Three Ways To Wear A Statement Necklace

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I dunno about you, but my eyes do all the happy dances every time I see a statement necklace emblazoned in coloured jewels. Typical girlie, twenty-something magpie, me.

There’s something about owning something that could legit be worn by a Disney princess that makes the soul a bit happy. It’s just so damn dreamy to look at and have on display and hold.

But, and here’s the big but, I’m shit, like really, really shit, at wearing my statement jewels.

I fall back into the same old habits of wearing my dainty gold pendant chain and Daniel Wellington watch with everything, every day, like some hideously boring broken record.

So here’s me modelling a darling bright blue-stoned necklace from Bijouz Bazaar (you have GOT to check out the bags – girl don’t need a Chloe like the rest of Insta if you’ve got one of these budget sweethearts, I’m telling ya).

I’m modelling it with outfits I’ve kinda put together with my grand ol’ outfit pal – Pinterest.

Obvs I don’t look quite the same because my ombre balayage is three months old and limp and sad and well, I don’t possess that coveted Pinterest body. Whatever, bet they can’t write lists.

*Prays they can’t write lists*

Here’s to hoping we all get more wear out of those dreamy bright-coloured necklaces we keep accidentally buying because ahhh so pretty, all the pretty, must buy. Yolo.



A statement necklace and a red lip easily takes the hungover combo of skinny jeans and sweatshirt into HI, I MADE AN EFFORT TODAY, I DID, I DID, I DID territory. So that’s swell.

I love clashing sky blue and red together, it’s just such a sassy little duo.

This is my kinda office (if you work in a casual office, like a journo office or summin) outfit. Comfy, looks kinda polished and can be easily dressed up for oh fuck it, it’s Monay and Monday is hard and we should go drink all the wine and play on Tinder days.

IMGP7504IMGP7508IMGP7514IMGP7499Coat – Very (old but similar here) / Jumper – Zoe Karssen (old but similar here) / Jeans – Topshop / Shoes – Schuh (old but similar here) / Bag – Primark (old but similar here)



Black doesn’t photograph like a dream so soz and that, but this is essentially a lightweight shirt maxi dress that can be dressed up with heels and worn with boots for a swish daytime look (what a wardrobe gem, eh?).

Anyway, on it’s own with black shoes it can look a bit American Horror Story Coven, so a flash of bright jewels makes it look that touch sassier.

I love that it makes the necklace the main place your eyes dart to – what’s the point in a statement necklace if it doesn’t make a statement? EH, EH, EH?

IMGP7527IMGP7515IMGP7526IMGP7517Dress – Pretty Little Thing / Shoes – Daniel Footwear (old but similar here) / Bag – Primark (old but similar here)


I thought I’d hate this outfit and then whey, whaddya know, it might be my fave.

Instead of sexy secretary it kinda says I AM SO CONFIDENT AND GIGGLY AND HAPPY, which is a nice illusion for an outfit to give off.

I don’t think it would look anywhere as near as glossy as it does without the pops of colour from my lips and necklace – and, I dunno if it’s just me, but that ponytail, kinda works right?

*bins the top knot forevermore*


IMGP7529IMGP7543IMGP7541IMGP7530Shirt – Primark / Skirt – New Look /Boots – Ted & Muffy (cheaper alternative here) / Coat – / Bag – New Look

  • LJ

    I love this!!! You look gorgeous, I think the 1st outfit is my all time fave! I always really struggle finding the right necklines with statement necklaces.

    Happy Sunday

    LJ xxx

  • I tend to have a bad habit of sticking to the same jewellery over and over again too! This post has made me want to go out and buy lots of pretty necklaces! x

    Christina Marie –

  • I really love the necklace with the black maxi dress! It works so well with the necklace bringing the pop of colour to the outfit. I’ve tended to go for more dainty pieces lately but this makes me want to bring statement necklaces back out! xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  • I’m so bad at wering mine too. Got theese really awesome pieces, but I never find the time for them 🙁

  • Chloe marie

    I love this!

  • Love the colour of the necklace with that grey jumper, perfect way to jazz up a casual look! Also, that lipstick looks amaaaaazing on you

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Lee

    LOVE that last outfit! you look stellar in it~

  • LOVE the outfits! Especially the last one. I’m really loving knee high boots 🙂 xx

  • Such a cute necklace & I love the way you give 3 options of how to style an item!


  • Love the second outfit <3

  • sarah

    hot!!!! love all three 3

  • Yet again, your hair is goals.

    Have you done any tutorials on how you get those perfectly soft waves?

    Will pay in oreos for such talent.


    • This cracked me up! I tend to just use a wand on the bottom half of my hair and just do it in big random chunks for 10 seconds at a time and then spritz with dry shampoo at the roots and a bit of salt spray on the ends.

  • Number 3 is my fave defs – it’s VERY Serena van der Woodsen… x

    Sophie Cliff

  • Lauren

    You have such good style, I love how you put things together x

  • GAAH I love those boots. I neeed those boots. Just spent waay too much money on a pair of booties and now I kinda wish I’d gotten summin’ that like instead. You look so damn feisty, I love it!

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