A Mini Monday High Street Haul


Well that was a fun title to write.

Tbh I was hoping this post would be loaded with OMFG THE HIGH STREET IS ON FIRE RIGHT NOW, but for some reason I really struggled to find things I loved, even though I was basically willing to empty my overdraft for newness in my life (I exaggerate the teeniest tiniest bit…).

The green dress I was pining over online was actually kinda see-through IRL (number 5 on this list, homies) which meant I’d have had to wear a slip with it and that automatically makes it something I’d get like 1.5 wears from, and H&M didn’t even have numbers 1,6, 17 and 21 in-store from this wish list which kinda broke my heart.

So yeah, he’s a right ol’ mini haul. But he does involve a colouring book, so it’s a bit wild and out there.

ALSO, shooting these snaps were unbelievably fun. That Olympus Pen boo is basically making me feel like the sassiest and best photographer in all the land, even when I’m scooping cats out of the frame with one hand. IT’S THAT GOOD.

I also just want to point out that nothing in this haul was gifted. Not that it makes any difference because I’d never accept anything that didn’t fill me with a warm, excited belly, but y’know, this isn’t a PR pleasing post, this is a I WENT SHOPPING AND HERE’S WHAT I BOUGHT.

Enjoy lovebugs.


H&M SCARF, £12.99 (not online)

The colours on this instantly made me do all the feels. I love bright pink like any 26-year-old female cliché and I don’t care who knows it. It’s massive, it’s like a blanket, and it feels like a big hug, so there’s that. I also feel like it instantly adds a pop of sass to any outfit. I’ve got into a routine of wearing a lot of black and grey and this just makes me look a bit more fun and hip and cool and wacky and down with the kids bruv.



I wrote about this in my Friday Favourites, but basically I am drawn to purple and plum lips right now (along with the rest of the world because HELLO autumn) and this one is as dark and bold as they come. I have enough berry toned sweethearts in my collection, but this shade is naughty and menacing and there’s something about the fact it’s verging on black that makes it a little less basic. Know what I mean? All it needs is a slick of eyeliner and a sweep of contouring powder to look BAM BAM BAM I AM THE MOON EMOJI.







This was part of an ASOS order I made on Thursday and it’s been an exciting week for me because I FINALLY JOINED ASOS PREMIER. Come to mumma you seriously divine next day deliveries, you. Anyway yeah, I’ve been seriously struggling to find roll necks that are nice. I want bold, chunky, oversized ones. There was one last autumn/winter in pale blue, black and white colour block  from H&M and it’s all I can think about. Ain’t no regret like the regret from things we didn’t buy, right? Anyway yeah, this one was megz affordable and red always looks cheeky at this time of year.



I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much on a jumper before. For real. But I liked the shade – neutral and yet a little bit unusual. It comes up quite big, so I’d definitely order a size down for it to still be oversized and snuggly, but y’know, not drowning you. I think me and this guy are going to have a serious love affair this winter, sozzles Chris.



I feel like this has been all over Instagram this month so you’re probably like oh FFS bore off with this meh perfume. I bloody love it, and that’s coming from a girl who’s only ever re-bought one other perfume. And that, my fine friends, was Vera Wang’s Princess. OMG what a bae. Anyway, this is my new, slightly more grown-up love. I’m shit at describing perfumes, I can’t tell you what undertones it has or whatever, but what I can tell you is that it’s really, really, REALLY nice. Like, it’s sweet but not sugary sweet and overpowering, it’s light and fresh without feeling masculine, and it’s got a bit of a sexyness to it. Go smell it at a counter and you’ll see what I mean.



I’d been eyeing up this little cutie patootie in Sainsbury’s before I won a colouring in post card book as part of my Blogger’s Blog Awards prize, and after deciding that Chris and I ABSOLUTELY HAD to colour in together because mindfulness and anti-phones and bonding and all that, I went out and bought it. I think it was £4.99 (but double that price on ASOS…) and I opted for the Enchanted Forest one out of all the variations (animals, plants, buildings etc) because it has an on-point selection of castles, wildlife and mystical plants and flowers to colour in. Once you start colouring in as a way to switch off, that’s it, you’re hooked.






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