Introducing My New Hair


Oh howdy there, kiddos.

So erm yeah. My hair is different.

Was it planned and deliberated over for weeks and months in advance? Nopes. Was I all emosh to see half my hair fall to the floor around me? Nopes. I was strangely cold and couldn’t give a fuck about getting my hair cut. Like I was going to the doctors for an asthma review or summin.

All blasé and whatever. A bit like a teenage boy.

ANYWAY, yeah, here it is.

It came about whilst I was waiting for my flight home to Switzerland and Josie and I were Facebook stalking all our mutual friends’ old profile pictures (HI GUYS). Then we looked through our own and Josie was like ‘THIS HAIRSTYLE, YOU NEED IT AGAIN’. Whilst pointing to some 2012 snaps of me posing with a cocktail at V Festival like the queen of the chavs.

So then I did it because why not.

I’ve basically had it cut into a long bob, and plan on wearing it kinda messy. I like it, it’s chilled and sexy and very now. And I’ve quickly realised that it’s very ‘blogger’ of me. Like all bloggers either have this cute little wavy long bob or they have mermaid hair, so erm yeah, I’m seriously original and ground-breaking.

I actually had mine cut and coloured at the Toni & Guy salon just by Selfridges. It was really chilled out and my colour technician did a sterling job of achieving a very natural looking ombre. It’s currently looking a lot healthier and a lot les yellow than I did before I went in, so that’s also the real dream.

Like no, I don’t want my hair to look like golden straw just lazing in a field. Nah uh.

The last time I had my hair in this kinda style I was in a really good place in my life. I was on the cusp of my post-university life really starting and I was giddy with optimism and excitement. I’d just come out of a long-term relationship, my dad had just got the all-clear from cancer, I’d got a *bit *more stylish and I was working at LOOK. Thing felt good, I felt good. And so to have this kinda style again makes me feel all sorts of ready to tackle life and all sorts of ready to welcome in the next chapter of my life.

Funny what a change in hairstyle can do, eh?

Anyway, here’s some semi glam snaps Chris took of me on the way home from Tesco.

He pulled into like the grounds of a posh country house restaurant thingy and we shot some snaps within about 4 minutes by the car park so that no-one could see us and then jumped back in the car and pootled on home. Lolz.

Hashtag that glam blogger life.

I hope you like my new hair, but it’s ok if you don’t – I’m not sure Chris does much. But I do, and it makes me feel so uplifted and excited and revitalised, and y’know what, that’s all that matters.

Luv u bye.


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