Friday Favourites: 23rd October



Christ, that sounded chirpy. And I mean, I’m mildly chirpy because there’s a kitten on my lap (seriously, he bloody loves watching me work, whilst Rudey sulks in the background) and Britney’s Slave 4 U is beating out of my computer, so could be worse y’know.

But the delicious, crisp Autumn sunshine that was giving me a burst of motivation this morning (and seriously I needed it after having to wipe up cat poo from across the kitchen floor – soz, too much?) has been replaced by a serious looking grey sky. So thanks for that one, nature. Don’t mind me whilst I weep into a blanket and comfort eat Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream. Lol.

This week has flown by in a blur of WE HAVE A FULL LENGTH MIRROR FINALLY (for some reason this took me nearly an entire day to go and buy? I have some time management issues that need assessing apparently), shit I’m so behind with Vlogtober, and how many organs do I need to sell for an Olympus Pen camera?

So erm yeah, I mean I’ve had far worse weeks.

Shall we crack on?



I feel like a Topshop haul used to be a weekly occurrence when I was like 15 and snapping up a few t-string thongs (you read right, T-string, because G-string wasn’t saucy enough) and basic tees and now I’m like feeeeed me, I’m pooooor.

Anyway, I won a £50 Topshop voucher last week. Which is basically up there with being proposed to and winning the lottery. And it was for a competition I didn’t even know I was entering (to do with affiliates and you lot apparently doing a lot of Topshop online ordering this month, nice work!).

I actually went for a denim jacket to begin with but exchanged it for these perfect, buttery leather boots to replace my old ones. I love the heel size, the slightly pointed toe and the fact that they’re real leather and will, fingers crossed, last me at least a year of being worn approximately 3 times a week.

I also snapped up this monochrome scarf which is the perfect basically-a-blanket size for wrapping around your face with a biker jacket.

And a few lippies because you can’t beat Topshop beauty for bargain make-up, can ya?

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Yeaaaah he did.

He graduated with a Civil Engineering Foundation Degree which is something he does part-time whilst working, and now he’s working towards getting an Honours Degree. But yeah, without sounding like a hideously basic cliché, boy did bloomin’ good.

We went for dinner with his family afterwards and got dragged into a selfie photo booth in the UCS graduation marquee whilst celebrating with a glass of wine. So that was funsies.

It was dee-lightful to a) get out of the house together on a week day evening and b) celebrate our successes (I mean his, not mine – I didn’t like get a sneaky engineering degree on the side).

Although sad face that Ed Sheeran graduated at the same ceremony two days before and not in Chris’s.



This is for everyone sobbing into their iPhones because omg everyone has a Chloe Drew and hello is that a sweet £2.89 in your available balance.

At £9 it’s not Primark I’LL-TAKE-72-PLZ cheap, but it’s still y’know, very affordable.

The quality isn’t out of this world, but that’s not what you expect from Primark. You expect it to let you dip into a trend for a pocket-money amount, and then ditch it as soon as you get a bit bored.

I’m using this every day at the moment because it’s the perfect size for all my day-to-day stuff and because it’s black it goes with 97% of everything I own. WIN.

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I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of heels that make me feel as sassy and on-point as these girls do. Firstly because they’re rose gold and HELLO, us basics love anything rose gold (*almost* as much as we love copper), and secondly because they’re all strappy and lace-up and serious Instagram porn.

I haven’t worn them out yet but I have trotted around the house in them a bit like Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives (just without the dainty six-pack because there’s Swiss macarons in the fridge), but they feel hella comfy. Because of the cage like shape, they sort of hold your feet in place and support your ankle, and well, they’re great if walking in heels tends to make you look like a man wearing heels for the first time, rather than a sophisticated Serena Van Der Woodsen.  (Shop here)

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Nope, I still haven’t bought one. Although I keep trying to figure out a way that I can swan into John Lewis and snap one up without like, my card getting declined. So far I’ve got nothing. But I’m hoping these Friday shifts at start to add up and equal a beautiful, shiny new camera.

The reason this sweet electrical genius has made my favourites list this week is because I’m still slightly in awe over how much I love the snaps Josie took of me on hers whilst we were visiting Bern last weekend.

The full outfit post will be going up in a couple of days, but it’s made me sure, beyond anything, that I need one. The difference in my standard DSLR and this dreamboat is insane and I’ve heard from so many bloggers about how this camera (and the 45mm lense) have changed their lives and their blogs.

I sound like a sales person so I’m gonna go ahead and shut up now. I’m as baffled as you are about how I’ve become so obsessed and fascinated by a camera. I’ma go and watch Harry Potter and drink tea and return to normal. K, bye.

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My first ever faux fur coat. I just wrote that like I’d been dancing about the streets in a real fur coat, but nope, just my first foray into the fur outerwear realms.

I write weird phrases sometimes, don’t I?

Anyway, this Lavitta coat feels like wearing a duvet just out and about. I honestly never knew coats could be SO snug. I’ve always stayed clear of those like, long puffa quilted coats with waist belts that some people wear. Does that make sense? D’ya know the sort of coat I mean? So I’ve never felt this kind of warmth from a coat before.

I feel like a nan who gives a grandchild’s coat a full service, MOT and clean before they’re allowed to leave the house, just to check if it’s warm enough, to see if it’s a proper coat, if it’ll keep their chest warm (although my nan always had an OBSESSION with making sure my coat kept my kidneys warm, erm what?).

Anyway, yeah, this coat keeps ALL of you warm.

I know I’ve hit a ripe old age when I start describing how warm a coat keeps you over the winter months, rather than how it looks. FFS.

(It looks heavenly too, just FYI).



Y’know how sometimes you just stand in Paperchase for like an entire 10 minutes reading funny cards that you’re not even slightly likely to buy for the person whose birthday you went into Paperchase for in the first place? BECAUSE OMG CARDS ARE FUNNIER THAN PEOPLE.

Anyway, got a new funny but cute card shop for your radar. You’re welcs.

You can buy Mister Peebles cards online or from Etsy or NotOnTheHighStreet but omg they have cat ones and they melt my heart. They also do prints and I’m seriously debating whether I should be buying a full size one, just for a little chuckle every day.

Still LOL-ing over here about paw me a tea. Can’t beat a cat pun, can you?


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