The Bloggers Blog Awards 2015


I’m writing this with a kitten asleep on my lap. I know, sucks to be me right now.

(Although I am already two cups of coffee down because flippin’ heck do baby cats keep you up all night – who knew playing with litter could be such a rewarding 3am activity, eh?)

Anyway, HI.

Unless you like deleted Twitter over the weekend and went on some cute social media-free retreat (mega jel because this sounds ACE) you’ll have seen that the Bloggers Blog Awards 2015 took place.

Yey to the hey.

They were set up by Hayley of Tea Party Beauty to replace the annual Cosmo WE LOVE BLOGGERS awards which kinda looked for a little while like they might be cancelled this year because hello, bloggers are taking over the world and stealing mag readers, but alas no, they are still happening* (but there’s no lifestyle category so erm, wtf?).

*update. I’VE BEEN SHORTLISTED. For Best For Home which is unexpected but still I’M GONNA EAT HARIBO TO CELEBRATE. Vote here.

Anyway, after finding out I was shortlisted for Best Longstanding Lifestyle blog (which was amazing, you guys get ALL the high fives, you go Glen Coco, you go), I set about making my way oop North for the ceremony in Leeds along with about 50 other babin’ bloggers.

My only other overnight event with a group of internet gal pals was the Etsy sleepover (post here) back in August and so I legit had no idea what to expect – aside from Prosecco, always expect Prosecco. Bloggers love ALL the Prosecco, almost as much at they love marble and copper and fresh flowers and Olympus Pens. Yeah huh.


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Anyway, I boarded my train on Saturday morning armed with a dry raspberry muffin that crumbled all down me and made me look hella cute, a sassy shirt maxi dress from Pretty Little Thing that wasn’t even petite and yet didn’t even drag on the floor and omg I want to wear it everyday because hello instant Pinterest chic, and Prosecco because duh.

I met Laura from Loved By Laura at Peterborough and we went about downing drinks, spilling drinks and discussing every blogger woe known to man. I have no shame about jumping straight into blogger chat approximately 22 seconds after meeting a fellow blogger, like HELLO YOU UNDERSTAND MY LIFE PLZ TALK TO ME.

It’s one of the biggest joys about actually getting out of the house.

Turns out Rudey isn’t so great to discuss blogger problems with, who’da known, eh?

Anyway we arrived in Leeds and jollyed on to the Ibis Budget to meet the rest of the gang before doing our make-up, putting on heels and mosying over to Lambert’s Yard where the awards were held.

Amidst the blur of selfie stick photos, holding up a monnacle prop to my eye for 17% of the afternoon, and sneaking Maoam into my bra I well, kinda, sort of, maybe WON A MOTHER FLIPPIN’ AWARD.


That is mental.

That is beyond mental.

There I was last year pootling along planning wedding guest dress galleries and designing newsletters and analysing website analytics at IPC Media and now here I am, an award-winning blogger.


(Oh, and here’s the full list of winners in case you’re looking for some snazzy new blogs to follow or just y’know, fancy being nosey).

So here’s a giant thank you to all of you who voted for me. You da best. Maybe you should go and get a donut to celebrate being so ace. Or some wine of the sparkling Prosecco variety. Or a new H&M dress. Or y’know maybe you should accidentally throw all your imaginary digital money in the air and book an autumn city break. You deserve it gal.

If you want to know what else went down in Leeds, well, we ate a flip of a lot of pizza and sweet potato fries and basically did little wees in our pyjamas over Cards Against Humanity. All of the Saturday night classics tbh. (You can watch my vlog here for more goss).

It was, as always, an absolute ball to spend time with fellow bloggers who understand my need to stand on chairs for photos and puff up my hair before a group selfie.

My one regret? Not spending more time in Leeds. I’ve never actually explored the city and I’ve heard such good things about it. So here’s to next year and spending the entire weekend drowning in the local shopping centre and actually making it to Revs for ALL the cocktails and boogy-ing.

