22 Just-In Pieces Of Homeware You Absolutely Need


Having been shortlisted for ‘Bets For Home blog’ at the Cosmo Awards this year (seriously you guys, what the?) I thought I better whip up a home post so I can be like uh huh, I totally DO have home stuff on this blog. Yuh huh.

Turns out there’s a shit tonnes of seriously sassy new stuff on the high street for AW15 and it’s not all faux fur and moose heads and tartan because hello, don’t actually live in a Canadian lodge.

Although there is a lot of Christmas-themed homeware to wade through to get to the good, Instagram-worthy stuff. Like, do people actually spend like £300 on new beddings and sofa and bed cushions just for December, like, DO THEY?

I totes would if like there was a money tree planted in the garden, but sadly my rumbling belly has to come before my tender sweet love of Christmas. Boooooring.

Anyway yeah, here’s some cute things I found. There’s a few bits from Lily Rose Co which is the website where my ‘Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat’ print which came in my Bloggers Blog Awards came from – seriously, such a sassy little company with SO much drool-worthy crockery.

Fuck I sound old.


Crockery, Hannah.

You need to get out more. Go neck a a few bubblegum shots in vodka revs or summin.

Anyway, peace out kids. May your homes take your breath away everytime you walk through the door, and not because y’know, you forgot that you had 5734867 things to wash up.

homeware edit

  1. H&M tropical plant cushion cover, £6.99
  2. Lily Rose Co cup and saucer set (comes in other colours), £13.65
  3. Oliver Bonas notebook set, £9
  4. H&M gold wire basket, £12.99
  5. George at Asda heart tea bag holder, £1.50
  6. Oliver Bonas palm tree jewellery holder, £26
  7. George at Asda leopard print cube, £39
  8. H&M pink diamond photo frame, £4.99
  9. Marks & Spencer triangle print mug, £5
  10. Lily Rose Co embroidered cushion, £22.75
  11. TK Maxx copper and silver cocktail shaker, £7.99
  12. H&M slogan mug pack, £12.99
  13. Marks & Spencer navy blackberry print crockery set, from £4
  14. H&M gold pineapple candle, £4.99
  15. Lily Rose face mug, £12.65
  16. Marks & Spencer phoenix cushion, £25
  17. Oliver Bonas rabbit salt and pepper shakers, £16
  18. New Look pink textured frame, £6.99
  19. Tesco sage green lamp shade, £10
  20. H&M drawer knobs (other colours available), £4.99
  21. H&M candlestick, £12.99
  22. Marks & Spencer cheese serving plate, £15

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