3 Ways To Wear: The Grey Roll Neck


If you’ve read my autumn capsule wardrobe post earlier this week (this one here) then you’d have noted me describing my grey roll neck as a bit ragged and old and over-loved. It’s so precious that it has a nice hole in the back of the neck.

Soz not soz.

I bought it from the Stratford branch of Primark back when I was a London girl loving life in my studio flat in Leytonstone (miss you babez) and I think it cost about a fiver.

I love that it’s a real charcoal shade, so dark and slimming it could be black, and yet it’s not black because girl I ain’t that basic.

I’m sure they’ve probably got a similar style in this year, and I love it because it’s so thin it can be layered under ANYTHING. Kind of. Like maybe don’t wear it under your bra, that’s not cute.

(Here’s a couple of other cheap-ish online versions… New Look £8.99 / Warehouse £17.60 / H&M £14.99)


*Disclaimer – you WILL see a lot of my thighs in this post, so if they offend you please don’t scroll down and make comments about them. It may surprise you to know that I know they’re not as slim and toned as the girls you follow on Pinterest’s are and I’m not even slightly soz. K BYE.



The thing you have to understand about the little slice of heaven that is a gilet is that they’re not going to make you look like a slim little runner bean. Essentially, they look and feel a bit like you’re wearing a duvet, so you’re trading in looking tiny for wearing something that will make you feel utterly snug as a damn bug.

This outfit felt like I was being enveloped in a big ol’ hug with like a teddy bear, so I’m happy to bypass the fact it *might* make me look a size bigger than I am.

All I’m saying is if you’re hungover or jet-lagged or coming down with some hideous flu, this is the outfit set-up you need in your life. And then when it gets a sneaky tiny bit chillier, whack a leather jacket under that gilet. HAPPY DAYS, KIDS.

Gilet – H&M (old but similar here) / Jeans – ASOS / Boots – Ted & Muffy / Bag – Primark (old – but similar here)



For most of you sweet things out there, this outfit will look as cute as pie with a trendy little suede A-line beaut. I’ve gone for an ancient faux leather baby pink skirt from H&M because I love the way it skims my hips, but sadly this sort of style isn’t widely available on the high street this season. Sad face.

There’s something about over-the-knee boots that just slims the legs a little bit – know what I mean? Although I feel a *bit* like my vagina could flash into show at any given moment when I look back on these photos, in reality it was well concealed and this was a seriously comfy get-up.

I thought I’d hate this outfit but I love it. It’s perfect for a low-key dinner with pals and ALL the wine. (Which will be essential if you attempt to wear this out in the midst of winter without tights, gotta love a sneaky wine jacket).

Jacket – Definitions at Very.co.uk (old but similar here) / Skirt – H&M (old but similar here) / Boots – Ted & Muffy / Bag – New Look



I admit it wholeheartedly – this dress looks WAY WAY WAY better with a roll neck underneath. I adore it. In fact I want to redo my birthday night out dinner and slide this little guy underneath my dress and maybe wear my hair like this. Yikes.

Growing up, adding a roll neck under a dress was never something that appealed to me because a) how are people supposed to see my boobs and therefore fancy me? and b) it was way too hot to wear a roll neck under a dress whilst I was getting low to Flo Rida. But hey mumma, this is EXACTLY what 26-year-old Hannah will be doing.

It looks dressy, sophisticated and yet I feel comfortable and not like I’ve got unsightly bits of nipple and arm fat lurking about. WIN. ALL THE WINS.

Dress – ASOS / Bag – New Look / Shoes – Daniel Footwear (now sold out but similar here)


Oh, and just FYI, my lipstick is MAC’s Heroine.

Hope you enjoyed, dreamboats. Is there any random item of clothing chilling about in the back of your wardrobe that you want outfit inspo for? Let a girl know. Cheers boos.

  • Ellie

    You are stunning and you have lovely pins! x

  • Caragh

    I love the last look. I have always staywd clear of roll necks cos the 32j boobs dont look good under them (uniboob anyone?) But the rollneck under the dress combi is gorgeous 🙂
    PS – love the boots and if you’ve got it, flaunt it and girl you got it xx

    • Caragh

      Oops – bad spelling moment.

