous mirror between rooms to get good lighting, but it’s nice to mix things up and go back to blogger basics.

Although, the Olympus Pen is very profesh of me. Soz, shoulda used my phone like it legit is 2011.

(I use my phone for a lot of my photos just FYI – that iPhone 6 lense <3)

Oh, and just a heads up, I’m wearing Spanx cycling shorts from Primark in these photos because I’m hella sexy. And a strapless bra. And no fake tan. Really, really sorry about that last bit.





Yeah alright, alright, I’ve been harping on about this dress a lot. On Instagram, on Twitter, on Snapchat and EVEN on my personal Facebook page. It’s totally unheard of for an item of clothing to get such widespread coverage like that.

I like anything with feathers or sequins. Anything that makes an actual piece of wear-out-the-house clothing look a bit like theatrical costume.

And this one is so flattering, innit? The skater shape of the skirt means it doesn’t cling too aggressively to my love handles, whilst the off the shoulder cut even somehow manages to look cute and a bit flirty despite my heaving cleavage.

I wore this out to a close pal’s family party the other week and got about 474563 compliments. Proof alone that it is THE New Year’s Eve dress of your dreams.

Dress – New Look, £24.74 / Shoes – LA MODA





Some days you just don’t wanna wear black y’know?

Honestly, you don’t know how hard I tried to make sure that damn red ribbon hanger cord thingy didn’t get in any pictures, and there it is, just lingering about and getting up in everyone’s grills, FFS.

I love the scalloped edge to the high neck of this dress – it would just look absolutely delicious with an updo. Can’t lie, I DID try and do an updo for the photo and then wondered why I looked like a bald potato.

Dress – New Look, £13.49 / Shoes – Call It Spring, £28





I actually think I look a little bit bangin’ in this outfit, even if it is a teeny tiny bit sexy-witch-at-a-Halloween-party, but whatcha (whitcha ahahaha) gonna do.

Maybe it’s an age or insecurity thing but I’m most happy in a long sleeve dress, because you don’t have to worry about getting caught in a photo and omg why is my arm wider than my face.

This one hangs in a really nice way, it kind of sits on my curves rather than clinging or downing them and that’s A-OK with me. Everyone needs a little extra room for mulled cider and blocks of Brie, amm’i right amm’i right??

Dress – Motel at ARK (sold out but similar here) / Boots – Ted & Muffy, £350 (seriously luxury buy – but they come in different calf sizes, which is great for gals like me – and FYI you can get 25% off when you sign up for your first order)





Something mental happened, I bought a strappy little sassy dress from PRIMARK, and it fit like a glove. What the?!

In fact, I’m wearing it as I type this. Albeit layered over a grey roll neck and teamed with tights. See, I’m an ace at making party dresses work for lonely make-up free days working from home.

I’ve worn this a few times already mostly because it’s so easy to throw on and goes with everything. AND IT COST THIRTEEN MEASLY POUNDS.

I also have to give a big ol’ shout out to these LAMODA heels (they also come in red, silver and black) and are the most comfortable heels I’ve owned in a long time. Mostly because the lace-up effect is so sturdy and makes your feet feel ridiculously secure.

I wore them all night last Saturday (dancing included) and didn’t have even the teeniest tiniest feeling of omg someone cut my feet off now this is too much.

Dress – Primark, £13 (in-store only) / Shoes – LAMODA, £26.99





I feel like I’m ending on a bit of a bum outfit note, so, uhh, soz.

Sadly, because my legs are about as long as a 30cm ruler, jeans are never going to look woah mumma, on me, and because this top is quite long it further helps make my legs look all lickle and squat n’awwww.

I’ve been living in this jacket though. It’s not slimming but it’s hella cool and, most importantly, hella warm. Like so warm. And cosy. I think every gal needs something like this for party season to stop her doing a drunk cry when she’s standing in a taxi rank.

The top comes in about 7 other colours and has an amazing lace up back (which was, ahem, seriously difficult to photograph alone).

Jacket – New Look, £44.99 / Top – River Island, £25 / Shoes – Call It Spring, £28

Fashion resolution for 2016? Invest in more cute dresses that I can wear for dinner AND for cute little saunters into London for coffee, meetings and shopping.

  • IT is so hard to find knee high boots with our average calls hey, sucks balls, but seriously I couldn’t pay £350 for a pair, they’d stay in the box for all eternity for fear of ruining them XD

    Wendy Xx

  • You look ridic pretty in these photos! The feather dress makes you look like the skinniest minnie around, and the sequin dress suits you so so much. Just gonna sit over here feeling jealous…


  • I think I need to get my ass down to new look! You look INCREDIBLE in that black, feather dress. And the red scallop trim one is beautiful too.. so stunning Hannah xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  • Heh I love the mirror pics! The sequin dress with the long sleeves is amazing!! Super gorgeous. You look fab! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • I love them all especially the red cami dress. I love red at this time of year x

  • María

    Hannah, you look amazing, really, you are beautiful <3

  • YOU LOOK AMAZING! Love the first dress!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Oh. My. Lord. #BODYGOALS!

