Three Ways To Wear Your Boyfriend’s T-Shirt


I’ve made no secret for my love of men’s clothes. Most notably men’s clothes from the high street love of my life that is H&M. Oh mumma.

So, because I couldn’t quite justify my own menswear haul I thought it’d be absolutely aces to raid Chris’s t-shirt collection whilst he was at work and shoot them for a post because aren’t I an annoying girlfriend?

I’ve suitably given everything stolen for these outfit photos a squirt of Febreze and a nice fold and hidden them back in his drawers, so let’s hope the little tyke doesn’t notice.

Anyway, here’s how to steal your boyfriends clothes and make them look mega chic and stylish. For days when all your clothes are, ahem, in the wash, and for *those* days when you hate everything you own but hello you don’t hate everything he owns.

Also for single girls that just like to shop in the men’s department (looking at you Hannah circa 2013), dem bad boy t-shirts start at like £3.99 – what’s not to love?

Nah but for realz, I’d say there was a period of my life when I worked at where 82% of my daily outfits included a cute little man tee. So dreamboatin’ when you’re living with a permanent London wine hangover and just wanna be back in bed.

Yeeeee boi.



First off, for all whom it may concern, my golden leg colour is courtesy of St Tropez Mousse and a good ‘ol’ tanning mitt. May favourite self-tanning combo of all time.

Secondly, this leather skirt has been in hibernation since last winter and oh boy am I going to start wearing it addictively again. It goes with err’thing and I kinda don’t hate myself in it.

This combo with a big old duvet of a coat is perfect for those last few crisp autumn days where you can get away with bare legs as long as you’re wearing everything you own on your top half.

Also, dark red, I’d forgotten that was a pretty sassy almost-neutral colour for clothes. (Looks good with a tan too, so there’s that for ya).


T-shirt – H&M (old) / Coat – H&M (old but similar here) / Skirt – Miss Selfridge (old but similar here) / Boots – ASOS (old but similar here) / Bag – New Look


Ah this look, the Paris Fashion Week cliché of dreams.

Yeah, you’ll have to get over all the shoulder-robing going on in this post, I have no regrets, it makes me look way classier than the £5 bottle of wine and Pizza Hut discount voucher kinda girl that I am.

This skirt is sadly long gone, a little gem from H&M, but I adore this sort of seriously feminine shape – especially because hello, you can’t even see the am-I-three-months-pregnant-or-am-I-due-on-my-period bloat, which is cute.

I’ve gone for a ponytail here which is a groundbreaking up-do change from my standard top knot that’s always accidentally leaning to one side. My bad.

Now I just need a trip to Paris, who wants to hook a girl up? I’m real good at eating macarons and wearing stripes if it sways you.


Jacket – Miss Selfridge (old but similar here) / T-shirt – H&M (old) / Skirt – H&M (old but similar here) / Clutch – Etsy / Shoes – Daniel Footwear (old but similar here)


Here’s the honest facts: I’d never have an occasion to wear this because oh my god am I casual or am I dressed up, I just have no idea. Like what, who what where.

I love an excuse to get out of jeans, so any heel-worthy event will normally see me decked out in my skirt and dress finery from the back of the wardrobe where it never sees the light of day.

But when I become world-famous and get paid £573465748 to appear at a low-key event, I’ll wear this. I better bookmark my own post now because it’s fo sho going to happen, yeah huh.

But seriously though – this men’s striped tee is way cuter than anything even remotely similar that I’ve seen for us gals.

On another note, you could train in the heels for all-white trainers (keeping the trench because ALL THE SOPHISTICATED SASS), for a an actual day-be-day wearable outfit. I just y’know don’t own any because help me I’m poor.IMGP7382IMGP7385IMGP7388IMGP7390T-shirt- H&M (old) / Trench coat – Primark (old but similar here) / Jeans – ASOS / Heels – Chocker / Bag – New Look



(My sunglasses are my second favourite new thing this week, after y’know, my kitten. My FIRST EVER designer sunglasses and they’re from

  • You look amazing in all of these looks, Hannah! I really love the red top and leather skirt – you look hot, girl! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  • Loving the skirt and ankle boots, makes me want to go on an autumn walk


  • Chloe marie

    awesome lookbook

  • I live in Paris! Come and drink all the 5 euro mojitos at happy hour with me!
    Fo realz tho, you look utterly fab and I wish my boyfriend wore more t shirts instead of shirts because I can never borrow/steal any…

  • I love everything about this! Brb, robbing BFs closet.

  • you look great in all of those! i think the last one’s my favourite. shoes and lipstick on point *sassy emoji*

    Summer Isn’t Over

  • Your fashion posts just keep getting better and better, they’re MY FAVE.

    Also, I say why stop at “borrowing” t-shirts? I totally also steal my boyfriends denim and plaid shirts too x

    Sophie Cliff

  • All these looks are soo beautiful

  • Lee

    love all these looks!! Your fashion posts are great! xx

  • Always blown away by how beautiful you are Hannah!! i need your hair, teeth and tan xox

  • Sadly my Ed towers over me/most humans , (he is a whole foot taller than me) so I cannot steal his clothes. SUCH a shame. However there ain’t nothing stopping me buying half of the men’s t-shirts in H&M, nuh-uh.

    You look awesome girrrlll.


  • I love all these outfits! The tees look lovely and comfy but still super dressy and girly – very nice! 🙂

    Life As Lissy

  • Lauren

    Some great looks here and your tan is on point! x

  • Emily

    you look smokingggggg in the second one ?

  • I love all of your outfit posts, they are all so wearable and easy to follow 🙂

    Anna xxx

  • that blue skirt looks lovely!! I’m too chicken to post clothes/fashion posts!

  • Love the leather skirt outfit. Stay positive Hannah, you have achieved so much and should be proud of how far you have come! The only way is up!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Ciara

    Love your outfit posts 🙂 You should totally start doing donut buns, they’re great for giving a boost of volume to thin hair whilst also looking oh sooo elegant!! They’re also ridiculously simple to do! Here’s a pin!!

  • LOVE IT! My boyfriend already moans when i borrow his ‘comfy pants’… jogging bottoms, not the other thing 😉 haha… Wonder if i can progress to T-shirt borrowing!

  • Love the leather skirt and tee combo! Would be fab paired with some tights in winter months.

  • I’d love for ya to check out my new blog if you get a chance 🙂

  • Love number one!! Leather skirts really suit you!!

  • These outfits are on point!! – i need every pair of those shoes as soon as possible. xxx

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