Friday Favourites: 2nd October 2015


Oh hi October, how ya hanging?

I’ve never much liked October, it’s the first month that those hideously unsettling signs of SAD typically like to make themselves known to me, but y’know what? There’s been so much OCTOBER AND AUTUMN AND LALALA ALL THE HAPPINESS over social media and the general bloggersphere over the last couple of days that I’ve got this renewed sense of energy. Like, I might actually start to love this time of year because it’s been thrust in my face so much. Good work everyone, your propaganda has brainwashed me.

Oh and just btw, I’m mega soz that I missed Friday Favourites last week, I was in Mykonos and wasn’t entirely sure I had enough new favourites before I went to make it worthwhile.

I’ve had a bit of a reflective week, thinking about where I want my life to take me next, what the next challenge should be, what little adjustments I can make to make myself happier every single day. It’s weird innit, this constant re-assessing of what needs to change in order to reach peak happiness, rather than just being pleased with our lot. Maybe this is where I should get into the whole mindfulness thing, I’d like to appreciate my own life more rather than constantly feel like I’m searching out new ways to add shiny new elements.

Bloody millennial generation, never happy with what we’ve got and always wanting more, eh?

I’m going to stop typing out my inner monologue and get on with this, my bad.



Call the police, I’ve gone missing.

Here’s something groundbreaking – I haven’t eaten a McDonald’s in about two months. I don’t recognise myself, I feel like a slightly duller version of myself, bet my organs are cartwheeling away inside though.

Anyway, I jumped on the protein ball bandwagon and y’know what? They taste JUST like those Elevneses bars that everyone ate in like 2005. Yummerz. I’ve been eating them for breakfast with a cup of tea – they work phenomenally well for people like me who don’t like cereal and find toast dull and fruit and yoghurt not enough.

I stuck about half a cup of rolled oats in a blender with two teaspoons of honey, three teaspoons of nut butter, a sprinkle of cinnamon, six medjool dates and a handful of desiccated coconut, and then added a bit of water to make it stick. Then I rolled the balls up in my hand and rolled them about in some broken up cashews I had floating about for an added texture.

They’re best kept in the fridge so they get all fudgey. Now someone come and punch me in the face and gimme a cheeseburger chaser plz.



I wonder if this is just one of those things like how some people just never use mascara on their bottom lashes, but basically, yeah, I’ve started using eye shadow BELOW my eyes. Groundbreaking.

I haven’t got a proper photo of it because, well, make-up selfies just do not agree with this face of mine, but if you kinda squint and use a magnifying glass then you can kinda see it here (lipstick is Illamasqua’s Soaked).

I did this mega simple eye shadow look using the shade Dirtysweet from my Urban Decay Smoky palette, which is just like a pale gold metallic kinda colour. And after I’d finished blending it onto my eyelid I took an eyeliner make-up brush and coated it in the same shade and just ran it under my bottom lashes.

It’s something I’ve seen about on Instagram of late and well, I’m kinda looking to up my eye make-up game because I’ve been stuck in one hell of a rut this past decade.

I stopped wearing kohl eye liner on my bottom lashes in about 2006 and well since then I haven’t really mixed it up. I’d love to hear your tips below though, and I will FO SHO be applying more happy shimmer under my eyes on days when yeah, I’m going to be all wild and actually leave the house.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


You’ve probs already seen this if you perused my George home post earlier this week (here) but I just thought I’d give this lil guy another mention. N’awww, just look at him, so happy go Larry.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a novelty lamp since forever but kinda didn’t know where I’d put it in the house – well, turns out, the best thing was just to remove the lamp Chris had bought for the living room and replace it with my star lamp.

Because that’s how relationships work, yup.

Anyway, it looks lovely and all Pinterest and it has a dimmer switch on the back which just makes it absolutely dandy depending on whether I want board game lighting or creepy Dexter lighting. Good work, Asda (shop it here).



