Friday Favourites: 4th December


I’m writing this whilst sat wrapped in a dressing gown fresh from my lunchtime shower. Yes, I have pants on and no I don’t have a bra on. Whatcha gonna do.

I’m waiting for a courier delivery so should *probably* go and make myself look less like a sex pest and more like a sassy, cool member of society before I accidentally flash a saucy bit of nip.

I’ve been feeling a bit blah this morning because I feel a bit out of routine and all over the place and waiting for emails and there just seem to be so many bad things going on in the world and with people I know at the moment and I felt a bit defeated.

And then you were all absolutely bloomin’ aces over my new New Look party season dress on Twitter (this chappy here) and I feel all uplifted and like I can conquer life again. So thanks for giving me a bit of energy. For reals, I’ve spent more time than I care to admit these past few days dreaming of nothing but pizza and the sofa and a duvet and chain watching every Christmas film.

Not so bad aside from the fact I want to do it on my own. During the day. All day. And not do any work and y’know, just leave my blog and YouTube channel all cute and bare.

Someone shake some goodness into my soul and brain plz. Thanks.


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I love that there’s finally a high street retailer giving H&M home a run for its money and I’ve been secretly plotting to snap up ALL the fairy lights and novelty lights and dotting them around the house (soz Chris).


I’ve had a quick cheeky peek at the SS16 home collection that’ll be coming into stores after Christmas and oh, sweet mumma it’s looking dreamy.

ALL the copper, lots of cute pom pom fringing, pastel candles and neon photo frames. I want it all. So yeah, keep your eyes peeled as soon as the Boxing Day sales die down, your bedroom is about to look seriously Pinterest-worthy.




After years of admiring Jo Malone fragrances from afar, I finally have my hands on my very own bottle of sweet, sweet darling heaven. I’m too scared to get it out of the box and I’m treating it like a little china doll.

Ain’t no way this little beaut is getting tossed about the bottom of my handbag like the rest of my fragrance collection…

I’ve gone for the Peony & Blush Suede scent because it’s so effortlessly light and girly. It’s the perfect day time scent and reminds me that, as grand as Christmas is, there’s brighter skies and fresh flowers and warm sunshine just around the corner.

It’s 75436537865% one you need on your Christmas wish list. Just letting a girl know.


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Sweet jesus, stop what you’re doing and get your little toosh down to Wagamama for lunch/dinner.

Chris and I pulled into the Bury St Edmunds branch last Saturday during a spot of (seriously unsuccessful) Christmas shopping and road-tested one of their new ramens (the other is seafood and also looks heavenly).

Ladies and gents, meet the short rib ramen.

The meat literally falls off the bone and is SO good and flavoursome and I’m making myself so hungry just typing this even though I maybe kinda definitely just ate a maple and pecan danish because Chris’s mum brought some round.

We went a bit mental because Saturday and ordered duck gyozas and chilli squid and it was just incredible. I bloody love me a ramen when it’s cold outside, it makes you feel all fresh and new.


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My first little venture outside the content world, unless you count the time I raised over ¬£100 for my school’s textile department by putting on a fashion show. Entrepeneur, me.

The first orders from my e-shop should be getting delivered today and I’m SO excited to see which designs you guys chose! Plz plz plz tag me in them.

I’ve been rotating them as part of my working from home wardrobe and can confirm the macaroni cheese, wifi and Netflix designs are my three faves. Eee, so comfy and so snazzy.

I was completely overwhelmed by everyone’s reaction on social media, so treat yourself a big mug of mulled wine for making a stranger on the internet one seriously happy lady.


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OMG. Life prayers answered.

I always find myself with an hour or two to spare whenever I’m in London for the day because meetings get cancelled, things don’t take the time they’re expected to and so on and am always on the hunt for somewhere I can just throw my stuff down, order a Diet Coke and recharge everything on my person. Because iPhone battery lasts about two hours, lol.

Anyway, I was suggested this Soho spot (there’s also branches in Old Street and Seven Dials) by the lovely Kayleigh on Twitter.

I ordered the most delicious cheddar, tomato and pesto toastie and wrote up some work on my laptop and charged my phone and made full use of the free wifi and extensive plug sockets.

Everyone else in there was working on laptops and it just had such a good creative vibe and plenty of free comfy armchairs even during lunchtime.

I will be revisiting 5483765378 times in the near future, I’m sure.





Uh huh, so good that I needed naughty swear and capital letters.

I meant to include this in last week’s faves but was obviously in some sort of Bieber-induced mind blank where I couldn’t see clearly because <3<3<3

Like the rest of the world, I thought Justin was a bit of an annoying, cocky little <enter ALL the swears> and then this album happened. I am bowing to you Justin babes, you are king.

And I mean, it’s not just me because HAVE YOU SEEN THE SPOTIFY CHARTS? It’s basically just JB’s album track list.

Love Yourself is basically the soundtrack to my winter bad moods. Love you Justin <3




I’ve spent much of my adult life feeling saddened to the deepest part of my soul over the lack of good glitter nail varnishes in the world.

Like oh ok, I actually did want to waste an entire day applying 7 coats of the stuff, so thank you every beauty brand to ever exist.

But then this week I got this cute little Ciate mini as part of December’s Birchbox (which is actually a BirchBAG because Christmas) and I feel like I’m prett sorted til at least January. Phew.

I applied two coats of white nail varnish and then two coats of glitter and BAM, my nails are complete blocks of gold festive happiness. Like, I don’t know how to explain it, but they’re not patchy, you can’t see the white underneath, they just look completely glitter-fied.

I realised four coats sounds extreme, but they took about 20 minutes all in all and didn’t smudge and dried almost instantly.

Just hooking a girl up because ain’t nothing more important in December than a good festive nail (aside from advent calendars and gift giving, obvs).



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