8 New Beauty Products I’m Pretty Obsessed With


This title is already a bold lie. Thing is, a lot of these products aren’t like new into the world, they’re new into my beauty arsenal. And wait, nah, some of them are old favourites that I loved as like a young twenty-something lass and then completes forgot about and now I’m like OMG I LOVE YOU WHY DID YOU EVER LEAVE ME.

You get ma gist?

Some are like £2 and some cost a small loan to afford but what’s the beauty world without crying at some price tags, eh?



Yeah yeah I’m like so late to the party that the police have already come, gone, a window’s been smashed and someone’s paralytic but whatcha gonna do.

The smokey palette is a dream for night-time eyes because get this – and this is ground-breaking – it does an ace smokey eye.

The colours are insanely pigmented which, just an FYI, makes it quite easy to accidentally make it look like you’ve been punched in both eyes/are wearing Halloween face paint, but get ’em right and you look like you belong on an actual red carpet. So that’s nice.

I’ve been experimenting with the golds and silvers and love them for layering up with and blending, but I’m still all about dat Bobbi Brown eye shadow for a lighter day shimmer on the eye. The best part? You’ll actually use every single colour, yeah huh.

Aim for the rest of 2015: watch ALL the smokey eye tutorials on YouTube and nail it before Christmas party season.



Back in like 2012 (basically another lifetime ago, am’I right?) I was all about the humble Topshop cream blusher. I adored how low-maintenance it was and how it instantly made me look like a glowy little happy pixie of a thing. In fact, I can remember all the beauty journos on Twitter I followed basically being like OMG CREAM BLUSHER, BEST THING SINCE LIKE BB CREAM.

And then contouring became beauty gold and everyone bought every make-up brush to ever get created and people sort of forgot that you know what’s nice? Cream blusher.

Anyway, I’m back on that wagon and y’know why? It’s practical and has a nice little mirror and instantly makes me look less like I might do a cry in Pret because Monday. It makes you look fresh and healthy and you have to literally be 3 days old to not be able to apply it properly. I love easy, affordable make-up, me.



This was one of those things that appeared on my desk back in my digital journo days and I was like meh foundation with a name that doesn’t make sense, not for me. And then like, I probs had a Tinder date or summin and was like WHAT HAVE I GOT TO MAKE MY FACE LOOK CUTE and the rest was history.

I can physically remember coming out of the LOOK toilets and my gal pals being all ‘omg your face? It looks Photoshopped’.

This feels like a moisturiser, probably helped along by the fact the pot it comes in looks like a moisturiser pot, but it just does fantastic things to your face. It feels incredibly light and hydrating and yet the coverage is incredible and it’s the least drying formula that I’ve ever used. Admittedly it’s not the longest lasting thing I’ve ever used but when it’s that good I’m happy for a lunchtime top-up.



Remember this brand that always did £1 shampoo and conditioner in Tesco in like blueberry and raspberry flavours when you were at uni? Yeah, well they’re back with some sexy new packaging and products and flavours. Huzzah.

Nah, but this dry shampoo is the budget dream. It doesn’t make your hair look like you’ve been rummaging about in a big pot of flour, but it does sort of mattify your roots and give them a bit of lift and make your hair smell like OMG WHOSE HAIR IS THAT? IT SMELLS LIKE HAPPINESS.

I can’t find an online link yet but it’ll be £2.99 when it starts snaking its way into stores.



I feel like the minute it becomes autumn I spend all my energy searching for the dream plum lipstick like that’s the only colour that’s suddenly acceptable in the last quarter of the year. Turns out nope because DARK RED.

I love this lip colour from Givenchy because it feels so glamorous and classic and like it’ll look absolutely hideously perfect with pale winter skin and a black cat flick which will undoubtedly become my go to look for the next few months as the countdown to Christmas begins (how, HOW?).

This babe is semi-matte but tbh it kinda feels a little bit glossy to me which is great for not drying out lips, but my next stop is something ever darker and matter – lemme know your faves and help a girl out.



I already mentioned this in a friday Favourite post but because nail varnish is my top beauty boo alongside lipstick it felt wrong to not include the product that’s been haunting my nails for the last fortnight.


I’m going to be alternating between this, a chic pale brown by Chanel (my only Chanel beauty product, I don’t like go load up my basket at Duty Free for lolsies) and dark purple. And you’ll get to see my manis over and over again as I Snapchat, Insta and Tweet every pumpkin spice latte I get through this season. Not soz.



What sort of unhelpful moose mentions a budget mascara not easily accessible in the UK? That’ll be me.

I snapped this up in a supermarket in the middle of Utah somewhere alongside some nice ankle socks and water. Hashtag living the dream.

Lily recommended it to me and I think I paid about £4 for it but because I have issues with having too many beauty products open at the same time I’ve sort of maybe definitely probably been saving it.

I like it a lot, but you know what it’s not so good at? Volumising. Wrong name, Cover Girl. It’s incredible at separating lashes which, if like me, you have major issues with clumpy lashes will make your heart warm with affection. It’s also great at lengthening and for me it’s a great daytime mascara that costs teeny tiny amounts.



I’ve been clambering over clay-based face masks for years now, eager to stop my oily skin giving me ALL the blackheads and breakouts known to man and I’ve kinda neglected the whole y’know, making sure your skin is well-hydrated thing.

Eisenberg is a luxury brand that’s just hit Boots (but is already big over in Paris and the rest of Europe) and I’ve used this bad boy of a face mask twice in the past fortnight and instantly I’ve lost the dry, scabby bits of my face (don’t judge, alright?).

It plumps and makes skin look like the best version of itself. Yes it’s pricey, but it’s a real naughty skin treat.IMGP7047


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