  • LOVE your disclaimer at the top. F**k the haters, you always look great. *off to buy a roll neck* Love you BYE!

  • beth

    Beautiful- love all the looks especially your boots!!

  • Damla

    You look gorgeous! Love the first look, the coat is so beautiful x


  • Becca

    Legs look amaze!

  • You look stunning! I do love the second outfit for sure, I need to get my hands on some roll necks for winter! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Amy

    Whaaaaat you totally didn’t need to put that disclaimer there, your legs look bangin’ here especially with the boots! Also how do you always have such a nice leg tan? If it’s fake I’d love to know what you use!
    Amy x

  • Alice

    I love the last outfit, would never think to put a roll neck under such a low cut dress but it looks so so good!

    So glad your still doing posts like this you had me scared with your post about the blogger fashion industry!

  • I really love the pink dress from ASOS, you’ve styled it so well. Although, to be honest, you’ve styled all of these outfits really well! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    • Sorry, meant skirt from H&M! Was busy looking at the dress from ASOS!

  • I’m in love with those boots!! Great outfit ideas which really suit you!


  • Jemma

    Sorry, what did you say was wrong with your thighs? I couldn’t see anything wrong with them!! 🙂

  • Bethany

    You look gorgeous! Love the coat x

  • Your legs!! I wish mine looked so toned, gosh. And once again, you three ways makes me feel like I need to try all my wardrobe on in new ways to see what happens because you come up with some absolute magic


  • Jess

    Looking good Hannah!

    Would love some inspo for my black cullotes pleaaase x

  • Ellie

    You look gorgeous in all of these! Wishing I could pull off over the knee boots as well as you! x

  • Lauren

    I love the gilet and the jacket. You look so good! x


  • Jess

    I totally clicked on this in my Bloglovin feed purely because of how amazing that skirt + thigh high boots get up is! I’m going to recreate it as soon as I can work out how to get miniskirts not to fly up in my face and flash everyone in the wind tunnel that is the Tube (now THAT’S offensive).

  • You look frickin’ awesome! Especially love the knee high boots and skirt combo!


  • You have such an eye for style!! Gorgeous outfits. I love grey and pink together 🙂 and layering with the dress is genius 🙂

  • You look fab in all of these outfits! Thos boots are just phenomenal!

    Laura x

  • I love layering with roll necks, all the warmth in the autumn which is fab but a classic piece too – love the knee high boots too 🙂

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Awwwww Hannah!! You look a total BABE!! Like seriously… I LOVE the pink skirt and that dress with the roll next is soon sweet.

    I totally agree.. who needs to even leave the house to party when you can drink all the wine that furry gilet in bed and not have to move and inch!! Good times… x x

  • Marja

    So glad to see photos of a normal person instead of the skinny beauties. Even the 50 or older are skinny. Love your outfits!

  • Amy

    I love the roll neck under that dress, the colours just seem to match perfectly. I also think you look fab in those over-the-knee boots 🙂

  • Keyleigh

    Love all of these outfits! You look lush in all of them, now off to put a roll neck under every outfit!!?

  • Literally loving the thigh high boots! On point x

    Frankie x


  • Lovely outfits (especially loving the second one)! x

    Christina Marie – xtinagsays.blogspot.co.uk

  • That dress look is amazing! I need to get that dress…and a rollneck and those boots.

  • Your legs look INCREDIBLE!! ?? – Jx

  • Sophie

    I really struggle with how to style outfits with tights in the cold months when you can’t go bare legs! A piece on this would be bloody helpful!!!! 🙂

  • I can’t get enough of cheap roll necks just so versatile! Love your third look it’s something I would never have thought of trying x
    Eleanor Frances // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  • Faye

    Love love love the skirt and over knee boots look! Girl your fabulous, you got it ?

  • I love roll necks. I’ve worn them for years and been teased and had ‘turtle neck and chain’ sung at me more times than I can count. BUT HAHA NOW I’M FASHIONABLE.

    Also I loooove your boots! They’re always something I’d kind of written off as things I’d never be able to wear but you’re making me reconsider my choices! 😀 xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

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