Three Days In Mykonos


I had such wild plans for Mykonos.

Plans that involved me getting lost in books and podcasts and wading into the sea with this freedom that can only be found from detaching one’s self from social media and internet and work.

But here I am, about to edit hundreds of photos (all iPhone mind, I didn’t like go insane and weigh down my hand luggage with my DSLR, lolz) and over 50 videos. So that’s good. I also uploaded about 15 Instagram photos, sent a handful of emails and applied some ad code to my site.

My non-working proper holiday just didn’t happen because OMG I LOVE THE THRILL SOCIAL MEDIA AND BLOGGING GIVES ME, but that’s a story for another blog post, another day.

So anyway, last Wednesday morning I headed off (armed with one very small suitcase and beach bag that contained my laptop, passport and phone charger – all the essentials tbh) to Ipswich train station for an exciting three-hour jolly down to Gatwick airport.

I spilt a good fifth of my latte across my suitcase whilst waiting for my train, which was a nice start to my adventure, and ate a lukewarm cheese and ham croissant because YOLO, calories don’t count on holiday.

Myself and long-time gal pal Tilly (you can get a good sense of her as a person from her Instagram here – she likes football and prosecco) booked our Mykonos mini-break back in July. It was spontaneous. I couldn’t really afford it. But Mykonos.

We’ve been before back in 2013, and it is everything. It has this perfect balance of relaxation and WOAH LET’S DRINK COCKTAILS AT 1PM BY THE POOL AND GET A BIT DRUNK.

Anyway, we met up at the airport which was howlingly busy and then settled down inside the premium lounge and ate fish finger sandwiches and drank gin and tonics until we felt giddy and were probably a bit annoying to everyone around us. HELLO I’M VLOGGING LALALALA AND SHALL WE STEAL THIS GLAMOUR MAG FROM THE LOUNGE, YES?

The flight went by in a blur of prosecco and 600 words on friendship in a random word document.

And then Mykonos. Sweet, sweet Mykonos.


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I like that you can make it what you want. Like, if you’re looking for your next step up from Magaluf – somewhere you can get howling drunk and dirty dance with fellow travellers, but with a prettier, chicer back drop, then sure, it can be that. But it can also be a place to chill. A place to chill where 92% of your surroundings look like they’ve come off Pinterest/have been purposely designed to really up your Instagram grid’s sexiness ratings. Which is a nice touch.

The beaches are good, the food is good, the drink is hella delicious, and it’s got quite a grown-up vibe – the main tourists come from Russia, UAE and the States, and there’s plenty of private jets and helicopters flurrying about.

Mykonos can be so pricey that you have to make up your own exchange rate in your head to justify things. Like wait, isn’t 30 euros basically like a tenner? I’ll take two.

But at the same time, if you stick to local wines and Greek restaurants it can be pretty unharrowing on the ol’ coin purse full of currency.

When we came before, we came as a group of four girls and stayed a week at this 4-star establishment just by Ornos beach. It was white, clean, chill and perfect for a slightly more budget holiday. We did a boat day trip out to visit other beaches, headed into Mykonos Town twice (where all the main hustle and bustle and beautiful winding streets are, not to mention a Victoria’s Secrets and Sephora FOR REALZ), and mostly just relaxed in Ornos itself.

So when me and Tilly booked again we kinda knew we wanted to base ourselves in the same area because we’d loved it so much before, and, as we only wanted a little 3-day vay-cay, we went with something a little pricier (and OMG SO BEAUTIFUL – for sure the best hotel I have ever, ever stayed in).

Mykonos Blanc is kinda new or so I believe (it’s got new owners and had a massive refurb or so Trip Advisor tells me), and our open plan room opened out onto a pool which was lit by twinkling lights by night, and looked out onto the Ornos beach bay. BEAUTZ.

Despite the fact the hotel was fully-booked which was apparently quite a shock for the staff because it was right at the end of the season (late September can be hit and miss for weather but we had unbroken sunshine and temperatures in the mid to late twenties, bar one random 10-minute torrential downpour on the first morning), the pool area was basically empty and it felt like a little slice of absolute heaven to just lie there and breathe in the sweetness of being somewhere that legit looked and felt like paradise.

I am already, incredibly desperate to return with Chris next autumn. PLZ PLZ PLZ, world.

The pool was lined with those sort of sun loungers that are basically just double beds, and the iced coffees from the ajoining restaurant were just summin’ else. It sounds really silly but one of the reasons I loved the pool so much was becuase it had a lot of levels and steps which meant you could submerge as much of your body as you wanted. Which meant I could have my legs and bum in the water whilst reading to help cool me down during the midday sun. So nice.

Tilly and I did one night at a local restaurant on the beach front in Ornos (I ordered seafood spaghetti, come to mumma you dreamboat), one night in Platis Gialos which is the town along (I had seafood risotto – are you sensing a theme yet?) and one night in Mykonos Town (a mushroom risotto topped with ALL the parmesan, yummerz).

For lunch we ate gyros every day (pronounced yiroh – I believe, or maybe yiros, meh) which is basically like a cross between a naan and a pitta, crammed with chips, onion, tomato, fresh tzatziki and either pork or chicken.

If there’s one thing having a Greek ex-boyfriend has taught me it’s to ALWAYS always order the gyros. It tastes like sunshine and unicorns and rainbows and it’s always mega, mega cheap. I’m talking like 5 euros tops. Too good.


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I read Elizabeth Is Missing by the pool (alongside all my Insta stalking and grid planning on VSCO cam), which I loved, although felt a bit meh about the ending. I also had fun using my selfie stick in the pool like waaaaaaahey am I gonna drop it in or nah? It would seem every person in Mykonos has a selfie stick and takes it to the pool/beach with them every day just in case, so that’s a nice note on 2015 humanity for you.

Oh, and I had a really good ice cream in Mykonos Town from a little parlour called Gelarte Ice Cream and omg so good. They had Nutella flavour and Kinder Bueno and Snickers and hello I’d like one for breakfast now.

So, here’s the exciting bit about the holiday. Well, for me at least.

I don’t have overwhelming fear and anxiety about being home. Trips away usually leave me groggy and tired and on-edge about my blog and my traffic and the internet world that I’ve missed whilst away, but not Mykonos.

Despite my dabbling with work, I actually got time to just lie and take in life and appreciate everything. Silent time to discuss my future with my inner monologue, y’know?

Three days in the sunshine was that perfect slot of time where you don’t come home and immediately hate everyone you went with and accidentally on purpose not text them for a month. Tilly didn’t annoy me and I don’t think I annoyed her that much. OK, like maaaaaaybe when I was discussing ad units with her for the 786783456 time. But in general, nah.

I left Mykonos before I was properly ready or bored of it, so it still has a dreamy taste in mouth and I’m hungry for more of it. I’m excited to return.

But you know what? I’m excited to be back at my desk too. I feel refreshed and have this new level of optimism and motivation and excitement that was kinda draining away down the plug hole with my leg stubble and LUSH bath bomb in the days before I jetted away.

It’s Monday morning and I was at my desk throwing back a cup of instant coffee in my pyjamas at 7.45am because LET’S DO THIS.

The world looks like a happier place when you give yourself mental space to reassess where you’re going and what it is you want, especially when you’re in surroundings that make you go OH MY FUCKING GOD, THIS IS AWFUL INNIT? over and over again because lol, you’re hilarious.

Mykonos, I’ll be seeing you.


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