Friday Favourites: 16th October


Brrrrr it’s a chilly one, innit?

It’s like autumn’s really appeared this week and my life has revolved around the central heating, blankets and alotta lotta tea. It’s also darker in the mornings, which does not a springy happy Hannah, make.

Like no, no it’s not time to wake up, it’s the middle of the night or OMG IS THIS APOCALYPSE HAPPENING? I miss 7am looking crisp and light and fresh.

I for one am counting down the two months until it starts getting lighter again. Yeah huh.

I’ve got an earache as I type this (what the?) and made Chris pour warm olive oil into my ear this morning and now I have olive oil just chilling in my hair, on my scalp, around my jaw line, and y’know, just about my general person. So that’s a cute mental image for you all to soak in on this fine Friday morning. Lol.


I’ve just discovered possibly the best playlist of all time (it’s in this list because obvs) and there’s so many tunes that just instantly take me back to a moment in my past. And right now I’m 8-years-old and playing this single on cassette and believing that if I could just meet A.C. in real life than he’d fall in love with me.

I mean he definitely would have, I stand by that.

Enough rambling, favourites time.



Let’s start with the obvious one, shall we?

I’ve been playing with the idea of a re-design for the past six months. My initial design was always a quick-fix to make my blog look a bit more personal and happy and less WordPress-y in the months after I was like FUCK, I’m alright with this blogging shebang and should probably give it a good go.

But I needed something sassier, something glossier, something more professional. Something that would be good on the eyes, still show off who I was, but would look good to prospective advertisers.

So, after months of planning and getting design quotes, I threw all my ideas in the bin and hotfooted it over to Etsy for a £32 design. That’s right, this little gem cost me £35 (plus another tenner for set-up because I am not a tech whizz in the slightest).

The Etsy shop was Pish & Posh, and Trish who does the designs is so lovely and helpful and on-it. I highly recommend!

It’ll probs need a few tweaks along the way but right now it’s making me haps every time I look at it. So yeah, lemme know your thoughts and if there’s anything else you’d like to see!



On the very day I finally ran out of my Garnier Micellar Water, a cute package of goodies from the lovely people at Soap & Glory arrived on my doorstep.

I know, some morning’s it’s hideous being a full-time blogger. Lolz.

Anyway, I’m yet to fully investigate and play around with all the products (although you’ve all majorly bigged up the brow pencil, so that little hun will be packed in my suitcase this weekend fo’ sho’), but the micellar water, oh my.

It’s so fresh and has this dreamboatin’ fruity cucumber scent and I just adore it. And I never knew I could feel that way about something as blah as a micellar water. But it’s a gamechanger, and obvs is an absolute gem at removing my make-up, waterproof mascara and all, before a hot cloth cleanse.


Oh, and it’s £4 in Boots right now, so there’s that for ya (shop here).



When I get married I’m basically going to just insist that this is played on repeat throughout the entire thing, it is LIFE.

It’s called ‘Best of 2000’s R n B‘, and well, is exactly what it says on the tin.

I know that most of you will probably, like me, be obsessed with all things early J-Lo, JoJo, Ashanti and Destiny’s Child and this has all that and more. It has 97 songs which is SIX HOURS WORTH. I’m just saying.

I mean it’s so good that I might even get my own Spotify account on my phone so that I *might* have some willpower to go to the gym and go on the treadmill and just plod along to these maaaaaad beats.

If you drank Smirnoff Ice in local parks, this playlist has your name written all over it. I think you should get involved, blud.



In fact, wait no, correction, it’s a book full of colouring in postcards, rather than your classic colouring books for adults that have dotted up EVERYWHERE this year.

Anyway, this little fella popped up in my goody bag for the Blogger’s Blog Awards and I’ve only just started getting acquainted with it and OMG IT IS THE BEST THING EVER, WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS SOONER.

I like that instead of full pages, I have little postcard sizes images to colour in, it means less of a time-committment.

I can’t explain why this is the best thing ever, I was a bit on the fence about these kinds of books until I actually sat down with a cuppa and a film and got stuck in, and then well, it felt like the weight in my mind lifted a bit.

It’s soothing, it pandas to the inner child lurking in your soul, and well it’ll stop you refreshing your phone as much when there’s something you don’t love on the TV. (Shop here)



Maybe I’m just way behind in the world of eye liner pens (because I’m still damaged from that one time I tried to veer away from my £2.99 Collection Fast Stroke Liner in 2011), but this, this is a little bit life-changing.


It doesn’t feel like you’re gently rubbing your eye lid with a brillo pad the way that all other reasonably priced eye liner pens seem to do. Instead it delivers a smooth felt tip-like line across your lid without smudges or transparent patches in about 3 seconds flat.

I’ve been using it for a week now and am beyond haps. I haven’t had to run for a cotton bud to salvage an eye liner massacre once, which, lemme tell you, is quite something.

It’s perfect for hungover days when the idea of attempting a cute cat flick is similar to running three marathons through a desert (or for days when you have 102 seconds to complete your make-up).

My only comment is that it could be even darker, and when I’m being pinickity I’ve been dotting a bit of my other liner over the top to make it even bolder and more POW, LOOK AT ME NAILING LIFE. (Shop here)

Oh and just FYI, this snazzy little number came in my Back To Basics Birchbox this month (which you can get £5 off with the code HGOCTOBER, you’re welcs).



There’s a new nail varnish brand about to make Essie quake in its boots. I mean, probs not, but maybe a bit.

Palette London launched this week in Boots nationwide and it’s revolutionary for one very sassy reason – you can create your own shades. YEAH YA CAN.

You can buy a Create Your Own set which comes with full-size white, black, yellow, blue and red paints and empty bottles ready for you to mix your own (and some equipment to make the whole thing y’know, not messy – ain’t no-one got time for nail polish stained bed sheets, eh?) or you can get a bespoke colour created to match something you already own.

And as soon as I’ve typed this I am on to make myself the dream violet shade, because how hard can it really be?

The results will be plastered all over the internet, so keep ya eyes peeled, huns.



I didn’t document this anywhere, because I felt like the worst cat mumma in the world, but things were really hard when we first brought Granger home.

Rudey hated her. Like really hated her. And was so scared of her. She’d hiss and growl and be on edge, and well, it kinda left me in tears like the little delicate, sensitive flower I am. Sob.

My girl had lost her leg, was trying to adapt to life with just three little baby paws and now I’d gone and brought this unpredictable furry intruder into her home. What a bitch.

Anyway, fast forward two weeks and things are OK. I mean, they’re not cleaning each other and cuddling up to each other like a Disney film (it will happen damnit), but they’ll happily be in the same room.

Granger runs to Rudey whenever she cries, Rudey sometimes swipes her round the head (no claws, thankfully), and they’ll play with the same toy and take naps only a metre away from each other.

We’ve got a way to go, but it makes me heart do all the happy beats to see them connecting and y’know, not wanting to shred each other into tiny pieces.

You guys <3


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