Since working from home I’ve become seriously into my brunch. I’m never hungry first thing, so the fact I can have something small to set me up for the day and then go to town with something delicious and sexy and Instagrammable later in the day gets ALL the yeses from me.

I made this this week and am so happy about it. It’s just everything I want in life. Like, maybe I’d marry it if I could. Look how happy it is.

Anyway, this is one slice of toasted Tesco Finest sunflower seed cob with mashed avocado, pepper and lemon juice topped with chorizo, chilli and an egg fried in their juices. Oh mumma. Definitely one for Saturday with a cup of coffee and a scroll through Bloglovin and Mail Online.



About 17 years late to the party* (* I exaggerate the tiniest bit), but I’m finally onto season three of American Horror Story. I kind of got put off moving past season two because all I could hear was SEASON THREE IS SO BAD TRALALALALA from everyone in the world, but alas they were all wrong.

It’s about witches and is by far the goriest and dirtiest season so far. Like, it makes me flinch and want to stop chewing on my protein ball and I’m not usually easily put off things.

I think I like it because I have a thing for Emma Roberts. Wild Child is in my top 5 films of all time and I’ve seen it about 54 times and so, well, I have to love this because I get to see that pretty little Hollywood face of hers over and over again.

Oh, and also I quite fancy Alexander Dreymon in it but now I’ve just Googled him and no, not so much now. Alex babes, you had a good thing going, whydya have to ruin it?



You all deserve a standing ovation for how you made me feel about wearing over-the-knee boots last week. I was completely overwhelmed by the response to this Instagram picture and now I feel like I could fly. And THIS is why I love blogging, women empowering women and giving each other confidence and positivity and lifting them up. We got this, sisters.

Anyway yeah, I’ve had these Ted & Muffy boots since last winter but hardly wore them last year because they majorly freaked me out and made me self-conscious about my thighs, but this year? This year I am SO on it.

I’m proof that you don’t have to have fashion skinny legs to pull them off – you all can. Plus, they make you feel seriously mega sassy and like you got game, so yeah, that’s the main reason you should invest in a pair and trot about in them like a goddess.

(Budget version available here)



That time of year is upon us, and I’m jumping aboard team YouTube. Choo choo this train is now departing the station.

Oh gawd I make myself cringe.

I failed Vlogtober last year because well, I can’t actually remember why. I made it about a third of the way through the month and then I *think* I had a bad day and didn’t want to film and then yup, that was it, my streak over.

But this year I’m doing something slightly different. I’ll be uploading videos every day throughout October (well, 2nd October until 1st November), but they won’t all be vlogs. There’ll be chatty things and stories and whatever else comes into my head as the month trundles along. I’m hoping it’ll be fun and keep building my camera confidence. So if you have any video ideas then please do hook a girl up, and if not, well then I hope to see you on the dark side for a bit of chat and Hannah Gale eye contact. Oo-er.

Catch me on YouTube here.


  • I LOVE AMERICAN HORROR STORY! Have also just started season 3, on episode 7! I skipped season 2 as thought it was rubbish but Season 4 is unreal! Can’t wait for Season 5!

  • Obsessed with the New Look version of your boots… I can feel a little spend coming on!!!

    I think we need a fashion post with 3 ways to style over the knee boots too, to ensure I get my moneys worth… 🙂

    Sophie Cliff

    • Oooh OK, will have to start pinning ideas!

  • Tasha

    I love your Friday favourites!
    American Horror Story season 3 was my absolute favourite!! I watched it all in 2 days! FYI I hated season 4 and I’m still only on episode 5 – 3 months later lol.

    • I like the girl power in it. It’s taking all of my willpower to do work rather than spend the day in bed curled up with the iPad chain-watching it. TOO GOOD.

      i’ve heard such good things about season four. But I like that everyone likes different seasons though.

