3 Breakfast Ideas For People Who Hate Breakfast

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I am one of those people.

I have this issue with milk and cereal and porridge. It makes me feel a bit nauseous just to think about putting a big sloppy mouthful of porridge in my mouth. Vom. It just reminds me of Oliver Twist eating gruel and I am not ok with that.

So then you’re just kinda left with toast and bread-y things, which, not only are ever-so-slightly shunned by the wider world because OMG IT MAKES YOU LIKE WELL FAT, but they also kinda get seriously boring when you’re eating them every day.

Like, would you eat pasta and pesto for dinner five days a week? Nopez.

Or you’ve got fruit. And oh hello a nice fruit salad, you’ll keep me full until lunchtime, said no-one ever.

Why isn’t it socially acceptable to eat lasagne at 8am again? Why no?

Anyway yeah, point is, sometimes it’s hard to be a little bit imaginative with breakfast ideas, so I thought I’d share a few of my current faves with you.

So erm, here’s my breakfast go-tos, because I figured if I’m struggling for inspiring brekkies that don’t take an hour and 72 pots to create, and contain 780g of fat, then maybe you are too.

There is bread involved. Ha. And eggs. And avocado. And peanut butter because always peanut butter. And grated carrot. Erm, sorry, what?



Oh mumma.

These are a make-in-bulk-in-advance kinda guy. Like, don’t try and wake up early just to whip up protein balls before work. That would make you my least favourite kinda person.

Stick a few spoons of cashew butter (or peanut butter if you’re skint) with 100g of Medjool dates, a good handful of rolled oats and a pinch of both cinnamon and nutmeg and whizz up in a blender until doughy. Add water a spoon at a time if it needs loosening. Then stir in one grated carrot and some chopped walnuts and pecans and then roll into small balls – this should make you 6-10.

Roll in desiccated coconut and whack in the fridge to set and voila.

Two of these with a good solid cuppa should do you nicely for breakfast. Tastes a *bit* like cake, but doesn’t do anything mental with your sugar levels and rather spookily ACTUALLY keeps you full.

Don’t tell anyone I’ve become a protein hun. Mortified.

(You can also add a few spoons of vanilla protein powder if you’re that way inclined…)

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I’ve done this on normal bread, but if you wanna go the whole hog and feel like you’re eating clean than GO MENTAL on the rye bread. I bloomin’ love me some rye bread.

I do a fried egg rather than a poached because I love to crisp up some little slices of fresh chilli in the spoon of olive oil I add to the pan and the more things I can fit in one pan – the better.

Oil on heat. Chopped chilli in. Egg in. Slice your avocado and mash it up with the back of a fork – add in some pepper and either a really damn hearty squeeze of lemon or lime. Honestly it’s that citrus zing that MAKES it. Pop your bread in the toaster.

And then basically whack it all on a plate. Yummo.

You can also add some tomatoes or chorizo to your pan if you’re feeling extra fancy like bbz, should I start a whole new Insta account just for my fly af breakfasts?

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This is my new discovery that has legit changed my life.

I once ate it for breakfast and lunch because OMG SO GOOD. (Don’t tell the bread haterz).

All you have to di is make toast. Put peanut butter on toast. Put slices of apple on toast. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Live happy forever.

So easy, so quick and so autumnal. BRB going to photograph it on a pile of orange leaves somewhere. Lol jk.

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What are you fave breakfasts? What can I whip up this weekend?


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