    Great post!

  • Amy

    That sequin dress and the red dress are both so gorge. You look fab.

  • Rebecca

    You look incredible! I have been looking for a dress for my works Christmas do for weeks that’s sexy but not slutty and I love everyone! Your figure is amazing. You really should not doubt yourself and you make me totally want to lob all my hair off! Killing it!!!

  • Hannah, you’ve inspired me so much! You look absolutely beautiful in all of these pics. You’re right, I used to spend all my money on clothes in Ye Olden Days, I’m 27 now and I can’t remember the last time I bought a nice dress, but you’ve made me want to go out and buy all of these!! Thanks for bringing my sexy back 🙂 xxx

    PS: I have your posts emailed to me and I ALWAYS read them and love them, I just don’t always get round to commenting, but basically, you rock 🙂 x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

  • Rosie

    Amazing dresses! They are all so flattering. So bloody jealous right now!

  • Sarah wilson

    I laughed so hard at why is my arm wider than my face! There is nothing worse than those type of photos wear you see the photos for how you look rather than how good a time you had.

    You look wonderful as ever and I thought you looked so good in that feather dress I bought one too!

  • You look absolute babbin’ in that sequin dress and those boots! <3

  • Hana

    Been following you for ages and ages and never actually got round to commenting til now but you look incredible!! Also, your figure has always been fab but you look like you’ve lost loads of weight?! Or maybe you just really suit this style of dresses, either way ??

  • I actually fell about laughing when you were mentioning about the red hanger cord thingy making it’s appearance.

    They are honestly the bane of my life when it comes to wearing an otherwise nice and sophisticated dress. Like, no matter how many times you poke them back in they find a way out.

    So, I end up cutting the blighters out and then hey, what dya know? The dress now refuses to hang up. YOU CAN’T WIN.

    Anyways, you’re killing it in all of these dresses. Seriously. You win at knowing how to dress best for your shape which is most peoples downfall. Gorgeous gal. x

  • You loo totes cute and adorable and sassy in these pics! Love the red cami dress, the sparkly bell sleeve one and the cami and jeans 🙂

  • Holy crap, you look AMAZING. I literally just bought my first party dress in about 2 years last week as well. It was a surreal experience!

    Laura x

  • I am BUYING that faux fur. Sometimes New Look can be a bit tacky I’ve found now I’m nearing my mit-twenties, but this is so nice! Maybe I’ll ask Santa. Also, I’m with ya on the realisation that you can’t remember the last time you were in a club. I can’t think of anything worse. Give me house wine and netflix any day. God I feel old!

  • Caragh

    Hannah you look babin’ in all these outfits! Loving the red dress and the cami and jeans pic of you is hot!!
    You look fantastic!
    Love you and your blog!!

  • Amy

    Hannah you look so hot in all of these! I love the feather sleeves and the primark number. I adore your fashion posts you always look fab and also make me want to throw all my clothes away and go on a spree xx
    Call Me Amy

  • That sequin dress and knee high boots! You look seriously bangin’

    Rachel |

  • Those knee high boots are gorgeous! And love the faux fur jacket combo!

  • Omg – that red dress on you!!! #Winning!!
    & the sparkly 70’s style one!
    Good haul

  • You look freaking amazing in every picture but you have totally sold me on the red cami and Primark strappy dress which I think will make lovely additions to my wardrobe.

    Emma Inks

  • Sarah

    Have been looking at the red new look dress for a few weeks, now even more tempted! You look fab Hannah! x

  • Lorna

    You look incredible in all of the these photo Hannah!

  • Lizi

    Love your Christmas party dresses! You really look like you’ve lost weight recently, hope you’re OK (as now is obvs not a time of year for diets!). The feather sleeve ones is an absolute fave xxx

  • Lucy

    I’m not much of a commenter (more of a lurker – soz!), but I just had to say how amazing you look in all of these. I’m a big fan of the feather dress and the sequin dress in particular!

    Also, I have major hair envy! Please do a post about styling it now that it’s shorter? 🙂

  • I saw that first dress already on your Snapchat and it is goooorgeous – love at first sight! You look stunning in it as well 🙂

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • The red dress looks amazing on you. The last outfit is my fave 🙂 x

  • Claire

    I love the black dress and boots outfit! I basically wearing that exact outfit to my christmas do on friday except I’m adding black tights into the mix to avoid acidentally showing my boss my christmas knickers as my black dress is pretty short. I got my black number from Zara but it’s almost identical to the one your wearing!

  • Damn girl, I think Hannah Gale is my new girl crush 😉
    No but seriously, you look amazing in every photo

  • Sophia

    Oh my GOD, the first and third dresses are gorgeous! You look banging! Have a wonderful holiday season 🙂

    Sophia 🙂 xxx

    Small and Happy lifestyle blog

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