Yeah, I actually said boogy-ing and I’ve got no regrets.

Being old is megz cool.

This post makes no sense, I’m off to drink some tea and pray to the gods that I feel more human again (and that my baby cat starts to sleep through the night soon – it’s a tough life being a serial cat mumma).

Oh and ONE last thing – here’s the link to the PLT dress I wore. Strappy sexy heels are from Daniel Footwear but sadly sold out now. Sad face times a thousand.






  • Well done!

    It’s no surprise that you won it, you have a fab blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    stacey |


  • Hayley

    Awwwhh thanks for coming Hannah, was lovely to meet you, sorry I didnโ€™t get chance to chat more. AND YAY FOR WINNING.

    Also, awards unrelated, but I get a kitten this evening (well, my mum does) and we were gonna call him Rudey, instead he is Buddy. But your new kitty looks so much likes ours (except colour), is she a Maine Coon?

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

    • She isn’t but she gets this a lot! The family we got her from don’t know the Dad as she was a bit of a city wanderer, but she may well be.

      SO EXCITED FOR YOU. Kittens are the best. The new baby girl keeps crying though whenever she’s not been held or played with and omg I miss being able to type without her trying to jump on the keyboard too.

      Ahaha, good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

  • Congratulations Hannah! You absolutely deserve to win xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  • Aww congrats! It looked like a great event and any event where there’s prosecco must be a good one right? Also, loving your outfit. Any outfit where you can look all put together while hiding that pizza baby is a win win in my eyes!

    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  • Well done! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs โ™ฅ

  • CONGRATULATIONS! A very well deserved award ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes – you definitely need to explore Leeds more, it’s a bloody great city (even if I am a bit biased…) x

    Sophie Cliff

  • So glad you won! Love your writing style, this post made me do a tea-filled-nose snort and everything!
    Well done, Hannah xx

    Gillianย  xxย  EyelinerFlicks

  • Lauren

    Excellent Hannah, I’ve voted for you. Good Luck! x

  • Yay, you so seriously deserve it darling. As you know I voted for your loveliness as I read your blog daily. You are my inspiration to keep on blogging and working hard at my content. You have such a unique style but more than anything you are completely lovely and I totally want to hug you after every post, weird? Yep.

    Wendy Xx

  • So happy for you! Also mega jealous, I wanna go and mingle with blogger types and drink all the Prosecco! Never had any doubt that you wouldn’t win though ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Congratulations! Honestly, I’m so pleased that you won this, I look forward to reading your posts every day and you were one of the main inspirations for me to start my own blog. Totally worthy winner! ???

    Niko /// Girltime International

  • Well done on your award, looks like a great event!

  • Hannah I’m so chuffed that you won! You work so hard and really deserve it, Granger is sooo cute I wish she was curled up on my lap. My cats are massive. Your shoes are gorgeous and really loving your dress x

  • Congratulations!
    I read your blog regularly, and love your writing style! You really did deserve to win ๐Ÿ™‚
    It looked like you had a fab time too!

    Love Lauren xx

  • Congratulations Hannah! You really, really deserve this and I hope you had the best fun at the awards!

    Keep being awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

    Beth xx

  • Congratulations! I’m a relatively new reader, but knowing that my mate (Little Miss) Katy loves your blog I knew I’d be a fan. Definitely do go back to Leeds, the food places there totally rival London right now!

  • Looks like so much fun! I love cards against humanity, it’s not even right now funny it is. You might be sleep deprived, but at least you can keep looking at that sweet little kitty face! jealous.

  • Was so nice to see you last week Hannah and congrats again on winning – so deserved!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

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  • Congratulations!! So throughly deserved!! Best of luck for the next one!

  • Jenny

    Congratulations!!!! You 100% deserve an award! Also the posts that make no sense are always my fave x

  • OMG HAn… THE SHOES!!!! where are they from!??! Well done misses!!! x <3

  • Congratz you awesome thing you! xo

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