  • Lauren

    I’ve really gotten into avocado and egg on toast recently too, it’s the best! I will have to give those protein balls a try, I always thought they were too much effort but looks pretty easy x

  • American Horror Story is the absolute BEST. Season three is definitely my fave so far (also I’m glad there are other grown women out there that like Wild Child)

    I just love your Friday favourites. They always just set me up for the day, especially when I’m slightly hungover, nursing a cup of peppermint tea and praying it will make me feel more alive!

    Laura | WhatSheWroteBlog

    • This is so nice! It’s one of those things that I often think about stopping but get such lovely feedback. And YES to peppermint tea on a hangover.


  • I am in love with the George home ware range! I want to buy all of the things!

  • Poppy

    COVEN IS MY FAVOURITE SERIES OF AHS!!! Watch Scream Queens! Go do it now, you won’t regret it, Promise xxx

  • Oh man, I so want to do the eyeshadow on the lower lids thing, but I have yet to master it without looking like I’ve been brawling on the streets. I need to up my game.

    PS: Everyone is right about the boots, they make you look like you have legs for miles!

    Niko /// Girltime International

    • Hahaha, I just got for a gold or bronze on my lower lids that way it doesn’t look like you’ve got a whopping black eye. Just a cute whimsical pixie look about you xx

  • Yes to the over knee boots, and you can’t beat a bit of avocado – definitely the way forward for breakfast!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Shut uuuuuuuuuup I can’t bear how amazing those boots are. *weep*
    I’m super late to the Orphan Black party but now series three is on iPlayer and it is giving me SOUL. Definitely try it out if you haven’t yet – it’s seriously amazing.

  • I love AHS! I can’t wait for the new season to start! Season two was my absolute favorite 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!
    x Lotte

  • Loved this post and the glitter! Looking forward to vlogtober!

  • Eye shadow on the lower lid is a whole new world to me. I thought light eye shadow in the inner corner of my eye was groundbreaking! ha. Need to try it out. Excited to check out your vlogs!

  • Sam

    Also late to the party, but I LOVE American Horror Story. I’ve only seen up to season 3 so far, but it’s funny how many people have told me that season 2 and 3 were terrible, but when I watched them I thought they were amazing. I’ve heard bad things about season 4, but basically it seems likely I’ll love it. Also… slightly in love with Evan Peters (AKA Tate/Kit/Kyle) – is this just me?! x

  • LOVE the sound of those protein balls, I’ll have to make some! I sometimes wear shadow on my bottom lid, I like bright blue hehe.

  • Under eye eyeshadow (probably not the catchiest way to describe it…!) is so awesome – seriously, when I discovered it was a THING YOU COULD ACTUALLY DO I was amazed. It really suits you too 🙂 Oh and American Horror Story is great, although I lost interest in the most recent series a bit. So hyped for the next one though!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  • I love that selfie of you and I loved it when you put it on IG. You look so pretty :’) and that star lamp is something I really want in my life! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  • Gillian

    You look so fab in those over the knee boots that I’ve just gone and splurged on the asos ones you linked!! Thanks for showing us peeps with short chunky thighs can ROCK over the knees! Keep up the awesome blogging ✌?️

  • beth

    The section of this post about ‘protein balls’ is really misleading. Your recipe contains basically only fat, sugar and carbs – these balls could never pass as having any substantial amount of protein in them. Way to hop on a trend with zero prior research or respect for nutrition – but hey Hannah babes, I guess as long as you’re smashing through those keywords, it’s all good, right?!

  • I keep hearing about American horror story!! I Deffo need to watch this!

  • Ive only seen the witches season of AHS and I LOVED it but then I love all things witchy. Cant wait for the new seasons to start! Also, check out How To Get Away With Murder – so good!

    Cannot wait until it’s cold enough to wear my RAD over the knee boots, first pair Ive ever had and they are SO AWESOME.

  • Your legs! I feel like I say this on every outfit post of yours, but they always look bloody amazing. And those protein balls look yummy, especially with me being so fussy about breakfast


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